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Oklahoma BB Star Scores Questionable Cash

3/18/2010 4:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

University of Oklahoma basketball star Keith "Tiny" Gallon may have violated a cardinal NCAA rule by accepting thousands of dollars from a guy who appears to have been courting him.

Gallon -- a freshman center for the Sooners - scored a $3,000 wire transfer last August, according to a document obtained by TMZ. The money was deposited in a bank account jointly held by Keith and his mom, Sylvia Wright.

As for who gave Keith the dough -- the document shows it's Jeffrey Hausinger, a Merrill Lynch financial advisor who reps several professional athletes.

It's a violation of NCAA rules for any player or player's relative to receive money that isn't readily available to other players -- for example, a student loan or scholarship. We're told the rule clearly prohibits any agent, lawyer or financial advisor from trying to lure a player with money.

Keith made headlines last week when he announced he would return to OU next year rather than turn pro.

OU Athletic Director Joe Castiglione says the school is committed to following NCAA rules, and "any activity not in compliance is taken seriously and is acted upon swiftly."

We could not reach Keith. His mom had no comment. We called Hausinger for comment about the $3,000 wire transfer -- he said, "I don't think I want to talk to you," and hung up.

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We need TMZ to take over the CIA..better, faster results

1680 days ago


I don't see what the big deal is. NCAA makes money off these players. the Final Four, video games, clothing, Merchandise, ect. These schools build reputation on how well their athletes perform and if they have a good program and produce good players, more money will be put into their programs. These are college students which most don't have a decent job to work. The "struggling" college student. I can vouch for myself that tuition is rediculously expensive. Why not let these players have a something worth their troubles. A lot of them will never make it to turn pro. Just because you have a student grant and go to school for free doesn't mean these kids shouldn't have any type of money. If their constantly feed sports everyday and to perfect their craft at the same time study for test, write papers and attend class. That leaves little room to have a job. Im pretty sure these kids have bills to pay. These college players are adults and are aware of the decisions they want to make in life. Let them get their money, at least they aren't robbing, stealing and doing illegal activity to receive money. Get a life TMZ , how about we air out some of your dirty laundry???

1680 days ago


I agree, TMZ has to go halfway across the country to find an athlete that supposedly got $3,000 when Reggie Bush and his family were getting put up in a Million dollar house for free!

1680 days ago


Must be a slow news day out there in the 30 mile zone. If you go after ever college athlete in every college program you will not have time to follow the "stars". As a matter of fact there isn't enough time left on the planet to "clean up" college athletics. I say let the kids play, keep the fire on the programs directors, & let the fans enjoy their teams. Go back to what you do best. Dig up the dirt on all the wonderful folks in the entertainment business. That should keep you busy for a very long time!

1680 days ago


These aren't average college students, they know the rules and this is a huge rule that if he did break and accept this money he is done. OU will be forfeiting some games too but thats not to bad they could hardly win any this year anyway.

1680 days ago


@Buddy: If you would read up on what happened at UMASS Marcus Camby recieved money from a sports agent to the sum of $60,000 so that he would go pro after that year and be drafted to the team the agent represented. I'm sure Cal didn't tell Camby to take the money that's just stupid. If he had knowledge you would think he had asked for some money too. If Cal had any part in Rose's cheating on a test, and he didn't, he would never have made a stupid mistake like having somebody who doesn't look like him take it for him. Give him a little credit, he's not stupid. However, the only incident that I'm aware of that could be related to him, which it wasn't, was furnishing a brother of a player the money to go on road games. Why is that a problem, i don't know, he only wanted to watch his brother play who was already on the team. Cal won't have to do any questionable recruiting, if he ever did, cause he has proven to be a coach who can develop college players into NBA caliber players in one year. Also he has the tradition, history and best fan base of one of the most prestigious college basketball programs in the nation, the University of Kentucky.

1679 days ago


I don't understand why OU should be punished for this. Without the school's knowledge a kid gets a $3,000 wire transfer from some guy who isn't affilliated with the university in any way (he's some financial planner in Florida). How is that a lack of institutional control? How could the OU coaches possibly monitor and prevent this? When you consider that the NCAA restricts how much time the coaches can spend with the players, it is ridiculous to blame or punish OU for that.

As for the people claiming that a free education is fair compensation perhaps you should look at the facts about major college athletics (I'm talking about football programs like OU, Texas, Ohio St., etc). These kids, and they are still kids, spend more hours on their sport than any college student ever spends preparing for class, then are required to go to class (yes, they do have to attend, I sat by a number of prominent athletes in many classes, and they have class checkers who follow them around to make sure they are there). They invest a ton of time. Then, they produce an insane amount of revenue for their university. At most big programs, football and basketball alone produce enough money to fund all other athletic programs, which usually operate at a loss. When you look at ticket sales, TV contracts, merchandise sales, and the increase in donations to the university brought by a strong athletics dept, the numbers are staggering. Then you consider how almost none of these athletes finish their degrees while they are playing because they can't take enough hours and still make it to practice and workouts. Also, many can't get summer jobs or internships because of NCAA restrictions and "voluntary" workouts, so they are a step behind when it comes to finding a job after college. Also, most football players practically destroy their bodies for the sport. Many offensive linemen have such bad arthritis in their hands by the time they are in their 30s they have trouble tying their shoes, many other players suffer minor brain damage from the contact, while others have knees so bad that they can barely walk when they are older. Everyone involved (coaches, ADs, university presidents, athletic dept staff, media members, etc) is making a ton of money off of this, and the guys who work the hardest and bear the most burden get the least. A portion of their college paid for is hardly adequate for the value they produce. Go ask a young entrepreneur or a musician or an actor if they would take a college degree in return for their hard work and talent instead of money, and they would laugh in your face.

1679 days ago


I went to an Ivy League for two years, but I have been taking a leave of absence. I cannot complete my college education because of financial difficulties.

1657 days ago


I went to an Ivy League for two years, but I have been taking a leave of absence. I cannot complete my college education because of financial difficulties.
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1657 days ago


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1651 days ago


This isnt a team paying a player or trying to induce one with illegal incentives. This is an outside sports agent trying to court the kid for a future relationship in the NBA. OU as a school bears no responsiblity for this. They are a victim here from the actions of a s***bag agent.

1646 days ago


Congress is looking BP with six committee hearings How about just one investagation of the NCAA. That TV contract was how much? Two Billion thats with a "B"

1574 days ago

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1508 days ago

James Calvell    

I don't see why he shouldn't be allowed to accept the money. Don't new CEO's get to accept money before signing on. Why should it be any different for college players? Stupid NCAA rules...
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1491 days ago
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