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Jesse James Alleged Mistress -- Stripping Video

3/22/2010 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is this what Jesse James saw before he allegedly decided to cheat on his Oscar-winning wife, Sandra Bullock?

TMZ obtained this video of Michelle McGee, the alleged other woman, which was shot at Pure Platinum in San Diego about a week ago.

TMZ technical note: Throwing dollar bills at the monitor will not make the video play longer. Just hit refresh.

UPDATE: We've got two more minutes of video, but we need to do a lot of blurring, if you catch our drift. Check back shortly.



No Avatar

something smells    

can't believe she was raised a amish. true!

1643 days ago


Enjoy? wtf I just threw up my breakfast thanks tmz

1643 days ago


If she didn't have the big fake implants and full body tats, she would be flipping burgers at Burger King. Not attractive at all, and she can't dance for sh*t.

1643 days ago

grossed out.    

I've got to agree with Chris. Everytime I see a tattoo on someone, particulary young un's, I just think they need to shower. And calling it "body art" doesn't clean it up. If you want art, buy a poster and hang in on the wall. When you get tired of it you can always take it down, and you don't have to hide it when you go for a job interview.

1643 days ago


Is it just me or does this lady remind ya'll of Marilyn Manson??

1643 days ago


Maybe she has a great personality...

1643 days ago


Wow! That was disgusting. She's absolutely revolting. She should keep to her fetish/rockabilly hideouts. I feel badly for SB and JJ's issues right now, but letting this beast pop up is stomach churning. No more about her, please! Or at the very least dont let her image pop up on your homepage. Make it a "click to see" thing. I'm going to brush my teeth because I vomited in my mouth...

1643 days ago

Lisa Armstrong    

Hey Chris,

How about YOU have a reality check?! You wouldn't even know I had them if you saw me and second of all they all mean something! Infact, one is the breast cancer symbol I had done because of my SISTER having breast cancer and her initials are in it as well. k? You honestly shouldn't be so closed minded Chris... for all you know, I could by a much better person than you are...

What's the matter, are you afraid to get one because it will hurt??? Or is it something else that makes you hate people with them?

And believe me , I have plenty of " class "... or I wouldn't be so nice about what I'm saying to you right now. ;) Having a few tat's doesn't even compare to some of the things I bet you've done in your life as well.

I know plenty of people who have them and some have zero class and some have more than you could imagine. And I am positive that there are people out there who have NO tat's and have absolutely NO class... it's not the tat's that make someone classless... it's the person themself! ;)

1643 days ago

grossed out    

this nazi slut should follow her leader (insert sound of self inflicted gun shot here)

1643 days ago


I couldn't stoop so low as to watch this video. Just one picture of the woman is fine with me to determine what an ugly, trashy, POS this woman is!! There's Sandra at the Oscars raving about how nice it is for Jesse to "have her back." Little did she know that Jesse was really sticking a knife into it!

I am tired of seeing this woman everywhere which is just what she wanted to begin with. The things that concern me the most out of this trashy so called affair are 1. Jesse had the balls to tell his trashy mistress that Sandra lived in another house 2. Jesse did not wear protection 3. Knowing perfectly well that all stars live in a fish bowl, Jesse could even have the audacity to do something like this!

Sandra deserves so much MORE!! Obviously, Jesse can only think with his so called well endowed pee pee, and based on his choice of mistress, I do believe that well endowed must be a fabrication.

1643 days ago

M H    

I hope TMZ paid to air that copyright music thats in those videos

i smell a lawsuit

1643 days ago


They say that one who decides to cheat tends to do so with a "lesser grade". Looks like Jessie hit this one out of the park.
Learn from your mistakes Jessie and get back on track with the lifelong good woman you have next to you.

1643 days ago

grossed out    

The background music reminded me that this must be what Marilyn Manson would look like if he had a sex change

1643 days ago


Lisa, the good news for you is that there are lazer treatments to eradicate your lack of good judgment. The whole thug image is so last year. Trust me, a good man will not want you looking like that. Maybe your plastic surgeon will throw in a group discount since your kids followed your train-wreck example and did the same thing.

1643 days ago


Nasty. Why the hell would anyone cheat on someone like Sandra with this nasty tattooed whore?

1643 days ago
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