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Tony Romo -- Low Post Monster

3/23/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's not unusual for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to take a serious beating on the football field -- but on the basketball court ... a totally different story.

Tony Romo Video: Click to view!

Check out video of Romo hitting the hardwood at an adult recreational basketball league in Plano, Texas -- the 6'2", 230-pound NFLer is the one making guys look like his bitch for a change.

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Yes Barbie! I was at that game...You are RIGHT....It was rumored that, the guy with the braids #3, ACTUALLY had 50...his name is Brandon Perry (Yes I asked him after the game) :) He ended up with 40 something points...I lost count after 43. He was unstoppable that night...He was killin' 'em. And the final score ended up being 89 to 85.

1682 days ago


I'm sorry, but that's NOT Tony.

I worked with Tony every single day of his college career (EIU, football dept), am friends with him, still see him often, and this is NOT Tony.

It's not his body, it's not his muscle definition, not his arms, it's not his height, it's not his face. I just seen him a few days ago...this isn't him!

1684 days ago


If it's ROMO he must have called TMZ for some celebrity gossip fodder. He hasn't been getting much latley & we all know Tony don't like celebrity? LOL what a joke. Did Candice take the pics? Just asking?lol

1684 days ago


To the guy who says thats not Tony Romo shut up and prove it because to me and the TMZ crew its Tony,and what muscle Tony
never had muscles I played with him in high school and I know that is him his mannerism are still the same.

1684 days ago


I love Tony Romo. I'm so glad that I can watch off season and see his multi-skills. I'd like to see him in some movies next. Dang I love that man. I was concerned that I would have to wait and see him until football season. Good to see the Man is very recreational. Love him.

1683 days ago


So Tony likes to play golf, soccer & now basketball during his off-season? Plus, his daytime job is football. The guys athletic, I don't get why this is TMZ worthy? Watch out...I hear he's a pretty good ping pong player too!

1683 days ago


He was Mr. Illinios in HS basketball with another cat that is in the NBA now.

1683 days ago

London not England    

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whatever he's playin, he's playing for the "WRONG TEAM".!!!!!!

1683 days ago


That actually IS Tony - that's at my church's indoor bball court... he's played there for years.

1683 days ago


I don't get why anyone cares really. I agree it looks like Romo wants some attention & called TMZ or his management did.lol What a joke.
So he plays multiple sports, he's a good athlete,big deal. Who he actually is as a person has me confused though.Partier,womanizer, church goer doesn't fit what he seems to do when not in church.

1683 days ago


A) That is Tony. He has played on this league for a couple years.

B) He didn't call TMZ or any other gossip outlet. Someone from
another team is filming this on their cell phone and sold it to TMZ (it happens all the time).

1683 days ago


To all the haters, if you think he's trying to attract attention then you're probably right. He has you here on TMZ talking all this noise, while he's on the the other better end of things making all the chi-ching and wathchin' all of us fuzz about him. Go Figure. I Love You Tony, Por Vida.

1683 days ago


This was done maliciously because he stacks his team and wins every year for the past four years....who ever posted this needs to get over it and get a life, it's rec ball and it’s for people who love the game!! REALLY get a life and maybe attend a sermion or two!!

1682 days ago


I wish I could see the rest of this clip because it doesn't tell the real story. The guy with the braids, #3, in the white jersey hit 45 points on Romo and his team.

1682 days ago


Chelsea are you Barbie?? LOL

I believe they won 110 to 93 at this game, don't get me wrong they are not the best team out there, but they are good (cuz they are stacked) and it is fun to watch!!

1682 days ago
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