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Jesse James Nazi Salute Photo Coming Soon

3/21/2010 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there is a photo of Jesse James making the rounds and in it he is wearing a hat that looks identical to the one Michelle McGee is wearing in her Nazi photos ... and he is making the Nazi salute.

Jesse James, Michelle McGee

We've seen the photo -- which reportedly was taken two years ago -- and there is no mistaking it's Jesse. The hat Jesse is wearing is nearly identical to the one Michelle has on in the infamous photos, except for the rope across the front (see above).

In the photo, Jesse is holding up his right hand in a "Heil Hitler" pose ... and with his left hand he is sort of covering his mouth with two fingers (almost like mimicking Hitler's mustache).

The woman selling the photo told TMZ she didn't actually take the pic -- it belonged to a friend who worked with Jesse and the friend does not know she is selling it.


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Congratulation TMZ ,you are the unique program that make me crazy. I am an unemployed and I watch the TV to get feeling something better but when I listen the big quantities of stupidities, I don't believe it!!!! I feel really, really bad. I want to understand what is gracious?, Why are you laughing? what is comic? ...and nothing, ah ! all are in the same silly way. My question is : do you receive money for what are you doing , or working for free?

1678 days ago


can't wait to see this guy go down

1678 days ago

Spike Jones    

Jesse James, you are no "bad boy". You are nothing but a coward, a lying sack of steaming dog sh*t. You think by screwing a whore(s) behind your wife's back and wearing a Nazi hat that you're a man? You are pathetic. A fool. And your career is done. Will be funny to see that tattoo skank support your ass now. Sink fast and sink permanently, son.

Sandra, if you even think about going back to this fool, your career will follow his down the crapper. Keep your hands clean.

1678 days ago


Sandra's mother is from Germany. I thought her sister was married to a Jewish man from Maryland.

1678 days ago


When these stories will go away? It is so trashy. It is getting worse. Sandra should kick him to the curb. I am glad that she has left the family home other day and to get away from all of this. Sandra is such a sweet girl, so talented, and good actress.

1678 days ago


Two years ago? So. Are we going to find images of Sandra doing a Nazi salute? Or, does she just let that side of him slide?

1678 days ago


I don't think this picture really exists. if so, it would be up by now!

1678 days ago


It never the people you suspect, is it? I had no idea he was a racist. Wonder if Sandy knew? Well hopefully that's the end of his show, it's the last time I watch anything that he's in.

1678 days ago


#49 - We're uncomfortable because this story is getting out of hand. We don't even know if this alleged photo is real and you're already calling him a racist. A cheater - probably. But until TMZ shows this pic that a thief is selling to them - don't make judgements on Jesse. For you to suggest we're uncomfortable with this because America is racist is ridiculous and shows ignorance on your part.
People until this alleged photo is printed and proved to be authentic - calm down.

1678 days ago


If he is racist, it is not surprising in the least...Orange County is full of racist douche bags.

1678 days ago


I bet Sandra Bullock got excited when he porked her in his Hitler uniform.
I can just hear her screaming: 'Oh mein Fehrer!!!'

1678 days ago


Again Sandra, FAB choice there for a spouse and father you your children.

1678 days ago

ze papers...    

What about all the good things Hitler did?

1678 days ago

its me    

WOW... that's a really bad look Jessie. How did he hide this side from Sandra Bullock ( if he's a White supremicist)? Just when I thought things really couldn't get any worse for him! Damn Jessie!

1678 days ago


Sandra's late mother, Helga was born in Germany in 1942. She would have been deported to a ghetto or in a concentration camp if her family were Jews. She was NOT Jewish. What her family's associations to the Nazi party were, I have no idea. But it would be unseemly for Sandra to have known of James' Nazi-loving ways if, and it's a huge if, it turns out to be true. I think Sandra did not know about Jesse's Nazi interests. I HOPE she did not know.

1678 days ago
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