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The 'Lost' Diary -- The Package

3/31/2010 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LostWelcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. I have quarantined myself tonight because I have an awful cough and cold. Sucks, but let's roll ...

9:01 -- We're watching the Not Locke crew gathered on the beach through some sort of surveillance video. Meanwhile Not Locke is trying to have a chit-chat with Jin.

9:02 -- Not Locke says the only way they can leave the island is if all the candidates go together. Here's to hoping -- again -- that this is the week they reunite Jin and Sun.

9:03 -- Jin and Sun are back at the airport and Jin won't be getting his $25,000 back from security. One time, the TSA guy took my iced tea and wouldn't give it back. This is like that ... just multiplied by like 25,000.

9:04 -- Oh no!!! Jin and Sun aren't married in the flash-sideways? Is there no God?

9:05 -- Sayid and I are going through the same thing right now. He feels like shit because he is possessed by some sort of dark spirit -- and I spent last weekend in Las Vegas. Roughly the same feeling.

9:06 -- I hate it when I am trying to talk to my friend about my other dead friend who is possessed by some sort of spirit that can change into a deadly smoke monster ... and then we all get hit by tranquilizer darts. Sucks.

9:09 -- "Unless Alpert's covered in bacon grease, I'm not sure Hurley can track anything." -- Miles

9:10 -- Sun's tomato garden -- ah, the memories.

9:11 -- Sun's not really into the whole "candidate" thing.

9:12 -- Ok, well Jin and Sun are not married ... but they still got a little something something going on.

9:13 -- Not Locke is chatting with Sun. Do you think he walked all the way across the island or do you think he took the Black Smoke Express?

9:14 -- Run Sun, Run.

9:19 -- Ok, so Sun is running away and Not Locke is going after her on foot. Seems like the perfect time to be able to turn into a black cloud of smoke.

9:20 -- Sun is trying to convince Jin to run away with her -- and shockingly this is taking some convincing.

9:21 -- Keemy is back again. I wish this guy would just die already.

9:22 -- Not Locke has returned to his camp to find everyone unconscious. He does not look happy.

9:23 -- Jin looks like he is being held in the room Karl was being held in back in the day. That's not fun. (He just flipped the switch -- yeah, same room).

9:24 -- Zoe wants Jin to help Team Widmore.

9:27 -- "No, cause that would be ridiculous." -- Sawyer

9:32 -- Keemy is happy with the watch and all ... but he really had his heart set on the $25,000. There is something about the sound of his voice that annoys the shit out of me.

9:34 -- Whoa, it's the crazy Russian guy, Mikhail. Man, the flash-sideways are a small world.

9:35 -- Keemy is willing to let Sun go to the bank to get the money. I thought he'd be a lot dumber about the whole thing.

9:36 -- "She hits her head ... and forgets English?" -- Miles. Yes, that seems to be what happened.

9:37 -- Not Locke has made his way to the other island and they are shooting at him -- but they have erected an anti-Smoke Monster fence.

9:38 -- "A wise man once said war is coming to this island. I think it just got here." -- Not Locke

9:41 -- Richard is back and he's taking charge.

9:42 -- Sun just gave a really impassioned speech ... that no one understood. But she stormed off at the end, so they got the point.

9:43 -- Uh oh. Not only does Sun not have the money ... but her dad is the one who closed the account. That's not good.

9:44 -- Uh oh part 2. That $25,000 was for Keemy to kill Jin. Luckily we all know how this ends, otherwise I might be a tad worried.

9:45 -- "Some people just aren't meant to be together." -- Keemy. Foreshadowing, anyone?

9:46 -- Widmore wants Zoe to retrieve "the package." Has to be Desmond, right?

9:47 -- Interesting choice of words from Widmore -- he says if Not Locke gets off the island, everyone they know and love would "cease to be." He didn't say "die." Interesting.

9:48 -- "It's a who." -- Widmore. Here we go.

9:54 -- Mikhail and Sun have returned to find everyone dead or at least close.

9:55 -- Mikhail and Jin are battling it out in the kitchen and I can't help but think that either Jin or Sun is going to die.

9:56 -- Sun's shot, but I think she'll be ok.

9:58 -- Jack is promising he'll get Jin and Sun off the island. I feel like a few times a season Jack promises to get people off the island.

9:59 -- "I don't like secrets." -- Not Locke. Well then you're on the wrong show, pal.

10:00 -- "Let's go, Mr. Hume." -- Random guy

So the question we're left with is -- why is Desmond so important? I have a few ideas.

