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Jesse James Alleged Mistress -- Stripping Video

3/22/2010 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is this what Jesse James saw before he allegedly decided to cheat on his Oscar-winning wife, Sandra Bullock?

TMZ obtained this video of Michelle McGee, the alleged other woman, which was shot at Pure Platinum in San Diego about a week ago.

TMZ technical note: Throwing dollar bills at the monitor will not make the video play longer. Just hit refresh.

UPDATE: We've got two more minutes of video, but we need to do a lot of blurring, if you catch our drift. Check back shortly.



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Clayton Bigsby    

Why are we giving this lady this much ink, no pun intended ;)

1586 days ago


Never been to a strip club, but if that is what guys are using their child support money on then they are being ripped off! Pretty girl that looks messed up on drugs, most drug addicts at one point in their life were very smart before they fried their brain's and in her case her skin as well.

1586 days ago


She very well may be the worst stripper ever.

1586 days ago


I do not give a damn about her...who is doing that version of "tainted love" ?

1586 days ago


ANOTHER tattooed freak! Sandra must have a screw loose too if she thought that her motorcycle tattooed freak was a good choice for her! They are another breed. Opposites might attract, but POLAR opposites? I don't think so.

1586 days ago


Michelle's bod is not worth what he may lose over this scandal. Maybe Sandra was not putting out which drove him elsewhere.

1586 days ago

dr. fill    

I want that 3 minutes of my life back!

1586 days ago


That definitely nails it...ULTRA DAMN PLUG UGLY...STUPIDER than a box of ROCKS....AND ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, TALENTLESS and nazi lover!! YOU have to BE REALLY, REALLY, desperate and have no SELF ESTEEM to even consider this THIS A WOMAN worthy of TOUCHING even with gloves AND BAG on your head AND DRUNK AND HIGH! I THINK I need MY EYES removed and SCRUBBED WITH ACID to get this IMAGE of Jesse's SKANK out of my head. WOMEN and tattoos...just SUCK..THIS BITCH proves that is a FACT!!! See Sandra, if you stay with Jesse, YOU GOT THIS in YOUR LIFE to ALWAYS REMIND you OF WHAT your loser husband REALLY CONSIDERS A WOMAN...DAMN, this broad is FRIGGIN' U G L Y !!!!

1586 days ago


That is the worst routine ever. It's a wonder she makes any money at all. They should throw buckets of cold water at her rather than money to wake her up. Bo-ring!

1586 days ago

Lisa Armstrong    

I'm absolutely dumbfounded! Just seeing this video of her and comparing her to what Jesse has / had is uncomparable to say the least! Sandra has it ALL BUT the tat's. And this chick, needs to get a life! I certainly hope she know " what goes around , comes around " ! I love Jesse and Sandra as a couple and I know alot of others do too. He needs to step up and be the man he made Sandra believe he is.... I hope they can work things out but if she doesn't want to, now that's HER choice. It's really unfortunate that Jesse strayed over something like her ( that )! She's not the least bit pretty. And she just messed up their lives and her own. I just feel bad for Sandra, she didn't deserve this at all.

1586 days ago

who dat    

TMZ you should have posted a VOMIT ALERT above this video clip.

1586 days ago

Not too much fun    

Watching this video after reading about how she used to be an "Honor Student" at her highschool...I can only assume that growing up wasn't too much fun for her, and that she must be REALLY pissed off at her parents and community. Those tattoos (especially her forehead tattoo) is a grand "F-YOU" if I've ever seen one. "F-YOU MOM!" "F-YOU DAD!" -- "I'm going to tat my forehead and dance naked on a pole for dollar bills!"

There are better ways to express your anger than to use this sort of self destruction.

She should probably seek some kind of mental/emotional help.

1586 days ago


She looks like a snake....oh wait a minute--SHE IS!!!!!!

Seriously, don't pay any more attention to it people and she will go back to the rock she crawled out from under.

As for Jesse?? I say BOYCOTT ANY AND ALL PRODUCTS BY HIS BUSINESS AND LET HIM FEEL THE FINANCIAL PAIN! Then HE can crawl back under the rock with her!

Truly, he has alot of nerve to savage his ex-wife porn star and her lifestyle and try to take their daughter away from her and HE IS NO BETTER!

I feel so incredibly sorry for his kids and for Sandra.

1586 days ago



1586 days ago

Oh boy....    

I would be willing to bet this girl is not a stripper at all. Maybe she's in porn, but she's no stripper. Her moves are far too stiff and she obviously has zero rythym. If she is a stripper, she's the freak show of the club because of the tats. That is all.

1586 days ago
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