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Tiger Woods: 'I've Done Some Pretty Bad Things'

3/21/2010 9:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fastest five minutes in sports just ended (Tiger Woods' interview with ESPN) and while he did duck some personal stuff, he did a pretty good job of answering the tough questions.

Tiger Woods

At least he actually answered questions this time.

UPDATE: Here are some highlights of Tiger on the Golf Channel. A lot of the same stuff, but a few different parts.

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That stone face is well-coached and well practiced. Can't trust him to be honest. Behavior is behavior, unaccountable talk is a con-man's tool.

1675 days ago


Anyone else notice the yellow front upper left tooth? That my friends is a Porcelain Tooth. Guess the rumors were true about Elin knocking his tooth out!

1675 days ago

its me    

Pretty good interview, but I don't think he really ever loved his wife. He had been cheating on her from when they were dating until he was exposed. Maybe that is his final denial that he needs to face,that despite how horrible he feels about what he did, he should admit to himself that he never truly loved Elin. He definetely never respected her.

1675 days ago


He's sorry he got caught. Rachel, spread your legs, the T man is out again!

1675 days ago


i really dont think its really none of our business nor should we need to hear about this as much as we have , its really between his wife and him, since when did so many people become so moral and innocent that they critisize him so much. did you people really care what other people are doing sexually or otherwise ?

1675 days ago


Each person will come away with their own perception of the interview, but it is clear to me the depth of his suffering (after the breakthrough of denial) as he is forced to peel-away the layers of the onion through psychotherapy and sexual addiction counselling. He does have a long road ahead and he will be in therapy for quite awhile and, essentially, never be the same (fortunately). Hopefully, he can salvage and re-engage a deeply intimate (in-to-me-see) and loving relationship with his special wife (only time will tell) so as to maintain a strong family life on behalf of those innocent and gorgeous children. Elin has to be a very courageous and powerful woman to endure hearing all the details (which he must tell since he's in therapy) of the relationships with all the trashy sluts who participated in the perpetuation of his dis-ease. Each of them is truly sick themselves and need to find their way into a counsellor's office ASAP instead of attempting to further destroy his career and marriage while extorting money).

I have always loved Tiger's eyes which are passed from his Thai lineage and that which people have never understood about him is the "detachment" which comes when one is spiritually aligned and from the early years of meditation. Yes, the dis-ease tookover his mind and heart and nearly destroyed his soul.

It is time for everyone still sitting in judgment to let this saga go and permit the long healing journey to take place. I do not agree with those in the sports world about wanting more details. He is in the throes of a long healing journey and needs to be left to place golf if it works in with his professional treatment. Praying and holding positive thoughts for Elin Woods, their children, and Tiger Woods!

1675 days ago


He has yet a clue as to how not to sound all about him.

1675 days ago


"loved" - he was asked why he married (past tense) Elin. He said, he loved her and loves (present) her.

Any type of addiction ravages a person's brain and the Thanksgiving Day revelations and accident likely saved this young man's life. G-d has a way of working in the most mysterious of ways to get our attention!

It's time to move away from this story and permit him healing with his professional psychological, addiction, and other health counselors. It's no longer the business of the public or those in sports news unless they want to pay the fees to join in his therapy sessions. Many of those sitting in judgment right now are the very ones who should be in therapy of some form themselves.

1675 days ago


He played the religon card , what a cop out !!!! buddhisum wow wow ...Now everyone who believes in fair tails ie. religion has let him off the hook .. SUCKERS HE GOT YOU AGAIN , HE IS A PIECE OF S--T DONT TRUST HIM !!!!

1675 days ago


#15 Tiger has had that yellowish tooth for a long time. I always wondered with his money why he never got it whitened.

1675 days ago


I could care less about his "I'm sorry" speeches. He's sorry he got caught. IMO, his PR people are pushing him to make these speeches so he can appear more acceptable to the golfing world when he returns to golf.

If he really was sorry he should keep up his therapy or whatever he's taking for his sexual addiction and take a year or two off to repair his marriage. He can afford it. The public won't forget him.

1675 days ago


There interview was so clearly staged. Either that interview had been given the questions to ask or he gave his exact questions to Tiger ahead of time. Tiger shouldn't get credit for answering all the questions. That's easy to do when you know exactly what's coming and have rehearsed all the answers. If Tiger had really seen the error of his ways he'd be doing real interviews. This was about as real as the first photos of him out jogging.

1675 days ago

S D M F    

What a load of crap!

1675 days ago


Hope he still knows how to get it in the hole.

1675 days ago



1675 days ago
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