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Dr. Conrad Murray Withheld Info About Propofol

3/21/2010 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A paramedic report in the Michael Jackson case reportedly says Dr. Conrad Murray withheld a key fact from the EMTs -- that he had administered Propofol to the singer.

The report, published by News of the World, states what TMZ has previously reported -- that paramedics felt Jackson was dead when they got to the singer's home but Dr. Murray, as the senior medical professional present, demanded that Jackson be taken to the hospital.

According to the report, Jackson had flatlined by the time paramedics arrived at the house, and he had no blood pressure, pulse or breath, and his pupils were dilated.

According to the report, Dr. Murray told paramedics Jackson was exhausted because he couldn't fall asleep and he had given Jackson Lorazepam -- a sedative. Omitting the fact that Dr. Murray gave Jackson Propofol is no doubt something the paramedics should have known about and will almost certainly be used by prosecutors in the trial.


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This whole thing is inconsistant & it's getting tired. There never seems to be a break in the case, just new contradicting stories.
If this is for real, MJ just needed sleep. Murray needs to pay his time. Even if he were a fall man, atleast someone would be paying for this crime.
If this isn't real, MJ is welcome back.

1626 days ago


It's not the Dr's fault Mike Died. Mike wanted all these drugs and he would have got them one way or the other.
The only other persons responsible for Mike's Death was his Dad and Mom. They were suposed raise and protect Him.
Actually Mike was kept alive by the drugs he used. They numbed him out to the incredible pain he was in. some of it self inflicted, but never the less a lot of pain. Without the drugs he probably would have committed Suicide a long time ago. He must have been severely damaged psychologically to take the potent drugs that he was consuming. Most of the real drug addicts & Alcoholics never really know why they have to drink or drug the way they do. It usually takes divine intervention to recover. Too bad he really never got a chance at life or Love.
Money can be a good thing, but when it covers up your defects and Demons it can and will kill you

1626 days ago


i hope they can pin him for something worse than involuntary manslaughter....i still dont get that. How can a DOCTOR kill a patient with a drug he has no license to use?????????
4 years? cant practice in CA? his real job is in TX? The guy could possibly have it any better.

1626 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Number two; if you're a reporter I'm King Tut.

1626 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

Remembering only the good about someone who has died deludes others on how who the deceased really were, and Michael Jackson was a very disturbing individual, one who in all likelihood did molest kids. Anything past a few updates over one, possibly two days of coverage was definately bordering on bad taste. perhaps we can take solace in how he ruined himself with his wasteful spending (several million dollars in a few minutes!?) and then killed himself though drug addictions, things he could have easily prevented with common sense. He was so obcessed with getting back his childhood that he seriously messed up his kids’ in the process; first with the veils and now his death. I am glad he is gone, though. He was not the good kind of freak like a tattoo artist who is really a very decent person once talked with like everyone is making him out to be, just a freak.

1626 days ago


Put this idiot away already! How come people still go to him at his office? i dont get it
Michael Jackson is not bein treated fairly in my opinion. Everyone was accusing this guy, sayin he's guilty when he was accused without hearin anything else but that he did it, now the same people want this guy who obviously was responsible for his death to just get off easy.
The way some people think just amazes me. I don't think i'll ever understand it

1626 days ago


10. Michael Jackson was an embarasssment towards the end of his life, his
weird plastic surgery his nose prcatically held onto to his face but
only scotch tape. lol I would be so embarassed to call myself a fan
of his. Thriller was good (in 1983-84) but it's 2010. Music has move
don and left him behind . His most recent music basically SUCKED.

Posted at 2:35AM on Mar 21st 2010 by Sue from Tampa

Read more:
9. He's dead, nothing is going bring him back. LET IT GO ALREADY.

Posted at 2:33AM on Mar 21st 2010 by Jan




1626 days ago



how can you say the doctor is not responsible???
ya if Murray didnt get him the drugs, some other doctor may have, but that doesnt mean that other doctor would have killed him!

Murray=Killer....damn obvious if you ask me

1626 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

Celebrity pedophile becomes maggot food: we move on!

1626 days ago


How does this Murray guy still get to practice medicine? That's like a murderer who shot the person goes free and buys another gun

I dont get how everyone is so quick to say Michael molested those kids and there is no evidence and then on the other side have no intention to say Murray did kill Michael and that he is responsible when there is investigation reports pointing at him with all kinds of facual information.

People just gotta hate the people who care the most about everyone else i guess. No artist today would come close to what Michael has done for charities, for those sick kids, and for the kids who could right now be down the wrong road if it wasnt for MJ. He did so much positive but everyone wants to ignore it because of families who didnt care about anything but gettin millions from Michael any way possible. It's sad that money drives the world the way it does.

1626 days ago


Dr Troot always tells da troot.

1626 days ago


MJ haters are idiots. Badgering and bad mouthing a dead person is pretty moronic. Get a life and stop investing your time on stories about would think with your attitude that you would have something better to do with your time.

Justice for Michael!

1626 days ago


funny how a liar is believed by so many people.....

1626 days ago


Why?... Why is this still going on??? Michael Jackson requested this stuff, right? If I'm wrong feel free to correct me. But, from what I've seen and heard, this was what this man wanted, (the drugs and everything the Dr. Murray administered). He was hired help and, while he should have known better, he was doing what his "friend"/"patient" asked for. Michael Jackson was beyond messed up and manipulated people to give him what he wanted or played on their sympathy to get his way. I'm not saying that the doctor should go without being punished for making such poor decisions, but in reality he was just trying to help a friend through his self imposed hard times.

I'm just tired of hearing about this when Michael Jackson basically asked for it. And if you say he didn't, then you're saying he was a damn idiot. So, was he a moron or was he weak and trying to appear indirect in achieving his death?? Which is it?

1626 days ago


Posted at 2:45AM on Mar 21st 2010 by TROLL ALERT

Evidently you haven't moved on. In the middle of the night here you sit posting hatred about someone know. Imbecile!

1626 days ago
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