But I'll start with a question -- why was Desmond on the island in the first place? His boat crashed during that race he was on, right? Right? Knowing what we know now, do you think that's true? And by true I mean ... is that all there is to it?

If Jacob "brought" the Black Rock to the island -- and Oceanic 815 -- what's to say he didn't "bring" Desmond? The question is why.

Desmond seems to be some sort of bridge between our two worlds -- the island and the flash-sideways. I am not sure how or why, but the fact that he wasn't on Oceanic 815 before and he is "now" always stood out like a sore thumb.

I don't know how it all comes together, but I think Desmond plays a huge role in bringing the two time lines together somehow.

Can't say I enjoyed the episode a ton. It kept me interested throughout, but as per usual lately the whole episode was telegraphed. You knew Jin would be fine and you knew the big reveal at the end was going to be The Package (and we all had a pretty good guess it was Desmond). "Lost" has been a little too predictable for my tastes this season.

I give this episode a C because I always love Jin and Sun. And how's this for a "Lost" fun fact, courtesy of Lostpedia: This is the first time since the Season 3 finale that all credited main cast members have appeared in an episode, a 27-episode gap.

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This show is turning into a big root canal. VERY DISSAPOINTED! I WANT MY LIFE BACK, CANCEL LOST

1632 days ago


Have you noticed in each flash sideway there is a point where each of the characters look into a mirror very quizzically? Like they are seeing something for the 1st time or unsure of what they are seeing.

1632 days ago


#16, pk...if you don't like LOST, don't watch it. Nobody is making you take time out of your precious life to watch it.

1632 days ago


J Ums..... great! I like that theory!

1632 days ago


I liked this episode, didn't love it though. I must have been the only one in the universe that is LOST that didn't realize Desmond was the "package". I thought Daniel Faraday would be the important person on Widmore's sub. Oh well. I was wrong. I can admit it. I still feel Jacob & MIB are playing a game of chess and our "islanders" are the pieces being played. Love your recap!!! So freaking hilarious! Keep it up.

1632 days ago


Any chance Jin and Sun's daughter could be the Kwon candidate?

Desmond is for sure a big part and that was very interesting what someone said about all of the characters going to the hospital. Also interesting about the way they look at themselves in the mirror.

NotLocke said Kate was no longer a candidate. When did that happen? We didn't see Austin on the ceiling of the cave but I was pretty sure her name was on the wheel in the lighthouse and I didn't think it was crossed off. At one point someone said there were 6 candidates I thought....was that before or after Kate was removed.

Is it just me or was that new information or did I miss it in another episode?

1632 days ago


I like Lupitas's line "Heyyyyy! Dont talk about bacon."

1632 days ago


I always like watching lost no matter what happens in the video. I had no idea Desmond was going to be the package. I started thinking it was going to be Jin and Suns little girl. Good episode.Even though I wish Syide (Sp) would come back to us. My favorite person on the show.

1632 days ago


Comment # 13 J. Ums....I like your style...You should be writing this for TMZ...I finally have a reason to look forward to another epi to see who else is going to the hospital....Because so far season six is a BIG let down

1632 days ago


#20 It isn't a game of chess it's a game of backgammon. That's why Locke needs to get all of Jacob's people (or pieces) of the island (or board). That's also where the numbers come into play. Remember Locke and Walt playing Backgammon in Season 1?

1632 days ago


Ben and Whidmore are sworn enemies. Ben tried to kill Desmond and tried to bring all of the candidates back to the Island. Now we know that Whidmore is on the good side, and that the MIB needed all of the candidates back on the Island so that they could leave together. Looks like Ben has been working for the MIB all along. Am I wrong here?

1632 days ago


I'm starting to have a very bad feeling about this season.

Things better start moving/tying up some loose ends or I am going to be SERIOUSLY pissed. There HAS to be a payoff here.



1632 days ago



@J Um

I think you're on the right track. Thanks for the post! =)

1632 days ago


not only do they look in the mirror in flash sideways, BUT sinces season ONE, episdoe one, every episode has someone seeking or drinking water. i know that is werid. but WATER is a Huge part of each episode.

1632 days ago


not only do they look in the mirror in flash sideways, BUT sinces season ONE, episdoe one, every episode has someone seeking or drinking water. i know that is werid. but WATER is a Huge part of each episode.

Wow, I dont know if it means anything, but I never thought of are right!

1632 days ago
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