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Jennifer Aniston

Nice Butler

3/29/2010 1:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official ... Jennifer Aniston has been Butlered.

As Gerard Butler and Jen struck poses from the front, an enterprising photog got the real story from behind.

The pics were taken on the Seine River in Paris, during their tour hawking "The Bounty Hunter."

Looks like the hunter caught his prey.


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HOT HOT HOT lol. HOW FUNNY! This is no stunt because they didn't know who was behind them. I loved it! Feels so good-I'll bet they've had GREAT sex.

1672 days ago


Let's all act shocked that Butler is sticking his finger up Aniston's ass in public. NOT. Puh-leeze. These two have been doing it for months and lying about it. Nobody cares if they're friends with bennies but lying about it was just stupid. And if they really haven't been getting horizontal then why didn't Aniston bat Butler's had away? She's a great big skank and always has been. After all - this is the woman who admitted to sleeping with Brad Pitt on their first date...which was a blind date. She's also the woman who stole Tate Donovan away from his pregnant fiancee - who then had a miscarriage due to the stress of Donovan running off with Aniston. Aniston pretends to be a good two-shoes but everybody in Hollywood knows she spreads 'em quick and fast. It's just hilarious to see her get caught in public with a finger up her ass. She's had more than that up there!

1672 days ago


She's not a victim here, but what he's doing right there is a warning in itself. Not saying that he's a bad guy or anything, but let's just say he's a pro in more ways than one, and appears to be somewhat of a magnet when it comes to the ladies. Speaking of, he himself has admitted that he's no angel, and only a few weeks ago, in his own words: "There’s no smoke without fire. But here’s the thing: While they’re accusing me of that, I’ve probably been off somewhere else doing damage with someone else. I’m pretty smart like that." Can't hate 'em though - they're living the life.

1672 days ago


How tacky. He is acting like a horny teenager who hasn't been slapped silly by his girlfriend for the first time, so he doesn't realize it is downright tacky to act that way in public.

1672 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

Jen Aniston will never find happiness.The woman is stuck on Brad Pitt and the past.She is so sorry for not going along with Brad to start a family is really coloring her life in every way.I hope her and Gerald make it and are happy together.They deserve it.But it is really a long shot.Brad was her first love and she screwed it up and is so very sorry for it.

1672 days ago


She needs sex rehab ASAP!
A real pathetic low down whore.
If someone tried to do anything like that to me,
I'd punch him in the eye!
She is desperate, a lonely loser in spite of her money & fame.
This is the lowest she has ever groveled.
She needs sex rehab ASAP!

1672 days ago


I suspect a ruse. After all, according to this source, Jen is actually romancing a new man:

1672 days ago


How about a "two skanks swapping STDs" option on the poll?

1672 days ago


I really dont think thats them there is no front shot.
And the little pictures prove nothing cause Butler wears a hat like that sometimes that is not him and the color is different

1672 days ago


Her thing is she needs to be debased.
Maybe Tiger can go and pee on her.
That is her speed.
She went low before but this just is the lowest.

1672 days ago

Poor thang!    

Stunt or "love", it's still extremely disrespectful! I showed this to my husband and said if you EVER do that to me in public...!! Where is the line drawn with these people??? If it's not them then STILL shame on them! Him for doing it and her for allowing it!

1672 days ago


looks like some fans were taking pics and he was trying to make her laugh. she has her freakin clothes on people...big deal his finger is touching her fully clothed ass crack. he probably had never guessed some paps were behind them and the other pics taken from the front were not even taken from the samed source at that time...who really cares!!!!

1672 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

She got plenty of golden showers from JohnM, so this is nothing. And Brad was not her first love, she said he was not even the love of her life. She likes sex, so what. Some seem to have thought she was asexual. This about a woman who sleeps with blind dates on the first nite and tells Letterman on air, this from a woman who lets a man give her the heave on TMZ and then takes him back for more golden showers. Get real Gerry is just giving her what they both want.

1672 days ago


Why are so many people upset at what two single people are doing. Who is it hurting? At least neither are married and doing inappropriate things in public. Plus who told any of you that at 40 you stop wanting sex. Let her make her own decision its her body.

1672 days ago


Since when is having sex with your HUSBAND wrong? Yes they were married! I love how you pin this photo yet again against AJ to give jen another free pass. Get real and quit bring AJ up.

1672 days ago
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