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Tiger Woods: 'I've Done Some Pretty Bad Things'

3/21/2010 9:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fastest five minutes in sports just ended (Tiger Woods' interview with ESPN) and while he did duck some personal stuff, he did a pretty good job of answering the tough questions.

Tiger Woods

At least he actually answered questions this time.

UPDATE: Here are some highlights of Tiger on the Golf Channel. A lot of the same stuff, but a few different parts.

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Can you say "staged"???

1643 days ago


For the people who say that Tiger is only sorry that he got caught:

Sometimes it takes getting caught to realize just how f'd up you are or how much you are hurting the people you love...sort of like an intervention. When you get caught, you then have to actually stop and think about your loved ones and what you are doing. He admitted that he felt entitled. The best thing that ever happened to Tiger was getting caught, so that he could finally clean up his act.

1643 days ago

Allen Ridak    

That interviewer was the most emotionless person I've ever seen on TV.
Absolutely brilliant though!!! That's exactly how interviews should be done - straight to the point with no kowtowing to the interviewee

1643 days ago


Putting it this way. Elin should divorce him, but he should be able to continue in his career. I am sure plenty of athletes have far worse skeletons in their closets. People would just not care if they were revealed.

1643 days ago


And I am not trying to defend him, but if there was anyone that think he could do anything it was him..His dad may have been the cause of it.

1643 days ago


The only thing you did wrong dude was get caught. It's your life man live it your way and make no opologies!!!!!!!!

1643 days ago


Oh, Tiger has such a "kind heart". Wants to help people- how about leaving a tip for the lowly waiter next time you go out to eat. Everyone else can afford to tip, why not the billionaire athlete? Cheap mofo only cares about himself. He's a true sociopathic con-artist who got caught with his pants down and is trying to pull another wig over the gullible public. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on us!

1643 days ago


What about the women you hurt . Leading them to think they might be able to have you someday . And the lies you told them and using women dont you think they need to be told Im sorry for using you for my own selfish needs. They are human just like you friends and family. Our maybe saying that would make your wife mad. But recovery means amends to them all.And asking for forgiveness. This is not just about your wife when this multitude happens. But at this time that may be all that matters at this point.

1643 days ago


And he loved every minute of it!

1643 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

LOVED....... LOVED....... LOVED....he sure uses pastense alot...ARI
u should hve trained him better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1643 days ago


Tiger Woods seems to be in the fight of his life. Tiger is desperately trying to save his marriage and his family. Tiger repeatedly has said publicly that he loves Elin and the children and that they are the most important thing of his life. You have to feel sorry for the guy. Tiger gave his soul to the devil in exchange for pleasures of the flesh. He may pay for this the rest of his life, more so if he looses Elin Nordegren and his children! I pray that whatever Elin decides to do work the best for her and her two precious children. My heart goes to them!

1643 days ago


He made a mistake and he hurt ALOT of people. He is human. People make mistakes. I hear alot of slandering on here.
Lest ye without sin cast the first stone. You're all a bunch of sinners too, so don't go getting all high and mighty. You may not sin in this way, but you sin. We all do. That's why there's forgiveness.
The only thing positive is he is trying to make amends, and only time will tell the truth of that attempt. Our job is acceptance and forgiveness.

1643 days ago


It's time for Tiger to stop apologizing & get back to work. It's time for Gloria Allred's media ho's to go back to their daily jobs as waitresses, club promoters and taking it up the butt, mouth and veegin by 3 different men on camera.

People get back to work!!

1643 days ago

Tiger the HOMEWRECKer    

Tiger Woods is a HOME-WRECKER !! He misled and used ALL those women including Elin, too!

He's the main jerk here folk's.

1643 days ago


did tiger acknowledge all those women with his statement, "one is enough but that OBVIOUSLY that wasn't the case". so elin did go after him with that golf club he describes her as being "brutal" as opposed to being "dignified". sometimes our freudian slips tell the real story.

1643 days ago
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