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Elementary School 'Scarface' -- It Ain't Real

3/30/2010 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

That hysterical (or horrifying) version of "Scarface" making the rounds with grade school kids playing all the parts and spewing the f-word..."fudge" -- yeah, it's not an actual school play.


Instead, it's the work of director Marc Klasfeld and Rockhard Films who did the videos for Lady Gaga's "Pokerface" and Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment." It was produced in L.A. within the last few weeks and the audience members were a mix of cast family members, colleagues and friends.

As for Lil' Tony and his co-stars, they were selected through a casting agent known for finding child actor look-alikes for adult stars.

The fake scar was a nice touch.


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That was cringe worthy. WTF. Who in their right mind would let their kids do that?

1667 days ago


Did not care for that at all. I wonder how the directors and parents think that this is a good idea.

1667 days ago


not proud of myself, but i laughed

1667 days ago


Oh well, as long as it wasn't a school play, that makes it appropriate...NOT!

1667 days ago


What is wrong with you people get the stick out of you a** it was a play, get real you people have nothing better to do than rag on little kids who was clearly having fun whit the skit, i guess you would rather your kids be out on the playground re enacting scarface than to do it with adult supervision... Bravo, alittle sense of humor goes a long way a__holes!

1667 days ago


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1667 days ago


I knew this was too clever to be just an ordinary school play. Anyone who protests...unless you do NOT have a TV in your house, you do NOT allow your kids to play with video games or toy guns, you are a hypocrite. This should go down as one of the most amazing statements on parenting in the 21st Century ever. Its right there on a stage and people get upset, yet it's going on in everyone's homes and they don't care? Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!

1667 days ago

Happy Tinfoil Cat    

Loved it! I KNEW their acting was too good to be from just random kids.

1667 days ago

Non Parent    

Grow up America it was set up and "Actors" were hired. These kids got paid. This is Awesome, it made people think! Let me guess, when you take your kids to the museum to see fine art, do you cover their eyes when there is a nude painting? When the news comes on, do you change the channel? When they go over their friends house do you monitor their every move with a "Nanny Cam"? Parents need a reality check every once in a while. Great job, to those that produced this and forced you to think. SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

1667 days ago


I hope they were sent to bed without any supper.

1667 days ago


there's no such thing as fake
movies are fake, plays are fake. So you're saying its a fake fake. At the end this is still a "Real" play or rather, just a play put on by kids. THey had to rehearse it the same way they would've rehearsed it had it been "real" or "Fake". The parents and family attended like they were watching their kid's performance.

Staged?? Come on! Yes it was perform on a stage. But really there is nothing fake about this.

Its awesome!!

1667 days ago


Ok, so now we all know who was responsible. The next step is charging the adults with child abuse. It's sick if you think it's ok to subject children to adult themes. Just because it wasn't done in a school doesn't negate the fact that it's totally wrong.

1667 days ago


It doesn't matter if it was really a school play or not. Obviously it wasn't because they would lose their funding! They were still children saying stuff like "Fudge you tony!" and "You son of a B" and killing eachother. How is that at all ok?! They accomplished what they wanted though. They got attention. Don't know if it's worth it. Shame on the parents for allowing that!

1667 days ago


I'm assuming the children watched the original to know how to play their parts. How low will the parents stoop to have their little one become a celebrity. The parents need to be hauled before a judge for a good ass chewing.

1666 days ago


It was funny, but I didn't think it was real.

Reminds me of 'Li'l 9/11' from the show 'Human Giant'...

1666 days ago
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