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Corey Haim -- Thousands of Pills, Dozens of Docs

3/17/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Haim had been getting a massive amount of prescription drugs from numerous doctors, according to the California Attorney General.

Jerry Brown: Click to watch
A.G. Jerry Brown -- who is investigating a fraudulent prescription drug ring that has a Corey Haim connection -- said on HLN's "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell," "How many people go to 10 or 15 or 20 doctors and then run around to 10, 12 and more pharmacies to go fulfill them and sometimes two different doctors in the same day?"

Brown says pharmacy records show Haim obtained "thousands" of pills from dozens of doctors over the last year.

As we first reported, just days before Haim's death, he obtained 4 prescriptions from the same psychiatrist -- Valium, Vicodin, Soma and haloperidol, an antipsychotic drug.


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Wanda W.    

Drug addicts are very crafty,deceitful,and resourceful people in looking for their poison of choice . If only they put the same effort into staying CLEAN as they put into the efforts to score their fixes, they could stay clean. But then they would also have to WORK for a living . Also we need to stop coddling these weak,pathetic,out of control losers !!!!!!!!!!!

1679 days ago

I love Strokdellic

1679 days ago


there has been a centralized database for narcotics now for a few years..
well it seems to be working perfect...not!

1679 days ago


Michael Jackson and Elvis did exactly the same thing with the same result...death. Yes, MJ looks on the surface to have been killed by his physician, but it really was inevitable that he would die the way he did. That is what happens to many drug addicts...famous as well as not famous.

1679 days ago

My Two Cents    

This is soooo sad. It would be easy to track this stuff. Think about it: The Feds to it for Advil Cold & Sinus for God's sake. Apparently you can make meth from the Advil C&S. There's only so much you can buy of the stuff, before you get dinged out by the system saying that's too much. Its never happened to me, but that's my understanding.

So, can't that system work for perscriptives, as well as OTC drugs?

1679 days ago


I just don't see how that's possible to get that many Rx in a short amount of time. All the places are linked via computer.

Hell you can now get your entire Rx history at Walgreens online so you know these places have even more internal records. It doesn't make any sense (other then it's CA) that this could be allowed.

Where I live, even the competing pharmacies call each other over refills etc. and won't fill if they can't confirm the Rx. Makes you wonder if that's just how CA works in regards to pills given the amount of pill pushers and users are out there.

Then again, society is now run with pills. They some some little pink pill for everything and anything. Too happy take a pill, too sad, take a pill, can't pay attention, take a pill on and on....then there's the pills to counteract the effects of the original much crap being dispensed that it's even at detectable levels in our drinking water.

So that, coupled with seemly everyday a new "disorder" or "disease" is named to justify these idiot Dr.s supporting big pharma.....guess it's not really a surprise.

1679 days ago


ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! He was hooked on drugs!!!!
A druggie has ways to get them, he did it to himself!

1679 days ago


just so sad but not surprising. wish they would check into how Britt gotall her scripts. Here is a link to a just fantastic real view inside britts life leading up to her death. super exclusive and legit source. Its long show but well worth it if u like inside scoop.

1679 days ago


Too much time on his hands with nothing productive to do other than visit doctors and's a shame a relative and/or friend didn't stage an intervention months (years?) ago.

1679 days ago


A database is bound to have a bug or two and unfortunately the pharmacy database is far from perfect. There is nothing stopping a patient from using different names, different ss#s etc..if they pay on a cash basis especially. A doctor friend of mine also said in order to "make any profit" a doctor can spend no more than 10 minutes (more like 5) with a patient, they know who they can talk out of the serious meds and who is a "lost cause and just wants the pills" and that those doctors often just write the script and go on to the next patient. Of course they are risking their medical license, but it's also up to the patient to be truthful and responsible (take as prescribed, etc).

1679 days ago


Come on, Miranda. You don't have to blame the doctors to realize the system is a stone age disaster as LowTech put it. If you need your pills you can get them, but they damn well ought to be tracked.

1679 days ago


I am a pharmaceutical wholesaler and I'd just like to say that we'll miss you Corey. At least you have a lot of other Hollywood friends that will pick up the slack

1679 days ago


WHY SHOULD they be TRACKED? We are all adults here. How about these losers GROW up and accept taht IF they are going to pop pills like they are SKITTLES, then BAM! One day, they are probably GONNA KICK THE BUCKET and DIE a nasty death!

How about THAT....

1679 days ago


Gee, I thought my Dr. was being hard on me for not giving me my sleeping RX refills without seeing him for 4 months. Now I am glad I have such a caring physician.

1679 days ago


Miranda, I couldn't agree more. Just because a junkie goes to great lengths to score some drugs don't further inconvenience me. He may not have to work and have the ability to spend all of his time getting pills, when I need mine I don't want to waste one extra minute.

1679 days ago
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