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Anna Nicole Smith

Strikes Out in Court

3/19/2010 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith Strikes Out in CourtA United States Court of Appeals just ruled Anna Nicole Smith's estate will get a big ZERO from the estate of the late J. Howard Marshall.

Anna was asking for more than $300 million that she claims Marshall promised her during their marriage -- which lasted less than a year.

The court begged to differ.

Annna Nicole Smith


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best Source    

AGAIN THERE IS NO FAMILY! and she did have legal standing because Texas is a community property state.. as a widow she was entitled to half of everything .. except step sonny boy came up with a highly suspicious will from wayyyy back that no one believed. The court admitted that he and his lawyer had pulled some seriously illegal crap to fight this .. WHY?? wasn't his money! wasn't his daddy.. he is as big a piece of $hit as the rest of them. HE just couldn't live with 300 million he had to have the whole 600 million ! AGAIN NOT HIS KID NOT HIS FAMILY JUST A GREEDY BUNCH OF PIGS. GLAD THE SOB DIED BEFORE HE COULD ENJOY ANY OF IT. by the way I am NOT an ans fan, I think what she did was pathetic. just don't get why everyone thinks his step son is some hero.. he is twice the pig she was.

1677 days ago


I hope she's in heaven. She said she was a Christian. Thank God he died for all sins, not just a few nice ones.

1677 days ago

best Source    

73. What is this about?

It's about the survival of an upstanding Texas family's legacy and monetary estate "

A. the words "Upstanding texas family" is an oxymoron
C. He HATED HIS STEP SON and hadn't spoken to him in years
D. His "FINE UPSTANDING STEP SON " hated him and if I remember right lost the battle to have him committed .. judge thought the old man was just fine mentally. (apparently sonny boy didn't pay the judge well enough)
E Who in the living 'ell can't live with 300million instead of 600million ..
G. SO IF MARSHALL DIDN'T OWE DANNYLYNN ANYTHING ( and i will even agree to that she was definately not his kid) Then he dang sure didn't owe Dumb a$$ anything either because he sure as the devil wan not his kid either. AGAIN NO FAMILY .
H. Man was surrounded by sick , pathetic , low life greedy humans ,considering he spent years in stripper clubs makes you wonder what kind of human he was?? No one who really cared at the end.. maybe Karma came calling a little early.

1677 days ago


I would rather have Marshall's son get $600 million than $tern, Wood, Jerkhead, split one penny. I don't recall Marshall's son filming Anna when she was stoned and in clown makeup saying THIS WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY. I don't recall him carrying a dufflebag full of drugs for her, and allegedly giving her more when she was pregnant, in the hospital, and in detox. I don't recall him trying to pass his skanky self off as Dannielynn's father. I don't recall him taking over G. Ben Thompson's home. I don't recall him selling all kinds of stories, taking a picture of dead Daniel. On and on. IT ISN'T CLOSE who is FAR WORSE to me.

1677 days ago


Best Source, what are ou talking about? Go do some research and post something worht reading. Pierce Marshall was J. Howard Marshall's real son and did nothing illegal, as found by several courts. Nice try. Go take your meds and come back when you have a real post. Texas has SEPARATE property and Anna doesn't get any.

1677 days ago

best Source    

NICE TRY robert .... NO HE was NOT his "real son" he was a step son! do YOUR RESEARCH! check out the Texas law.. community property state. and yes it can be seperated with a pre nup.. of which there was none.. or a will. Which no one could find originally.. but step son and crooked lawyer came up with eventually. And the court chastised the lawyer several times try reading the transcript.. Did they buy their way out..damn straight. Do I give a Rats a$$ who gets the old mans money .. NOPE just think all of this rah rah over "poor howards family" ..who is everybit a crooked as smith and her crew is BS.

so robert go tell your nanny you want your milk and cookies (with a little meth lace_) it is time for you to go nity night

1677 days ago


Nice try BS. Everyone knows J. Howard Marshall had two real sons. Texas has SEPARATE property and spouses are not entitled to it. No prenup necessary. Scared for your own marriage? No prenup was found by anyone on either side, just more life according to BS. Why don't you show us wher in the transcript supports your position? Oh, that's because you're BS. You are the only BS here. I think you need to tell your parents you are still on the computer after hours.

