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Brian McKnight -- Undercover Father

4/5/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brian McKnight is paying child support on a 1-year-old boy bearing his name -- and his baby mama is using Kevin Federline's attorney to get her money.

Brian McKnight docs: Click to launch

McKnight was in court last week for a child support hearing over little Evan Brian McKnight. The mother, Miriam Moreno, hired Mark Vincent Kaplan, who repped K-Fed in his divorce from Britney Spears.

We don't know if there has been an official paternity test but seeing as the kid has the last name McKnight, and McKnight is paying up child support ... well, you figure it out.

A rep for McKnight had no comment.


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corey smith    


1632 days ago


Michelle McGee is beautiful... there is to many haters on here that sit in front of their computer eating potatoe chips calling her names.. Michelle is SEXY and I don't know her personally but I'd bet she would be fun to hang out with..

STOP THE SEAL HUNT.... i would like to see a person who clubs seals get clubbed himself, i wonder how he would like it... this world is always based on money. The reason they club them is because it is cheaper than using tranquilizer darts. Its always about the dollar sign.

Elin Nordegren... Your a terrible role model for people. Tiger Woods was blown his load all over different chicks all the time... and you are staying with him??? your a loser. You should have filed for divorce the minute he admitted to the stuff.

Micheal Jacksons face is friggn ugly.. ughhhh..

1632 days ago

Lenn K.    

CONDOM, why don't you guys learn?!!

1631 days ago


Ya gotta pay when ya play.

1631 days ago


Exclusive: Sarah Silverman to Play Carnegie Hall July 10-11 (NEW YORK) Announcement today partial proceeds DIFFA tickets regular Sen. Al Franken other original material host interesting on it frankly 203

1631 days ago

ms jazz    

I have a friend who also has a son from Brian, but she dont know how to go about getting a paternity test done to prove it, he has denied it several time ignores her and all the kid is about 13 maybe 14, looks just like his ugly ass,I feel sorry for her.

1631 days ago

your #1 fan    

I saw baby Mcknight's father, like son.

1631 days ago


Brian McKnight is a selfish A hole He not only has a son but he has two daughters.. a 2yr old and a 9 yr old... what is up with him... And he wants nothing to do with all of them.. and getting money from him is like pulling teeth from what I hear... He just likes making babies but not take responsibility for them... He is a FAKE!

1631 days ago

your #1 fan    

For Comment #8: I recommend you hire Mark Vincent Kaplan.

1631 days ago

love them    

i always said that man head is so big it tilts over when he walks, he is arrogant, why don't women run the opposite direction? his money, he ruins k-wave in the morning for me with all that singing, if i wanted to hear him i would go to his shows.

1631 days ago

George McCasland    

Over 30% of paternity tests come out negative, but these guys keep believing the woman when they claim he's the father.

The problem with paying child support voluntarily is two fold.

First, if it's not your child, you can still be required to continue to pay in 20 states.

If the child is his, the mother can still file for up to 18 years in retroactive child support as anything paid without a court order is considered a gift. Further, paying child support, whether voluntarily, or under a court order, grants the father NO LEGAL RIGHTS to the child.

1631 days ago


Oh, dear God. Does this mean that he's going to have to keep on making more of those f**king obnoxious Lakers' commercials in order to pay all the hoes?????????????

1631 days ago


I agree with "sad" number 12's comment. Enough of that falsetto singing in the morning on the WAVE (97.4). Brian is a mediocre singer at best, and uses the show to sell his albums. At least Dave Koz was a great personality and musician, and I miss him. Pat Prescott remains the "bomb". She could work with anyone and make them look good, case in point Brian McKnight. He sure has enough balls to create children out of wedlock, but doesn't have any when it comes to singing. He sounds like a castrati!! It's not sexy Brian!

1631 days ago


Well , all I can say about Brian McKnight is I hope you feel good about yourself because your the one who got screwed. WOW!!!!! your an IDIOT just like the rest of the STUPID men out there.

1631 days ago

el coca    

hahaha!!! this is funny stuff.

1630 days ago
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