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Erin Andrews -- Sexual Emails Turned Violent

4/3/2010 1:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the emails targeting Erin Andrews were initially sexual and then turned extremely violent -- in one case the writer threatened to gun her down in L.A.

Sources say the emails to "The Dan Patrick Show" began September 16, 2009 -- the email that day was sexual in nature.

That email was followed by sexual emails on October 5, October 28, November 16, and December 2.

Beginning on March 14, the emails turned violent ... and continued on with two on March 29 and one on March 31.

The threatened violence escalated in each email.

There was yet another sexual email on March 22, in between the violent ones.

Many of the emails were sent during the criminal case of Erin's stalker, Michael David Barrett.

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FIRST! Because SOMEONE has to be!

1609 days ago


This story is so fishy, and I'll tell you why: an almost identical story has been reported about UK star, Cheryl Cole. Is someone desperately trying to generate publicity?

1609 days ago


Sept 09????

They should have been able to nail someone within 24hrs!!

1609 days ago


Maybe if they would have kept quiet about it and not make it public, it would stop. You're doing exactly what the sicko wants, attention.

1609 days ago


Dan Patrick---oh yeah the guy who walked away from a lucrative contract at a prime time radio slot at ESPN. Now doing some kind of after midnight gab fest on some Mutual broadcasting something or other radio station that no one, I mean no one listens to.

Why on earth would anyone send threats to a has been radio host on a hardly listened to radio slot?

Dan Patrick, the same guy who has publicly praised promoted and worshiped that drug using, woman abusing Michael Irvin---unbelievable hypocrisy this guy is.

Bet he knew all of Tigers antics over the years too and never once mumbled as much a whisper about him. And he and his want us to believe every word that leaves his radio lips? Hardly.

But maybe he's not crying wolf on this one about the threats. Maybe the FBI can find some dirt on him too while he worked at ESPN---the purveyor, enabler and employer of all things that are Cad like. I see Steve Phillips is about to land a new gig at a competitor.

1609 days ago


E-mails can be tracked. With that much evidence, someone should be in jail.

1609 days ago


Go away u bi#3h!

Sick of you and your body is lame. No one cares except you and your publicity hounds.

Oh, we saw her naked, ew. A million women have better bodies.

1609 days ago


Maybe it's dude. There are a lot of people on the TMZ forum who seem to have a sick hatred for this woman for some strange (read psychotic) reason.

1609 days ago


yes, if they would have kept quiet about it and not make it public, it would stop.Someone should be in jail when with enough evidence!

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1609 days ago


I have had enought of Erin Andrews, as a sports fan I think she is an ok sideline reporter, would she be there if she wasn't tall and blond? I doubt it very much....She is loving every second of this publicity that the media has given her. She is a FRAUD and is loving that sex video... Honestly would she be on DWS? She gives a bad name for women who want to suceed the honest way....
I hope Max plays her, like she is playing the public...

1609 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Leave her ALONE! Probably some jealous sick FUCK!

1609 days ago

Ms. X    

Now this ugly bitch should be arrested for us having seen her nude. I don't care if she was filmed through a hole. Leave gorgeous Eryka Badu alone.

1609 days ago


To Q: Before you post know what you are talking about. Dan Patrick's show is a morning/midday show (depending on the market), not a late night show. He also is simulcast on Direct TV. And plenty of people listen. He left ESPN so he could control his work schedule, not because of any type of ethics issues or whatever you are trying to insinuate. The radio station he is on in my market was actually bought out by ESPN, but they kept Patrick's show, despite the fact he doesnt work for ESPN anymore. They kept his show because it is easily the highest rated radio show on the station.

1609 days ago


To Maureen @ 11:00pm...I AGREE in spades!!!

I'm really & truly so very tired of Erin Andrews. She looooves the publicity. She sashays & struts around with that stupid ESPN mic in hand, what appears to be a "HEY! Everyone! Look at MEEEEE!!!!" Clearly, she loves to be looked at; her body language, facial expressions & posture say it all...And, please, someone tell me (cuz I REALLY want to know *eye roll*) what in the holy hell is up with her fashion sense, or lack thereof? As a professional whatever she is, she prances around looking like a Filene's Basement or Loehmann's $6.50 Everything Must Go Bin spokesmodel...

What's most annoying to me however is not her superficial way, but the FACT that she is a pure hypocrite! Thru & Thru...She threw herself all over the place in front of the news cameras (hmmm, a pattern here, perhaps?) when her "stalker" was sentenced whining how she felt "victimized" & he should be locked up forever & throw away the key, and blah blah blah...waaah, waah, waah...For disclosures sake, the guys who did tape her naked is a perv & what he did WAS wrong...HOWEVER, he did not stalk her, threaten her with bodily harm or whatever else dangerous, pervy, sick stalkers do...

And then, after all her whining & complaining about feeling "victimized", what does this TWO TIME Playboy "Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year" do? She puts on yet another eyeball burning yet SKIMPY dancy type get up to grind up on some guy on national television in "Dancing w/the Stars"!!! Stars? Stars? When did she accept that distinguished honor? I really missed that life changing memo; you know, it kind of resembles the morning after too much of the funky trippy stuff, telling yourself that 3rd bottle of Jaeger was going to put you down & doing the walk of shame all in a matter of 6 hours. Yea, THAT's the sick feeling Ms Andrews has the ability to bestow on me for all her victimization while doing the Cha-Cha. Awesome.

1609 days ago


FIRE her and replace her with a MALE commentator! I'm SICK of her DRAMA already! I want SPORTS, NOT some centerfold BIMBO! KICK her OFF the field! Women have NO place in a MALE dominated sport field!!!

1609 days ago
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