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Larry King

Shot During Drive-By

with Snoop Dogg

3/25/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry King has upped his street cred ... with the help of Snoop Dogg's tricked out 1967 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible.

Larry King

King took a ride in Snoop's yellow whip in Hollywood. It's part of Friday's Snoop Doggie interview on "Larry King Live." Larry was a 'lil startled when the rapper cranked up the hydraulics.

It's just how Larry rolls.


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I know you think you are being funny with that headline, but with the amount of gun violence in this country that is in bad taste. Politicians being threatened with violence are in the headlines today and how many stories have we heard about rappers being shot? Think a little before you put up something like this.

1673 days ago


Think they both took hits off a doobie before hitting the road?! LOL!

1673 days ago


This is a big part of why our country has gone to cr_p! They glorify people like Snoop Dog, who is all about getting wasted, doing drugs, carrying guns, drinking till you pass out, treating women like cr_p, etc. He shouldn't be someone that little kids look up to. Ok, you can now start the hateful comments towards me.

1673 days ago


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1673 days ago


King is the man! He's like the grandfather you always wished you had.

1673 days ago

Fake Is Fake Is Fake    

Hey, they're not wearing seatbelts! Seriously, I agree that the media glorifies rappers and the gangsta lifestyle way too much. It is SO wrong that violent street thugs like Snoop and P-Diddy are treated as respectable just because they can now afford nice clothes and tacky jewelry.

1673 days ago

Jerry Martin    

kooky is lame.

1673 days ago


King got a bigger hood pass than John Mayer. He got down at Roscoe's chicken and waffles with Snoop last time they kicked it.

1673 days ago


Irresponsible reporting, not funny.

1673 days ago


i thought larry king was shot. :o

1673 days ago


Love love love Snoop! And love watching him with Larry...I've seen him interview him before and it was fun. Snoop was also great on Martha Stewart and she also seemed to have a lot of fun with him.

Those of you knocking your homework...he helps lots of kids out...has his own football league for disadvantaged children. And of course he's a genius musician.

1673 days ago


SHOCKING!!!!!!!!! He just likes his doggie style. Drinkin that gin and juice, laid back. Larry's got the jungle fever.

1673 days ago


Too bad the picture wasn't of Snoop and Larry involved in a head-on with a semi!!!! Larry King is the crypt-keeper of news TV. I'm pretty sure Larry was old in 1967.

1672 days ago

Illinois person    

The Parisienne (Pontiac) was a Circa 1980s model car which wasn't around in 1967. Either the date is wrong or the Pontiac in question is a Catalina or Bonneville.

1672 days ago

Chuck O'Connor    

I don't know about "Street Cred" but nobody can ever accuse Larry of being racist. Even when a radio host in Miami in the 60's he interviewed anybody of any race or color if the topic was interesting. I lived in Florida as a kid in those days and alot of people who were racist had some nasty names for him. He's still around now and bigger than I ever thought he'd be back then. The lead in was irresponsible as hell,though!

1672 days ago
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