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Sandra Bullock Heads to Michael Jackson's Block

4/1/2010 1:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It appears Sandra Bullock is officially on the move ... as in driving on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood through Beverly Hills.

It looks like Sandra left her house Wednesday around 6pm. She was wearing a big green sun hat that was covering her face. A bodyguard and an assistant blocked her -- with the help of several trusty umbrellas -- as she exited the house through the garage and got into a waiting car.

Sandra got in the backseat of a black Mercedes and the driver whisked her away.

Sandra just pulled into a house ... on the same street where Michael Jackson died.


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Pls stop following her ! Pls leave her alone.....seriously, she's under enough stress already !

1674 days ago


Are you stalking the woman or something??? Leave her alone, jeeze.

1674 days ago


This story sounds like out right stalking.

She left her house, she's wearing a hat she's looking at a house on the street where MJ died.

Are you serious?

1674 days ago


I don't understand why these celebs with 5 & 10 million dollar homes, don't have a garage attached to there house so they don't have to hide behind hats & big glasses & what ever when they leave. People should just leave her alone, she is dealing with so much right now. She seems like a strong woman, so she will be ok after she gets rid of Jesse!!

1674 days ago


Is`nt based on hollywood`s press mill PRBSSS@@iiiiiiii@@iiiiiiiiiiiii@@iiiiiiiiiiiiiii@@i`s

1674 days ago


um, MJ is buried in Glendale at Forest Lawn. It's not MJ's block, besides he was RENTING that place. Neverland (which was MJ's) isn't near there. QUIT BOTTOM FEEDING by TAGLINING with MJ. You wanna talk about MJ let's talk about Conrad Murray, follow his King of Pop killing ass around for a while....

1674 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

WTF TMZ....You guys stalking now (more than normal) that you are chasing them down to see where they go. NOT SO HOT that Jessie got away and in another state with out you tailing him. HUMMM Can you say Princess Diana REPEAT. Dont misunderstand we like being kept up on things celebs do BUT damn come on you dont have to chase them down across LA county. History proves that puts them and other at risk. LEAVE SANDY THE F^$& ALONE. OR have you forgot SHE IS the victim here ASSHOLES

1674 days ago


its EASTER WEEK and almost Good Friday. you reporters/photogs should be worrying about your souls, NOT Sandra Bullock!! here is an idea: Go visit a church, go to Lenten services, buy your Easter bonnet, get a HAM!!!! this story will be here NEXT WEEK!!

1674 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

Michael Jackson? Did someone say Michael Jackson? I love Michael Jackson!!!! When are you coming back baby? :)

1674 days ago


You are sooooo far off! "Grab my bible"...I'm an atheist -- goes to show --- don't judge a person by their cover (botox or otherwise)... Judge lest not ye be judged is friggin' common sense!

Everyone, once, twice or more like a billion times in their lives are hypocrits!!! But that doesn't mean that we need to publicly criticize them for being so...we are all "human"!!! "To err is human, to forgive, divine"!!!

1674 days ago


Kinda wish some media members would stop calling this whole mess the "Sandra Bullock Cheating Scandal." She didn't do the cheating -- her husband did. It makes it look like it's all her fault.

1674 days ago


Sandra just took a dump!!!!!!!

1674 days ago


I think if she just made a statement about her situation, the paps would back off, a little at least... She hasn't acknowledged nothing which I think she should because she is a public figure, thats the life she chose, it goes with the job....

1674 days ago


What are we on Sandra watch now?!

1674 days ago


"E! News has learned that the actress was leaving the home of Beverly Hills-based investment manager and longtime Bullock family friend Gabriel Brener." It's time to play, hide the money from Jesse. Sandra has about 85 million, and needs to take up a Swiss banking account so she can hide most of her millions from Jesse. Say you went to Vegas, and lost most of your money. (Hide the cash under the mattress) Get the divorce, and give Jesse his few dollars left, and accidentally find the cash, and everybody's looking pretty.

1674 days ago
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