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Oklahoma BB Star Scores Questionable Cash

3/18/2010 4:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

University of Oklahoma basketball star Keith "Tiny" Gallon may have violated a cardinal NCAA rule by accepting thousands of dollars from a guy who appears to have been courting him.

Gallon -- a freshman center for the Sooners - scored a $3,000 wire transfer last August, according to a document obtained by TMZ. The money was deposited in a bank account jointly held by Keith and his mom, Sylvia Wright.

As for who gave Keith the dough -- the document shows it's Jeffrey Hausinger, a Merrill Lynch financial advisor who reps several professional athletes.

It's a violation of NCAA rules for any player or player's relative to receive money that isn't readily available to other players -- for example, a student loan or scholarship. We're told the rule clearly prohibits any agent, lawyer or financial advisor from trying to lure a player with money.

Keith made headlines last week when he announced he would return to OU next year rather than turn pro.

OU Athletic Director Joe Castiglione says the school is committed to following NCAA rules, and "any activity not in compliance is taken seriously and is acted upon swiftly."

We could not reach Keith. His mom had no comment. We called Hausinger for comment about the $3,000 wire transfer -- he said, "I don't think I want to talk to you," and hung up.

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Top Grade Acai    

Ps nada corazon,stoy viviendo en oklahoma x un tiempo pero ya me kiero ir a mi juaritoz para star cn mi amorcito...entoncs tu bb sta peke

1668 days ago

Acai Optimum    

Ps nada corazon,stoy viviendo en oklahoma x un tiempo pero ya me kiero ir a mi juaritoz para star cn mi amorcito...entoncs tu bb sta peke


1675 days ago


When did TMZ start going after college students. We all understand the rule but that is very cold Mr. Levin. Celebs are fair game, college students should not be! I'm glad TMZ wan't there when I was in college its plenty of sh*t yall could have put on blast. Yall know we was all going through a process for dollars. Unless of course if your last name is Levin!!!!!

1679 days ago

doc murry    

and these are college students..what an idiot,,years ago you could get away with this crap..not anymore ..looks like he will be manning the drive thru at the local mcdonalds real soon..why am I not surprized,,always looking for the easy money

1679 days ago


So what! Don't the colleges make money off their athletes? Why can't the athletes get paid? Some of them will never go pro, yet they provide free entertainment for the masses.

1679 days ago


@ Pay the Man....Why can't college athletes be paid? Uhhhh its called going to college for free. Are you aware of how much a college education cost? I think its a pretty fair situation for these college athletes.

1679 days ago

Longtime Lurker    

OU has a history of paying players, but the press and NCAA gladly look the other way. Someone like TMZ needs to hold their feet to the fire. Everyone knows about Big Red Automotive and paying football players, but the cheating at OU is so rampant that it has extended to their gymnastics! No wonder no one wants to talk about it. Call Castilione again and ask him why so much of this seems to happen on his watch. Sounds like a lack of institutional control to me.

Go get 'em TMZ.

1679 days ago


it doesn't matter how you feel about the justness of the rule. it's still the rule. and they broke it. again.

1679 days ago


"he's a college student"

he's an adult

1679 days ago


This is rediculous, going after college students. Tmz needs to find something better to do with it's time. The man is not gay!! How do you no this is true anyway. And do you have evidence before you spread all of this foolishness and ruin someones career.

1679 days ago


@Bateman233...I would agree with you if the athletes were actually getting a real "education'. Most of the time (not all) they are told what classes to take and those are mostly sports related, and the others they are allowed to attend a session or two and are given a grade. Don't you find it interesting that most athletes make it through four years of college without ever being on academic probation, unlike the students in the rest of the population? The top athletes in collge are there for one reason only, the enhancement of their respective college's sports program! And that equals M-O-N-E-Y.

1679 days ago


Great story and thank you TMZ. It's about time that the field was truly level for all schools.

1679 days ago


I'm glad they are paying their football players. Its working soo much. They keep winning their games. CHOKEIES!!!! Stoops needs to be fired for cheating.

1679 days ago


If TMZ wants to do a college story look in your own back yard at USC.

1679 days ago


Why don't you invesigate John Calipari at Kentucky and the way he left Memphis and UMass. It would be very interesting. And how about the NCAA itself and how it is handling the Rose situation. Their clearing house cleared him to play for Memphis two times and then when Memphis lets him play they come back after he has gone pro and say he was not eligible and take the final four apperance and all money and all wins away from the school. They did nothing to Calipari who now has two schools that had to vacate the final four while under his command. Anything fishy here ????

1679 days ago
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