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Tiger Woods' #1

I'm a Mistress

Not a 'Slut'

3/20/2010 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sleeping with a man who you know is married does NOT make you a "slut" ... so says Tiger Woods' mistress #1 Rachel Uchitel.


Uchitel's lawyers -- including glorious Gloria Allred -- just fired off a letter to Las Vegas showman Jeff Beacher, ordering him to remove comments on his Facebook page which refer to her as a "slut," "whore" and "hooker."

In the letter, Rachel's lawyers say the comments are false and defamatory ... and threaten legal action if the mean words aren't immediately taken down.

What ever happened to "I am rubber, you are glue"?

UPDATE: We caught up with Beacher in South Beach and he said he will make an official statement on Monday.


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Tiger's name corresponds to a '1' in numerology and although '1' is usually a terrfic number it's not so terrific when they go awry like he did. All of a sudden the rules don't apply to him,just to everyone else and they don't 'own' their behavior. That is, they don't hold themselves responsible. Haven't we all met someone like that!

1676 days ago


Maybe not a slut but "U CUD TELL" SHES A whore!

1677 days ago

Jerry Martin    

I still say any woman who sleeps with a man she knows is married is a slut.

1677 days ago

and you know this    

I think she may be confused... sleeping with a man you know is married DOES make you a slut.

1677 days ago


Maybe not a slut, but no class either. Dirtbag is more like it.

1677 days ago


Balls Big Hairy Balls!! Boing, Boing!

1677 days ago

pink floyd    

hey slut you screwed tiger he paid you money..oh sorry me bad you are not a slut. "YOUR A WHORE".

1677 days ago


1677 days ago


Under the law, truth is an absolute defense.

1677 days ago

TV Gord    

I think it was the philsophers, Salt 'n' Pepa, who once said, "The difference between a hooker and a ho' ain't nothin' but a fee!"

Rachel, you need to check on a Self Awareness course at the Learning Annex. It would be a better use of money than paying Gloria Allwrong...unless she's working pro-boner.

1677 days ago

pink floyd    

hey kooky balls i'm hungy a nice macaroni dish would be nice thanks.

1677 days ago


Dictionary: Slut: an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.
Isn't sleeping with a married man considered immoral?

1677 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

Oh boo freaking hoo!

1677 days ago


I know people think that i'm in the wrong here but uglytel might have a point. Look these women probably thought that they had a chance in being mrs. tiger woods but now they realize that they were just his side dishes. Didn't tiger lied to her and said he was in love her maybe she believed it. Look guys lie to get women in bed. Guys will say things that you want to hear to satisfy their dinky. Obviously Rachel was the type of woman who was looking for love and a husband that's why tiger told her he loved her and he would leave his wife for her. BUT COME ON LADY AS WE'VE SEEN TIGER WAS NEVER GOING TO LEAVE HIS WIFE FOR YOU NOT SO PREETY GIRLS. I'm sorry just live with it that he lied to you. Now, JOSLYN JAMES ON THE OTHER HAND IS A LYING SLUT. SHE WANTED THAT KINKY STUFF IN TURN TIGER TOLD HER KINKY STUFF. IF SHE FELT THAT TIGER WAS ABUSIVE THEN WHY DID YOU CONTINUE TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. THAT SLUT JOSYLN JAMES WAS SO REPULSED TO HAVE HER PICTURE IN A GOLF BALL BUT SHE WAS TOTALLY FINE BEING PISSED ON. JUST MY OPINION I DON'T THINK TIGER GAVE JOSLYN THE GOLDEN SHOWER, IT WAS MORBID CURIOUSITY AS HE SAID. AFTER THAT TEXT TIGER SAID "YOU, YOU REALLY, GIRL YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING". The following text just showed that this skank josly james just admitted being pissed on by guys or girls...NASTY JOSLYN.

1677 days ago



1677 days ago
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