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Joslyn James: Tiger's BFF Arranged Meetings

3/19/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joslyn James is getting ready to unleash another load of Tiger Woods' dirty laundry on her salacious website. This time it's about Tiger's good friend allegedly helping to set up rendezvous for her and Tiger. Sound familiar?

Tiger Woods, Bryon Bell, Joslyn James

We're told Joslyn will release emails -- on -- that she received from Bryon Bell in 2007. One e-mail details an alleged meeting in Charlotte from April 27-May 2. Woods had a PGA event that began May 3 in Charlotte -- he won.

The second alleged trip was in July 2007 to Washington D.C. For that trip Joslyn was in town during the actual PGA event -- Tiger finished tied for sixth.

As we first reported, Bryon -- a childhood friend and President of Tiger Woods Design -- also helped arrange a November tryst for Tiger and Rachel Uchitel in Australia.


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I challenge this idiot Harvey and his fat-ass side kick who is part of the new generation of idiots that know nothing of the history of this country to tell us why this is so important to the average citizen that we should spend hours making them money. Most of the people commenting- I challenge you- did you show this level of concern when Idiot Bush lied us into was and committed war crimes????????????

All of have your values out of whack. You have no real activities in your life- so you live off the personal misery of others. there is Tiger the husband and Tiger the Golfer- I only care about Tiger the Golfer. And by the way, most of the females of the new generation of idiots- those under 30 make this easy- with them acting like road lizards chasing after men of power. All of you are cheap whores.

1615 days ago


Woodie is masturbating 10 times a day to prove his loyalty to Elin.
So is Wayne, only he is imagining Tiger when he does it.

1615 days ago


52. Suggestion: if you want to show moral support for Team Elin, please wear a "Team Elin" button on the weekend of the Masters Tournament, April 8,9,10,11, especially if you are going to be in the Augusta area or have day passes to attend the tournament. Thank you.

Posted at 3:17AM on Mar 19th 2010 by Team Elin

do me a favor and go away k.

1615 days ago


11. Sad how the men in this society act... like a bunch of barnyard animals

Posted at 3:59AM on Mar 19th 2010 by Sick of our men in society

you should got to the 17,18,1900 i heard it was really civil there :)

1615 days ago


Get over it! Whores arent paid to be respected.
Should have thought about that before you got into the business.
You and your pimp Gloria Allred look like greedy trash

1615 days ago


Why are ALL guys named Larry, closeted transvestites and sundry other types of losers.
Think about it....
Give us some more of your opinions Larry. It's a slow day for laughter.
Now put on your Tiger jammies and watch cartoons Larry.

1615 days ago


Well All I wish right now is that Elin never gives Tiger sex ever again......that should be his punishment.....don't divorce him for a while but don't give him any sex.....What is going on with MEN and can't control their 'thingy' and women can't control their mouths.

1615 days ago


lola & linda,
It doesn't appear that the sex change operation is working out very well for you guys.
Too much urine and butt-punching will do that to ya.
No, it won't grow back....see Woodie for assistance.

1615 days ago


What an ugly whore. She should just keep her disgusting mouth shut and her nasty fingers off the keyboard. Tiger has already been exposed beyond measure... at this point all it does is more harm to his wife.

1615 days ago


Im mistriss #30. I have secret emails from Tiger that will blow ur socks off. You don't have to pay me much. Just bring the cameras. Call me at 1-555-Ska-nkHo.

Yurs if u want it,

1615 days ago


WOW! I wonder what agreement TMZ has with the porn star that they not only post her website, but put it up in bold print so you don't miss it. Exclusivity or Money TMZ?

1615 days ago


Why are we paying attention to these media pigs? This is all last months news. Move on. Go back to you porn "career"

1615 days ago


What a creepy, desperate, and disgusting slut.... Actually, Ms. Low-Life, you would do America an enormous favor if you would snip your own tongue, snip your own fingers so you can no longer post the one-sided texts, and douche your vajayjay and mouth with Lysol. You and the rest need to crawl into caves and out of the eyes of the public as nobody wants to see your ugly faces or hear of your and delusional and low-life sexcapades with married men.

Without bimbos like this selling themselves, more men might step-up-to-the-plate to become more psychologically healthy and learn about the heart and a more meaningful sexual experience with "real" women.

1615 days ago


sweetie, no one cares about you. No one has ever cared about you. But if you really, really want to claim the top whore headlines this week, you're going to have to get tatted up.

1615 days ago


I'm on team Tiger but you can't deny he's made some bad, smelly, stinking, slimey, trashy choices.

But did Joselyn REALLY have to drag his nerdy bff into this too?

This is two dorky guys who's fame has brought them lots of attention from the ladies, none of which they are prepared to handle.

Revenge of the nerds!!

The gold digging ho's love them.

Seriously, I wish peace and strength to Elin.

1615 days ago
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