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Jesse James Nazi Salute Photo Coming Soon

3/21/2010 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there is a photo of Jesse James making the rounds and in it he is wearing a hat that looks identical to the one Michelle McGee is wearing in her Nazi photos ... and he is making the Nazi salute.

Jesse James, Michelle McGee

We've seen the photo -- which reportedly was taken two years ago -- and there is no mistaking it's Jesse. The hat Jesse is wearing is nearly identical to the one Michelle has on in the infamous photos, except for the rope across the front (see above).

In the photo, Jesse is holding up his right hand in a "Heil Hitler" pose ... and with his left hand he is sort of covering his mouth with two fingers (almost like mimicking Hitler's mustache).

The woman selling the photo told TMZ she didn't actually take the pic -- it belonged to a friend who worked with Jesse and the friend does not know she is selling it.


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Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Just because she/he dress in Nazi regalia does not make them Nazi or Neo-Nazi they could just be making fun of the Nazi's it's kind of disrespectful to wear the swastika and hat in a bikini anyway.

Michelle has a son that is jewish and her other son's name that she uses as a stripper is Avery. She said WP stands for wet pu$$y.

1613 days ago


You know what, you people making a big thing about this Nazi stuff, we, the germans, also lost family in the war and it seems only the jews make a deal out of it, like they are the only ones who suffered. I'm sick of it!!

I also lost family in the war dammit!!! You dont hear me making a big issue, not letting people forget about it. Well, now I'm sick of it too!!!

I had an uncle who died in the concentration camp......and it still hurts!!! Why cant we just let this stuff go? Put it behind us and move on? I mean accidents happen. Especially when you are drunk and fall out of the machine gun tower. But I'm not going to let this bother me any more!!!!! I'm movin' on!!!

1613 days ago


FWIW - the Wikipedia entry on Sandra B. states that she is fluent in German & lived in Germany until the age of 12.

Just a bizarre thought - but what if the timing of Michelle's disclosure has less to do with Sandra winning the Oscar (her personal success) than it has with the subject matter of "Blindsided"?

After all, the movie is about a WHITE family that befriends/adopts a very obviously BLACK man. Not any more strange an idea than Jesse's ex wife being behind a setup with Michelle, IMO.

1613 days ago


It's all an act she is really Jewish.

1613 days ago


Okay, so where's the photo of Jessie in Nazi regalia? Frankly, never liked the guy, even before this latest scandal. Dude use to hang with the Hell's Angels. So what did you expect, America?

1613 days ago


Jesse has openly affiliated with 1% bikers groups. In general, 1% outlaw bikers are racists. I don't know why anyone closely associated with bikers wouldn't be aware of their racism - as well as their sexism. Don't believe me - look it up on Wikipedia.

1613 days ago



1613 days ago


Robin I so agree and see what your saying ... Why isnt this pic up yet and set up and racial issues after her BLINDSIDED movie seems so uncanny .. MICHELLE needs $ apparently and will do anything to get it, hmmmmmmmm ????

1613 days ago


My nephew dressed up as the gate keeper to the underworld last halloween. Is he evil?

1613 days ago


Oh this should put Sandra over the edge, shame on TMZ

1613 days ago


The logo for West Coast Choppers, is Germany's Iron Cross, a regular feature of Nazi-era artwork.

1613 days ago


Ok. Now I know she is getting a divorce. Her being associated with this picture is a career ender.

Anyone who says to forget the Nazi doesn't read WW II history.

1613 days ago


OK....NOW I'M GETTING CREEPED OUT!!!!! Sandra Bullock has a MAJAH GERMAN BACKGROUND... we all wondered just WHAT THE HELL did she and tatted up Jesse have in common...WHITE POWER maybe????????

1613 days ago


I REPEAT: We all wondered what Sandra Bullock saw in him didn't we? Quick Wikipedia search:
Sandra Annette Bullock was born in Arlington, Virginia, the daughter of Helga D. Meyer (1942–2000), a German opera singer and voice teacher, and John W. Bullock (born 1925), a voice coach and executive from Alabama.[4][5] Bullock's maternal grandfather was a rocket scientist from Nuremberg, Germany.[6] Bullock lived in Nuremberg until age twelve, where she sang in the opera's children's choir at the Staatstheater Nürnberg.[7] She frequently traveled with her mother on her opera tours, and lived in Germany and other parts of Europe for much of her childhood. She is fluent in German.

Maybe they saw what the other needed...someone who believes in Nazism & WHITE POWER.

1613 days ago


sher - there are probably many reasons for the timing of this situation - some of which we will never know or even guess at.

Sure, the timing was optimal for Michelle for making money off of the affair.

I also wonder about the timing of the affair itself. For example, Sandra turned down the role in "Blindsided" three time before accepting it. The reason given was that she wasn't comfortable in the role of a "devoted Christian". Given that the real life person she was portraying was a Southern fundamentalist, I can understand Sandra's concern.

That said, what if the real reason for her turning the role down three times was that Jesse had objections? Two reasons: (1) In the first part of the marriage she had reduced her work load to stay at home and focus on Jesse's children; and, (2) Jesse may not have like the movie's subject matter.

Again given that there is any truth to Michelle's story about how/when the affair started, Jesse was with Sandra in Atlanta during filming and returned to CA to hook up with her in his garage. At that time he supposedly said that they were living apart, etc. Some of the most convincing lies have an element of truth to them.

Moreover, supposedly Jesse stated to Michelle that the marriage was a "sham" for publicity. Its also a known strategy amongst 1% outlaw bikers to engage in various PR events to help clean up their public image. Look it up on Wikipedia.

It wouldn't be a real stretch to consider that Jesse had said/implied as much to one of his own kind, a tattooed biker chick. In fact, is it even much of a stretch to wonder if maybe there is some truth to this notion? Hasn't Donald Trump wondered out loud what Sandra saw in Jesse - and said that Jesse was very smart and cunning?

1613 days ago
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