1677 days ago

cosmo in texas    

the big titty tramp was not in his will. And her estate got just what they deserved, nothing. He was senile when he married her and thank goodness the courts saw that. Sorry for the child but she is Larry Burkheads kid, not J. Howards. He needs to get a job. Her and her son were just f-uped drug addicts thanks to her fame. The only one who suffers in this is poor Dannilynn, a whore for a Mother and a Dad who is a butt banger.

1677 days ago


59. "The schemer(s) fall into the pit he (they) dug for another" - Sherlock Holmes.

Posted at 6:14PM on Mar 19th 2010 by opi

Keeping my fingers crossed for MJ's assassins to find a very very deep pit.

1677 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

The Marshall case has nothing to do with writing a will and having it enforced. Pierce was shown to have robbed his father blind while JHMII was still alive. No Estate planning could prevent that happening. Pierce also suborned perjury from the Attorney that helped him do it and destroyed all the docs and lied about it to the Federal Courts in CA.

The Marshall case in question is not a probate case. Sheer coincidence the Probate Court and the CA Bankuptcy Court were hearing different cases with similar names at the same time.

The 'Marshall' in the 'Marshall' case is Pierce, not JHMII.

If someone's heirs are outrageous criminals it does not mean that the Will and its Probate are the problem.

1677 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

No wonder the 9th is the most reversed U.S. Appeals Court in America

• Two months shy of three years after SCOTUS spoke for that thin opinion to arrive.
• Old arguments and case law rehashed but not a word about the ANS SCOTUS details

The tortured arguments used to declare that the ANS – Pierce Marshall claim/counter-claim was not a core proceeding (easy way out for the 9th) fail to justify how the 9th feels the will of Congress (clearly written) can be intellectually ignored as if unconstitutional.

Another issue for SCOTUS.

1677 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

71. Clearly, the 9th Circuit panel is more of an expert in the Bankruptcy Code and Congressional intent that you, OSITO. Regurgitating HKS' arguments is too funny. Personal injury torts, as pointed out are NOT core proceedings. If it's NOT core, then Bankrutpcy is NOT first. Very simple, really.

Justice Ginsberg precisely said the application of the probate exception was too briad in the first opinion and nothing about the teo being entirely separate, only not exclusive to probate.

"I hate to be the one to say this....."

Posted at 7:17PM on Mar 19th 2010 by Robet
Oh, Robert. I am glad you are in a celebratory mood. HC in TX can once again revel in having treated ANS like an escort instead of a wife. How many widows are kicked to the curb in TX annually I wonder? How many heirs to great fortunes in TX are planning now how to ‘legally’ rob their elderly parents?

Anyway: “This Court rejects the Ninth Circuit's alternate rationale that the Texas Probate Court's jurisdictional ruling bound the Federal District Court.”, wrote Justice Ginsberg (Stevens concurring opinion and unanimous decision of SCOTUS) in 2006.

The 9th Circuit just did it again. It is still true today as it was previously that Pierce pursued ANS to a different State and a Federal Court to launch an adversary proceeding against her that was only coincidentally being heard in CA while JHMII’s Probate was being heard in TX. I trust that two Federal Courts unearthing the massive criminal activity committed by Pierce and one of his Lawyers got it right. HC Probate never looked at Pierce’s unlawful actions, did not want to look in that direction and wrote its decision anyway using specific language meant to muck up the works with constitutional issues.

1677 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

A Trip down Memory Lane

• For those who remember only false gossip from VA and her people
• Verbatim text from LB’s sworn declaration in the Cosby case follows
• SDNY Case 1:07-cv-08536-DC Doc 90 Filed 02/12/2009
• Beginning at page 10 of 46

“24. In December 2006, Mr. Shelley informed me that he had paid Anna Nicole's former nannies Quethlie Alexis and Nadine Alexie to execute false affidavits about Anna Nicole. He asked me to reimburse him the $5000 he had paid the nannies because he considered the false affidavits to be beneficial to my paternity action. I refused to do so and I never submitted those affidavits in any legal proceeding.

