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Tiger's Teacher: You Owe Me an Apology

4/2/2010 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' kindergarten teacher has something in common with his wife Elin Nordegren -- she's tired of his lies and she's not gonna take it anymore!

Gloria Allred

Maureen Decker, alongside her trusty attorney Gloria Allred, just finished her presser, re-iterating that she believes Tiger's tale of childhood racism never happened. She wants a personal apology, saying, "I am asking Tiger for a private and public apology to put my mind at ease and set the record straight."

Tiger WoodsMs. Decker also said she was suffering from migraines and elevated blood pressure as a result of this ordeal ... and colitis.


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Correction: Gloria Allred is not a famed attorney.
Rather, she is infamous for being a lying whore, having mental problems and being a blackmailer.
In any event, Tiger's story is a complete lie, I know this to be a fact.
Well, Gloria?

1667 days ago

Caden Canyon    

Don't sleep w/ married men, (((W H O R E)))! You *knew* who he was and you *knew* his family situation. Slut.

1667 days ago


I can't believe that 1. Allred went to school for as long as she did to become an attorney, just to waste her life on this trash and 2. that now Tiger's fking kindergarten teacher is trying to cash in on this media circus. I think Tiger is a waste of marital space, however even he doesn't deserve all this additional bogus crap. Allred gives lawyers a bad name. Whatever happened to the dignity that came along with a law degree? Geesh.

1667 days ago



who cares !!!!

1667 days ago


I really can't believe she said she was as DARK as Tiger after being on a beach for 3 months. That in itself is one of the most racist things I've heard. Lets keep in mind this was also 1981 and times were different. Teachers definitely were not held accountable as much as they are today.

1667 days ago

Chris K    

Another person riding the 15 minute wave.....
Don’t you think that Gloria’s credibility has dropped to zero yet?

1667 days ago


Love the part when Gloria Alred said while reading the back of the movie " Oh it mentions the Master's what a coincidance"

AHHH ha ha ha

Before that the teacher said migrains and high bllood pressure, collitus and more from this. Like at age 69 she didn't already have some of those things. GET REAL.

1667 days ago


Now this is too funny. Tiger gas given this woman Colitis.

1667 days ago


Another gold digger . Migraine headache what a JOKE

1667 days ago


come on now this old bag just came out after all these years . why didnt she have anything to say in '05 after the book came out. strange that with all the press on Tiger as of late this old bag gets Gloria to represent her, what a waste. Tiger never mentioned her by name or anything so take a hike little ol lady from pasadena. next she will say she was #14 of the women he had an afair with, ha ha ha

1667 days ago


Tiger tells a lot of lies. He's probably pathological. That story about being tied to the tree is the most outrageous one of all. The news would have been all over that--it would have been a national story for weeks and everybody would remember it. Tiger is a very strange dude to make up such a stupid story that is so easily proven untrue. What is wrong with this creep?

1667 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I think one of the reasons so many people are enjoying the difficult time that Tiger is having is because we all know someone just like him...a fake, lying poser who uses people. Today's news conference just shows another example of what a dick he really is, and always has been. It is great that it has finally come out-and this is just more evidence. To fuck with the reputation of your own Kindergarten teacher? You are witnessing PROOF that there IS such a thing as KARMA.

1667 days ago


I think MS. Allred needs to be checked for dementia. To even entertain these whackos is apalling.

1667 days ago


No wonder she's been married multiple times...a phallus larger than any man who has walked the earth.

This former teacher and all the relatives who helped her get aligned with this disgusting attorney...good luck! You (are) wanting money otherwise you would not have hired the biggest golddigging female attorney in the U.S. Poor children who were ever taught by either of these despicable women.

It is time for both Tiger Woods and Elin Woods to begin legally defending themselves as the "snake" will not rest until she absolutely destroyed the golfing prodigy (she has never once honored his innocent wife, children, or mother while legally extorting money for her low-class clients, including this non-professional teacher).

1667 days ago


The teacher in the bathroom looks like the hooker mistress!

This video isn't real - teachers would not leave a kids nose
like that and walk out. Sorry Tiger, you're a FRAUD.

1667 days ago
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