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Tiger Woods' Wife is Jammin'

3/17/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a shot we think Tiger Woods' wife wanted to go far and wide -- or is it just coincidence Elin Nordegren carried a TigerJam bag near her home in Florida?



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Hess Cukin    

In every picture she still looks like a shemale..

1651 days ago

too bad it wasnt a bullet    

sorry but slin has lost tons of repect...either she is a money hungry swede or a plain and simple stupid ho....i gather that latter a stupid ho...hope he has aids and she gets it for their stupidity!

1651 days ago


To hell with sponsers. Tiger Woods and his wife are popular enough to advertise their own product. She has excellent taste in casual clothes and would make a fortune having her own line of clothes. Interesting that my taste is so very similar to hers. It's as if we both go to the same stores. Elin, if you read blogs, I would be willing to go into a venture in establishing a line of clothing and my share would be donated/saved to assist children and the elderly. He lost sponsers for being human and it's time now he create his own products and since he is so busy with sports, maybe Elin could do this. She has great taste in glasses also, sneakers, and even watches. Her taste in casual/sports attire is perfect, and maybe we/she could also assist in decorating evening wear for someone with similar taste. The evening wear would reflect comfort, elegant lines, some pazzaz/sassy, sort off, young, yet classical, nothing resembling a christmas tree or tight stuff that allows for stuff to hand lose. I love her style and hope she starts her own line. I'll help, if needed, as i have the same taste.

1651 days ago


Why doesn't she get her kid a cute haircut, instead of that dorky Prince Valiant" haircut? Ewwww - the kid would be sorta cute with a nice haircut.

1651 days ago


What would it mean if Elin was wearing Chanel head to toe? Could it be that she really could give a crap at this point and is trying to sort things out?

Don't kid yourselves. Tiger slept with dozens of women. Why anyone would want to suggest that she should get back together with Tiger is perverse.

1651 days ago


1651 days ago


Buck-toothed or Horse Teeth? Both Tiger Woods and Elin have horse faces. Tiger and Elin are jerks of the highest order.

Tiger comes from a family of jerks, his father messed with tramps.

Tiger is a corporate money whore himself. He represents disgusting behavior.

Tiger needs sponsors that represent his low-life values. Condoms, toilet paper, whale sh*t cleanup etc.

Tiger and Elin must want to vomit when they look at EACH OTHER!

1651 days ago


You idiots should know better!
To MEL: it takes an ugly to know an ugly! Check your mirror! The kid is cute!
Who cares if Elin stays with her husband! She's being smarter!
Tiger never asked to be put on a moral pedestal! He's a fantastic golfer who needs to get back playing the game...of golf that is! Now, if skanky women are willing participants, what does it say about them!
Partners often cheat, it's life, get over it!

1651 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

Yeah, 'cause Angelina is a saint. You must have been born yesterday.

I was referring to the fact that the US have become the most insane country in the world !!!!! You get what you deserve. Plain and simple.
How could you attack a guy who cheated like that and give Bush carteblanche while he has blood on his hands. Could you explain that to me or you are just one dumb American who voted for that jerk !!!!

1651 days ago


Drug Test Tiger Woods. He always has a glazed looked.

PGA, drug test Tiger Woods. You have the golf balls, but do you have the balls?

1651 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

Elin you've got competition now as the classiest woman to ever get your name dragged into the mud as having been cheated on.
Sandra Bullock seems to have marital problems too. Her husband had a 11 month affair !!!!
Why do guys need to cheat on their beautiful wives with ugly sluts ?

1651 days ago


"Why not report on ACTUAL news, like the 5000 women that have gone missing since 1993 in Juarez?"

The late, great writer Roberto Bolano wrote two magnificent novels that included issues about big numbers of women dying near the north border of Mexico. "The Savage Detectives" and "2666". Read them, he's a brilliant mind, a rebel against Mexican stagnancy, ignorance and evil. The northern areas of Mexico have been a major focus of hyped up open market economic reform in Mexico, and that improvement has involved a massive migration northward of those looking for better work. That leads to pressures on the border areas and the brutality and social collapse are only ignored at everyone else's peril. It's GOONLAND.

1651 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Of course she is back with him. Here is the deal: Elin signed a prenup so she won't get much moohla if she files for divorce. Since she is as stupid and fake as he is, she will fake being married, just like Tiger did.

1651 days ago

Jeff Ewing    

Tiger aint stupid he knows its cheaper to keep her...

1651 days ago
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