28. ... Anna Nicole felt contempt and outrage toward Virgie Arthur and the rest of her biological family for how they had treated her. Anna Nicole had always wanted a mother in her life, but she wanted absolutely nothing to do with Virgie Arthur.

29. Virgie Arthur called me shortly after Daniel's death and that was the first time that I had ever spoken with her. She said horrible things about Anna Nicole, and tried to get me to attend her memorial in Texas for Daniel that she sold for television. She said that it "would really get under Anna Nicole's skin" if I were there.

• 32. In late February or early March 2007, my family and I went to dinner in the Bahamas with one of Virgie Arthur's attorneys while my attorney was not present. Virgie Arthur's attorney tried to persuade me to work with John O'Quinn and Virgie Arthur to get control of the Marshall litigation, and to file lawsuits against Howard. He wanted me to know that there was a lot of money at stake and Virgie Arthur did not have standing, but I would as Dannielyn's father.

• 33. At a hearing in the Bahamas in March 2007, John O'Quinn and another attorney appraoched me and John O'Quinn stated: "We got to the nannies, wait until you see what we got them to say." John O'Quinn then handed me two affidavits. After I read the affidavits, I informed John O'Quinn and the other attorney that I would not submit anything from the nannies because Ford Shelley had paid them $5,000 to execute false affidavits.

• 35. In April 2007, Virgie Arthur's attorney who worked with John O'Quinn flew to the Bahamas and arranged a meeting in an extravagant hotel suite. He attempted to persuade me to get rid of Howard as the executor of Ana Nicole's estate, and to work with John O'Quinn to get the "Marshall money." He indicated that the money was in their backyard, Texas, and that John O'Quin had a direct line to the Marshall family's attorney to resolve the lawsuit. He assured me that Dannielynn and I would be set-up financially for life, but John O'Quinn would receive a percentage of the recovery. He further indicated that if I agreed to get rid of Howard as executor, and team up with John O'Quinn, they would drop Virgie Arthur's custody battle for Dannielynn, and also resolve my dispute with my former attorney, Debra Opri. Finally, he warned that their custody fight over Dannielynn would continue until I got rid of Howard as executor and teamed with them.

• 36. After returning to the United States in May 2007, I received a telephone call from Wilma Vicedomine. She informed me that she was an investigator working with John O'Quinn, Don Clark and Virgie Arthur. I informed her that Howard was not responsible for the deaths of Anna Nicole or Daniel, and of my belief that Daniel had experimented with prescription medication prior to his death. Ms. Vicedomine indicated that, while she understood that I was a good person, they would not stop fighting me until I ceased talking to Howard and joined forces with them.”

Now who was looking for the ‘Marshall’ money and had placed all their eggs in that basket?

Only HKS and LB were selflessly looking out for DL and they succeeded.

1677 days ago


Vickie Lynn Marshall estimated that the
value of her expected gift exceeded $300 million in her counterclaim;
however, essentially all of J. Howard Marshall II’s
assets were held in the Living Trust after its creation in 1982.
Shortly after his wedding to Vickie Lynn Marshall, J. Howard
Marshall II modified his Living Trust to make it irrevocable.
This modification, if valid, would prevent Vickie Lynn Marshall
from ever being a beneficiary under the terms of the Living
Trust, which is problematic to her claim of tortious
interference because the very assets Vickie Lynn Marshall
claimed that J. Howard Marshall II intended to give her were
in the Living Trust. The Texas probate court upheld the validity
of the Living Trust, as amended, and found that it reflected
J. Howard Marshall II’s intended disposition of his property.

1677 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

… the very assets Vickie Lynn Marshall
claimed that J. Howard Marshall II intended to give her were
in the Living Trust. The Texas probate court upheld the validity
of the Living Trust, as amended, and found that it reflected
J. Howard Marshall II’s intended disposition of his property.

Posted at 10:49AM on Mar 20th 2010 by Splat
Two Federal Court Judges determined that Pierce Marshall destroyed and altered the paperwork JHMII had drawn up to establish an additional Trust to hold his earnings from his Living Trust during the time of his marriage to ANS. He had directed his attorneys to do this before he even proposed to ANS. The 9th listed these facts in its opinion and proceeded to entirely ignore the criminal actions of Pierce.

1677 days ago
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