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Tiger Woods Practices for Masters

3/25/2010 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods hit the links today near his home in Windermere, Florida, with his trusty stuffed tiger covering his driver.


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You lifeless river bottom dwelling Tiger worshipers unfortunately have it right, and for the wrong reason; Tiger Woods certainly is a one trick operator and such things as personal relationships, women, mixing with general social or business networks, being responsible for a family or children, these things are totally beyond him. He's been perfectly consistent as an aloof, irresponsible drifter from sensation to sensation, and that can only change over a long period of time if ever. Quite clearly, from his behavior through all of this, Tiger Woods can only contemplate the delinquent escapism of playing in the park away from other people. So you bet he's desperate to play golf again, to live on the road again.

He would probably be beating up Elin and throwing his kids through glass windows if he had to face himself these days. Elin is misguided if she thinks he's going to change. It would only be highly dangerous for him to try to turn himself OFF, and a genuine change will take years, if not decades, if ever. The next VIP lounge bimbo is just around the corner, party hat and highballs on the tray. No, her name isn't on her outgoing message.

1642 days ago


Thats good! ;o)

1642 days ago


Elin needs to know that money isn't everything, and that because a man fathered children doesn't mean he's a father as far as love and attention go. He loves his nasty women and gives them more attention than his family. For the life of me, I cannot understand why she is still with him. He is hard-wired to love a dirty life style. Let him go, Elin, before your physical and mental health are destroyed. A man like Tiger will destroy you.

1642 days ago


"32. Elin is the real devil. Her staying with Tiger, after all he has done, is more of an egregious and despicable act than anything that Tiger has ever done. CORRECT! VERY WELL SAID!!!

The most stupid comment I have read in years. Do you truly know what is DEVIL ???? Sure no. DEVIL is a guy like Bush who lied and fabricated false proofs to invade a country and kill innocent people. DEVILS are the Jewish who are humiliating and killing everyday innocent Palestininans children and women. And I can go on like that .... The world is invaded of DEVILS but Elin Woods is certainly not one of them. You must be on drugs or nuts to say that.
Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase put things into perspective. You know nothing about this woman and you call her a devil. I would have understood if you had called all these sluts who slept with him knowing exactly who he was - a married man with two young kids - devils.
So shut up your big mouth stupid moron. You must be yourself a miserable human being. Poor guys what a boring life you must live.
Pathetic american society who sold her soul to Mighty Dollar and capitalism. Wake up you are no longer the envy of the world !!!

Posted at 2:55PM on Mar 25th 2010 by ZR"

Way to drift wayy, wayy off topic and make a refuting counter-argument that has nothing to do whatsoever with my original statements. Congrats.

Anyway, I stand by my word and say that Elin is the real devil in this situation for standing by Tiger after all of his affairs. How could someone have such little respect for herself? How could anyone live such a lie? How could you go on each day pretending that you live in a normal family and that things are going just fine.

Think I'm off base? I'm a male college student. Ask a middle-aged lesbian feminist about this topic and you'll get some real venom.

I really do feel bad for Elin. I just wish she would wake up and leave already!

If I were her, I would move to Sweden with the kids, never come back to America, and never speak with Tiger again.

As a son of a relationship that had adulterous affairs, I can say that if I was one of Elin's kids and eventually found out with age all that Tiger had done and if Elin stay with Tiger, I would hate my father and not respect my mother for not leaving.

Lastly, @ZR-
"Wake up (America) you are no longer the envy of the world !!!"
You're an f-ing idiot. America is and most likely forever will be the envy of the world. Anyone who says other wise is a hater who wishes they were either born or lived in America. (I'm a Canadian saying this)

That is all.

1642 days ago

Pat M    

I see he has his little Buddhism bracelet on. I was hoping he would go to Tibet to live in harmony with his religious beliefs since he's such a good little Buddhist now. They must not have skanks in Tibet......

1642 days ago


And I will bet everyone of you that has posted here watches.

1642 days ago


@Pat M

Tiger isn't a Buddhist he's a 'Bootyist'

1642 days ago


With all due respect, but from what I've observed Thai Buddhism is quite liberal as compared with northern Buddhism. I doubt if Tiger is really serious. He said he didn't think or didn't know he was doing something wrong when he was having sex with all the bimbos. Who does he think he's kidding?? In other words, he has no moral compass.

1642 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Life is short. One moment your a kid and before you know it, your old and worn out and everything you did along the way is called your life. This guys portfolio says he plays golf well, he earned lot of money and his family and children can never trust him. I think the last one is the most important one when his life comes to a close. But then, most of you drones think that when we die, things just fade to black. We know this guys sure hoping that is the case. Good luck with that.

1642 days ago


put a tiger in your tank.. not that tank.. your tank top ha ha ..i also wonder is his shoe size big than shacks?

1642 days ago


He probably lose the Masters this year.

1642 days ago


It's hopelessly funny.

1642 days ago


since his marriage is probably over and he knew it considering his wife knows alot more than we know he figured he might as well go back to golf. there was nothing left to save. now everything is just lipstick on a pig. just saying the things that sound politically correct but knowing this marriage was probably over years ago. it took me 5 years to hate my husbands face they are at the 7 year itch. she'll be okay without him and he will be okay without her.

1642 days ago


Does Tiger Woods have AIDS?

1642 days ago


Looks like he's becoming a lil porker! OINK OINK!

1642 days ago
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