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Jesse James in Arizona Rehab

3/31/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A member of the medical team at a Tucson rehab facility tells TMZ Jesse James is a patient there.

The facility -- Sierra Tucson -- specializes in drug, alcohol and sex addiction, as well as other disorders. TMZ broke the story last night.

Multiple law enforcement sources have told TMZ when a CHP officer stopped Jesse last Friday on the 10 Freeway near Blythe, CA. -- for driving without a front license plate and driving with tinted windows -- James told the officer he was going to Arizona to try to save his marriage to Sandra Bullock.

We have now learned from our law enforcement sources that James was specific -- that he was going to a rehab facility in Tucson.

A TMZ producer called Sierra Tucson and spoke with a therapist, who told us Jesse was at the facility and in fact had a 6 PM treatment Tuesday night.

Jesse's rep acknowledged he's in rehab.


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Gimme a break. JUST KEEP IT IN YOUR DAMN PANTS. You're not a sex addict, you're a piece of crap cheater.

1677 days ago


Being a healthcare professional, I can tell you that it is against Federal HIPPA law for any provider of care to breach the privacy of any patient. If they do, there is a minimum $25,000 fine. If TMZ did get this information, I hope they paid well as this "therapist" should be fired. ANY so-called therapist knows not to talk so while I love TMZ, I seriously question the accuracy of this information. If he is there, than good for him - he needs help.

1677 days ago


James's Emblem for his cycle shop is a Nazi Iron Cross. This cross is the equilivent of the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor. As a Nam vet this really sucks and is a insult to all Veterans of the U.S. Since Vets are heavy into cycles I hope they understand this.

1677 days ago


There's no way Sandra is filing for divorce while he's in rehab. How'd that make her look? I'll be the first one to predict she stays with the poc.

1677 days ago


right-on mika: vasectomy/lobotomy=the same thing for this ugly pig.

hey jess, too little too late, little boy

1677 days ago


can we say copy cat. Please Sandra,once a cheater always a cheater. this is another game ppl play to get out of trouble. he is not doing it for himself. It will never work that way..

1677 days ago


The therapist shouldn't be giving out that information! That is a HIPPA violation. It's against the law. No matter what Jesse James did, he should have a right to confidientiality just like any other patient.

1677 days ago


Yes, definitely a violation of patient privacy laws. But that aside, enough with the medicalization of character deficiencies. The guy is a bum and there's no pill for that condition.

1677 days ago


Oh BROTHER!!!! (Insert HUMONGOUS eyeroll here.) No, don't tell me, let me guess. Jesse got to have his cake and eat it too (so to speak) and now he wants to win back his wife and/or public support by running off to "rehab" and being "cured" after 2 weeks. Right? And don't forget the obligatory "apology." Right. Should be a script to a lame porno movie by now, if it isn't already.

1677 days ago


run and hid little boy jesse. so we don't hear your whiny voice: "mommie the paps are steppin' on my property!" "mommie make them get off my property." "i'm not gettin' my T and A mommie; i'm gonna have a tantrum and paint a pap's car." booo hooo; i'll hide in rehab so everyone will think i'm all big and grown up now.

1677 days ago


Enough with the sex rehab!! These people are only trying to clean up their image with supposedly "getting help". They are just dogs...plain and simple!!

1677 days ago


Ok, first of all this story is a pack of lies. Bull***t! Second, let's break it down. Michelle Mcgee is a pathological liar..she says she Amish and doesn't speak with her family. How come on her twitter she talked about going to visit her family last August and drinking the best white russian's with her dad? She puts a quote on her twitter that says "a lie gets half way round the world before it gets it's pants on!". I think something went on between her and Jesse but, it's not all she makes it out to be. You can't believe anything she says. Lastly, if Sandra wants to work it out with her husband she can and will and it's nobody's business. And Harvey quit having your stalkeratzis making up sh**!

1677 days ago


whos got more wood ? Tiger or Jizzy James

1677 days ago


How typical...Why is it whenever one of these Hollyweird losers gets themselves into a mess, whatever it is, the first thing they do is check themselves into rehab somehwere to work on their "issues"...What a joke...This James slime is a pig, and the faster that Ms. Bullock divorces him, the better.

1677 days ago


WOW!!! Business is booming at sex rehabs during this economic downturn.

1677 days ago
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