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President Obama: Tiger Woods Is Still the Man

3/17/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama says it doesn't matter how many times Tiger Woods flopped in the hay with other women -- he's still gonna be one badass golfing machine.

Barak Obama and Tiger Woods: Click to View!

Obama told Fox News today while Tiger betrayed his family -- and has lots of unresolved issues -- "he's still going to be a terrific golfer."

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Scott Hogan    

Impeach Obama.

1647 days ago

I knew you couldn't handle the facts    

LOL!!! Wow, you can't answer a SINGLE one of my questions, even after I answer and destroy your questions??? What a hoot!! Really? When has Clinton admitted to passing on Bin Laden FOUR times, like how it is stated in the 9/11 Commission? Post the audio. Oh that's right, you can't. Because as usual you are lying.

You realize we were in Iraq AFTER 9/11, correct? I'd love to hear your reasoning as to the "real reason" 9/11 happened. Even though the same attempt happened during Clinton's watch, and luckily then those terrorists were as incompetent as Billy and Obama.

Why is Billy, Al Gore, John Kerry, John Edwards, Ted Kennedy, etc., all on record as saying we need to take out Saddam?? I know I've asked you this 5 times already, but it's funny to watch you dance and deflect :)

What does serving have to do with being President? Do you even realize how pathetically absurd and desperate you sound? Bill Clinton is on record as saying Saddam needed to be taken out by force, only he didn't have the stones to follow through with his own plan. This "lie" you keep talking about is the same "lie" that all Democrats shared. Why do you have a double standard? Why did Obama have to be drafted? He could have volunteered.

Obama is an admitted drug addict in his youth. Says so in his own books. Some pretty heavy stuff. He's also a chain smoker and a alcoholic now, hence why he is the first President ever to be ordered by their doctors to take it easy on cigs and alcohol and to do both in moderation. Maybe if he wasn't so concerned with partying like a rock star every night while the country crumbles under his watch, he'd be in a little better health. Agreed?

A blow job is better? Hmmm....Clinton blames that "blow job" as one of the reasons he failed to capture or kill Bin Laden. He says he was embroiled with that scandal and it kept him from doing his job. That bj allowed 9/11 to happen according to Clinton, killing 3,000 people. So do you still think a bj from a fat whore while being President is really better?

What you consider being a "diplomat" the terrorists consider as being a pu$$y. So no thoughts on Billy taking polls to find out how he should govern? Figured as much. You are my personal punching bag. I love destroying you with actual facts :)

1647 days ago

ron broughton    

I have never commented online about anything but I do feel compelled to do so now.Look ....ain't none of us perfect.It may be appealing to want someone in office or even in life to have no skeletons or an outlook that seems perfect.Well I respect Obama's comment.Guess what,Tiger did not owe you or me an apology.He ain't perfect ....neither are we.He has issues yes,but we all want to be forgiven.

1581 days ago


Obomber is a fool, commenting on this issue and giving a compliment to the dirtbag Woods.

1580 days ago
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