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'Hills' Star Mysteriously Sprung from Mexican Jail

3/17/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Wahler -- former star of "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach" -- has somehow made his way out of a Mexican jail, but for some reason the U.S. Consulate is keeping the reason for Jason's release a secret.

Justin Wahler: Click to watch
Wahler was cuffed in Cabo last Thursday and thrown in the pokey after getting in a fight. We couldn't find any record of Jason yesterday when we called various jails.

Today the Consulate told TMZ Jason was released seven hours after being locked up. As for why jailers let him out: Wahler signed a document keeping the terms of his release secret. We've never heard of that either.

Jason's dad tells TMZ as far as he knows no charges were filed against his son and he's back in L.A. His dad says Jason tells him he was not drinking and was actually released after one hour.


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Yeah, I said it    

I hate to say it but he got what he deserved after all the racist and homophobic tirades and fights he committed here in the U.S. even going to so far as to say that he "was rich and will have your ass" in the hotel incident, you reap what you sow. I hope the tow truck driver got his $$$ in the lawsuit. Somebody had to stand up to him. He thinks just b/c he's a psuedo-star and a rich brat that he's above the law. Well, Mexico showed that ass, they could care less who he was and I hope they beat the crap out of him when he was "detained"! I bet he didn't call them any racist names! I hope he got ass-raped too since he always making homophobic comments now let him see what's it's like to have to take it in the ass! He makes Spencer look like a choir boy. Karma's a bitch and so is Wahler!

1680 days ago


Thank God Lauren got rid of that loser.

Seriously, WHY SHOULD WE CARE? HONESTLY!?!?!I bet you can't even watch 6 minutes of this without crying.

Honestly, if you can watch even 6 minutes of this WITHOUT crying i'll PERSONALLY send you 25.00 with paypal.

1677 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Think the jacka$$ has learned anything? I'm betting NOT.
Might have been better to leave him there.

1682 days ago


It is a complicated situation...

1682 days ago


Its called a bribe.... They dont keep you in jail very long for getting in a fight and being drunk. Usually until you sober up and you get a fine of like 10 dollars, and if not you can just bribe them, usually isnt much either.

1682 days ago


A week later & they say he was let out after an hour & one says 7hr's? Something dosn't add up, plus where has he been the last week? I'm sure you would have seen him somewhere! I'm Calling BS on this until someone really see's him!

1682 days ago


Maybe he will learn his lesson.
Yeah right. Those rich in the pocket poorly raised adults (not kids) ''adults'' never ever learn.

If judges in the USA were better instead of racist we all would be safe.

1682 days ago


$$$$$$$$$$$$ sprung him. The message is clear: if you value your life, vacation anywhere but Mexico.

Hey TMZ, get on the ball - there is an arrest in Corey Haim's death>1=28101

1682 days ago

best Source    

Kind of makes you wonder if the picts of him on tmz showing him being hauled off made somebody nervous????? Used to go to Mexico all the time for a holiday.. not now .. not for a long time, too dangerous. My daughter and a whole group went to Cabo for spring break.. several years ago.Everything was great until they started to come home the airport cops wanted to let the guys get on their flight but wanted to hold the girls said they didn't need a reason just wanted them to stay behind. Guys had guts and said no and started making phone calls to the states. Took us 15 hours and a lot of political pull to get them out. None of any of the families involved have ever gone back. IT IS NOT THE US .. THEY DO NOT NEED A LAW TO DO WHAT EVER THE 'LL THEY WANT YOU CAN DISSAPEAR!

1682 days ago


Glad to hear he is safe! Mexico can be dangerous. Not saying I am a
fan of his.

I would rather party in LA and "B" my "L" on some chicks "T"s.

1682 days ago

Brute Reynolds    

Si. Mucho pesos.

1682 days ago


These rich do nothings think they can go anywhere and do anything they want like they are allowed to do in L.A. And I guess they can. $$$$$$$ talks and he walks. Gee, Im famous for doing nothing, fighting and going to a Mexican jail.

1682 days ago


Oh puhleeeze, with all the negative pub about Mexico this past week and recent decade, Calderone himself got involved in this one to get this famosa americano released pronto...El Presidente cant do much about the Cartel murders, but can get an American released before the guards get paid off...or did they get paid off too?

Dont vacation there one has control of that place anymore, not even the Drug Cartels...President Obama please declare the War on Drugs over with, legalize a large majority of them, tax them and put an end to the violence here and there. Who cares if people get wasted on them, they'll do it whether legal or not. See Prohibition for learnings.

1682 days ago


He told his father he was not drinking ????? Watch the tape, HE IS WASTED !!!!!!!

1682 days ago


Something sounds VERY odd here. The U.S. Consulate usually doesn't get involved unless there is something huge going on. Come on TMZ do some more homework please.

1682 days ago
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