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Jesse James -- 'Broken Man'

4/2/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is a "broken man" who is trying desperately to save his marriage, according to his lawyer.

Attorney Joe Yanny says, "This whole thing has destroyed Jesse's entire universe. Right now, he's a broken man."

Yanny says Jesse is still in love with Sandra Bullock and, "The single most important thing to Mr. James and the children is that the marriage somehow survive."

As TMZ first reported, James is being treated at the Sierra Tucson rehab facility. Yanny cautions people not to assume the treatment is for sex addiction.


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Sniff, sniff. He couldn't help it (sniff), it's an illness( sniff sniff). Give the poor guy a sniff a break!! (sniff sniff)

1664 days ago


A broken man? More like a broken d!@k.

1664 days ago


SEX ADDICTION is B*ll$h*t! You Cheated. you got knew what you were doing....I hope she leaves your A**! You and Sandra bullock together used to be such a great story!!! I hope she leaves your dumb a**! Cry me a River!!!!!

1664 days ago


Broken? Hello the only ones i feel for sandra and his kids why in the hell on the earth will he cheat low with trailer nazi trash or any trash for that matter shes a real lowlife shank.I dont think no one should cheat while they are married,but its happens its life if that the case don`t get married.sandra is classy beautiful why would she lower her standard with this low life "glorified "grease monkey she could have done so much better yes hes broken alright listen up jesse james!!! YOU SLEEP WITH DOGS YOU WAKE UP WITH FLEAS!!! ARE IN THIS CASE FLEAS AND EVERY OTHER STDS YOU CAN IMAGINE WITH WHO? WHATS? THAT NASTY LOOKING TATOO WOMAN`S NAME? "MCNASTY MICHELLE MCGEE?".God know she look like a walking DIRT BAG,and shes ugly .Jesse you must of been stoned off your rockers for that lowlife.

1664 days ago


JESSE destroyed Jesse's entire universe, the JERK! The gal TMZ got on camera the other evening said it right, there is no such thing as sex addiction, and she should know.

Also WHO in their right mind would take him back? Just look at his choices in "other" ummm ska.. women.

1664 days ago


Awe he's a broken man, so sorry to hear this. Does the baby need his bottle and no I'm not talking about a woman giving him a hummer in a strip club. pathetic!

1664 days ago


Post #32 Dollbaby. Right on 100%! It is a recreational sport to alot of men & women & they honestly do not understand where all the pain is coming from----until they get caught & they are the ones in pain, but their pain is not for the right reasons.

1664 days ago


Excellent remarks from dollbaby #32, Tina #36 & Robyn #40. I just wonder how many men out there that are praising Jesse for his "all men cheat, get over it" beliefs would be singing the same song if it were their wife, daughter or mothers. I wish one had the guts to truthfully write their feeling on that.

A few of the men [I know two] who are calling Jesse's women whores are cheating on their own wives and think that is OK. The ones that they are cheating with are no better than Jesse's women, but they don't see that because it is with them. Silly men. One of their wives found out this week and he is crying up a storm, same as Jesse. I just laughed in his face.

1664 days ago


Jesse is a broken man because he got caught. This guy cannot be cured. I suggest that Sandra divorces him and if in the future he demonstrates that he has changed his cheating ways, then they can get remarried. He has disturbing habits. Dog fighting, sluts, hookers and nazi issues. I am supprised that Child Services hasn't intervened after hearing about all of this.

1664 days ago


Jesse has always told close friends that his marriage to Sandra was a mistake. She is not really his type.

1664 days ago

blue skies    

when u see pictures u see that hes always like pushing his head back when shes hugging him. uhm does that say something? shes awsome defenetely needs to be with someone who is better than jesse and actually appreciates her.

1664 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

At the end of the day, his children have biological mothers who should be held accountable and responsible for their primary care not Sandra Bullock. What happened in Sandra's own childhood to cause her to want to rescue this guy and participate in his dysfunctional family life? She does not have children with this man and should be proceeding with a legal separation and then divorce when he's back at work and helping those mothers raise their children. If this guy "loved" the woman who became his babysitter and mother, he would have been showing up on her movie sets instead of whoring with the scum of the world. Let's face it...Jesse James has been using Sandra Bullock to rescue his life and be a babysitter to his children.

1664 days ago


Jesse is 'broken' and not a 'broken man' which are 2 completely different things. The reason Jesse is 'broken' is that he is not able to function within societal norms which was the case well before his cheating on Sandra came out. Jesse has been 'broken' ever since I can remember and I believe his 'treatment' is a waste of time and money. But at least he's supporting the economy.

I only hope when Jesse turns over the $60K check for his treatment he has to put it in someone's palm that has a tatoo reading 'PAY UP SUCKER.'

Jesse, you may have money but you're a loser at life and likely will always be.

1664 days ago


Ewww He is so gross looking. I can't Belive anyone would have wanted him and most of all to have all these women coming out. poor sandra, Always thoght she was too good for him... Run Girl, run...

1664 days ago


Angel77 #54. That really is not true. Jesse always told his friends that Sandy was his ideal. He would always get mad, even at his employees after she left the garage, if they looked at her in ways he did not appreciate. Jesse would never permit anything bad to be said about Sandra by anyone, ever. It was like she was his property and he wanted to always protect her. His whores were never permitted to even be around or meet his children. [which is why we knew that slut "Boomshell McGee" lied when she said she 'bonded' with Sunni] Deep down Jesse always knew he shouldn't have married Sandra because she was so far above him in class and morals -- but, he would be the first to say that he truly loved her and his kids -- as much as Jesse can love anything human. From one who's brother is there.

1664 days ago
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