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NOFX Singer to Fans:

I Peed in Your Tequila

3/26/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lead singer from the band NOFX is under fire for giving out free shots of Patron during a recent show -- shots that appeared to have been watered down ... with the punk rocker's urine.

The guy accused of pissing everybody off -- Fat Mike -- put on a solo performance as his alter-ego "Cokie the Clown" at last week's South by Southwest festival in Austin ... covered by punk news website

Mike began the show by passing out the shots to fans and even downed a couple himself. But after a bizarre half hour in which Mike described his friend hanging himself, smothering his dying mother to death and milking a fan, Mike decided to show the crowd a very, very disturbing video.

The video appears to begin just moments before Mike took the stage and shows the singer urinating into a bottle of tequila ... and then serving it to the audience. The video did not appear edited.

So far, cops are not investigating the situation, but when we called the Austin Health Department to ask if they had taken any action, they told us they were unaware of the incident ... but would be looking into it.

Fat Mike told TMZ, "I confirmed that urine was not classified as a biohazard waste and not subject to the risks of legal ramifications of blood, semen, or feces."


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Cokie best get himself a bullet proof vest.

Hypothetically speaking...

1675 days ago


Anyone dumb enough to consume anything this guy was handing out deserves to drink piss. In my opinion any fan of his deserves to eat $hit! Dumb @$$es!

1675 days ago


Pop punk is great music you guys.

1675 days ago


That's digusting...and why are they still cheering??!!
Dumbasses...yeah but we're the crazy ones?!?

1675 days ago


He needs to get his ass kicked

1675 days ago


Bahahaha, everyone needs to stop being p***ys about this. This is what punk rock is all about! Those people didn't go to the show expecting some Disney b***s***. If you guys knew NoFX, you'd know that this is typical Fat Mike antics.

Good job Fat Mike :)

1675 days ago


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! x10!!! hahahaha


1675 days ago


That is absolutely disgusting. I actually used to be a fan of NOFX about 8 years ago. I haven't really listened to them since though. I guess some people feel the only way to get attention, whether it be positive or negative, is shock value. I would hope their fans would be just as repulsed by this disrespectful act.

1674 days ago


"Uh, actually, its not that we dont have the "balls"... we are civilized human beings. End of story."

well then what exactly does it mean to be 'Civilized'? It's really only a word thrown around just make us feel we're better than others and to allow us to frown upon things we dont agree with, things we feel are "Uncivilized".
things like Fat Mike watering down alcohol by urinating in it, and when you REALLY break it down, it was only a practical joke, a gross one at that, that harmed NOBODY. it wont kill you, drinking urine, let alone alcohol slightly watered down by someone's urine. its only us as a society frowns upon the very thought of it, when if anything, the alcohol probably has a more negative effect on a person's personal health than the small amount of urine did.

1674 days ago


o jeez, love NOFX but glad I wasn't @ that show. Such is life I guess. Punk on!

1674 days ago


ROCK ON FAT MIKE!!!!! Screw all you haters and I hope someone pisses in your drinks soon!!! (Maybe it'll be me!!!!!) If you don't like then don't listen, if you don't wanna see then don't look and if you don't wanna drink piss BUY YOUR OWN DRINKS!!!!! I would take a piss patron shot at a NOFX show over all the crapptastic music that is being shoved down our throats anyday off the week... LUVS IT!!!!!!! NOFX FTW!!!!!

1674 days ago

Lori meyers    

Well blow me down, HE'S MORE PUNK THAN ME! AH ga gagagaga

1674 days ago


Pure Genius!!!

1674 days ago


thats y we called punks foolz

1674 days ago


Thank YOU, Mike for putting the spunk back in punk. You rock, most of these jerk-wads that complain think that NOFX is a rip-off of Blink182, when in fact the opposite is true and those phoney-punk fakers should have to bow down and lick some of that tequila off your nut sack.

You Rock (but no, you can't buy me a drink!)

1674 days ago
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