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Dr. Conrad Murray: 'I'm Hanging On by a Thread'

4/1/2010 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray: 'I'm Hanging On by a Thread'Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer filed legal papers today pleading with the judge in his criminal case not to yank his medical license, because he needs it to pay for his defense.

Murray's lawyers are responding to the State Attorney General's motion, asking the judge to suspend his medical license as a condition to bail.

Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, says his client was in financial hot water before Michael Jackson's death and is now, "without fear of overstatement, hanging on by a thread."

Murray believes if the judge suspends his license, Texas and Nevada will follow suit and the doctor won't be able to make the money required to mount a defense. We're now told Chernoff will be earning some sort of fee, and Murray is also responsible for expert witness fees and other trial-related expenses.


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Gone too soon    

I´d feel much more respect for the Doctor if he faced up to what he did and admitted to being reckless. Michael begged him (probably commanded him) to give him Propofol - maybe he told him he´d get fired unless he obeyed - and Murray fell for it. If Murray at least had told the truth he would definitely look better. But right now he is turning everyone against him with his whining and claiming he did nothing wrong.

So exactly WHY should we feel sorry for this man....?

1633 days ago


is that his off "experts"....experts at what??? using thier expertise to manipulate and confuse or give their expert opinions that were bought with the defendant's is that ethical...if you have enough money, guess the courts just continue to allow the corruption to happen - doesnt seem like justice is ever cared about and truly sought after talks, money = surprise. this wont be any different than other cases if it goes to trial....sick of it

1633 days ago


Pray brother, pray...Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil... you get the point.

Justice for MJ!

1633 days ago


Since when do wittiness"s get paid in a trail?? I know I don't watch much TV but this is new to me. Wouldn't that be kind of bias if you were being paid to be a wittiness, is that even legal?

1633 days ago


ya proably ain't going to print this but I think the sob outa be hangin from a rope & not a thread.

1633 days ago

a fan    

This guy is not going to lose his license or do any significant jail time for killing MJ. And Wesley Snipes is going to jail for 3 years for tax evasion.

1633 days ago


I Love Michal Jackson So Much
He Was The Best,Most Wonderful
Man On Earth My Life Is Empty
With Out MJ, I Hope Murray
Has His Goldfish Taken Away.

1633 days ago


Is there a petition to sign to have the Doc's license revoked? anybody out there know?

1633 days ago


'I'm Hanging On by a Thread'

Would't "I'm hanging by a thread" be correct???

1633 days ago


Now where did i put my scissors?????????

1633 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Oh yea,shit take his credientials. WTF happened to innocent until proven guilty. The system blows.

1633 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray Killed My Best Friend
MJ Loved The World, I Miss Him So Much
When Murray Gets To Prison They Will
Get Him And Poor MJ's Kids I Cry
Every Night About Them...Sniff Sniff
....R.I.P. MJ

1633 days ago


BOO HOO!!! Cry me an F-in river! I am supposed to feel bad for this jerk not being able to afford high-end attorney's to get him out of a murder convictio, Whaaaaaa! You can get a public defender like the rest of us jerk off!!!!!!!!!!!

1633 days ago


Murray Should have thought about that before he Murdered a Patient, and Should have paying his bills from 1997 he was/is a LOSER. LET HIM GO AND WORK AT Construction or any other job he does not qualify to be a Doctor he gives ETHICAL Doctors a bad name

1633 days ago


I COULD feel some sympathy for him if he owned up to what he did. But as long as he (his lawyers) are out there saying that he "did nothing wrong", I CAN`T.
Sorry, Murray.

1633 days ago
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