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Holly Madison Reheats Paris' Leftovers

4/5/2010 7:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holly Madison ordered up some sloppy seconds in Vegas this weekend -- as the Playboy playmate left Wasted Space at the Hard Rock Hotel hand-in-hand with Paris Hilton's ex-BF, Benji Madden.

Benji & Holly: Click to watch
Between Paris, Sophie Monk and now Holly ... Benji clearly thinks blondes are more fun.


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This whore is PATHETIC! Selling her body to the highest bidder. Looks fade dumb is forever...she's just a WHORE from the pacific northwest

1660 days ago


Yeah I have to agree she is a whore. She goes for the most disgusting men. Anyone who was with Paris Hilton is a real catch. NOT!

1660 days ago


I thought these two hooked up waaaaaaaay b4 Paris layed her filthy paws on him....just sayin'

1660 days ago


Paris Hilton is one big tramp. I dont see the attraction for her. She is plain as plain can be and so skinny. She sleeps around with people I have never heard of whom are supposed to be famous. Even though she is rich she is such a loser.

1660 days ago


This whole article is ridiculous. Bored today TMZ?

1660 days ago


Go Holly!! He's hotttttt and a nice guy!!! Paris got nothing on Holly!!

1660 days ago


it looks like he's ignoring her and she's just following him around?

1660 days ago


First, if it's Paris' "sloppy seconds," that means Holly has now (indirectly) slept with Paris AND about half of Hollywood and NYC.

I still don't know why this half-witted, no-talent, money-grubbing wh0re became famous in the first place, but why in the hell are media types still following her around and putting her on TV? And just WTF is she wearing? That 70s athletic socks pulled up to the knee might have been "cute" at The Mansion, but it's so overdone and outdated now.

1660 days ago


i read that benji put a whippin on some mtv host in a boxing match. knockout in two minutes. that gives me a good laugh since it's kinda like rock and roll puttin mtv in its place for being stupid.

free advice... don't pick a fight with a guy who has a brother about the same age. they've had plenty of practice.

also,,, ha! ha! at the poor bitter fools who posted above

1660 days ago


Really? Holly whore Madison Benji really?...Would have thought after that Paris Hilton ride you were through with the "people who did not have my best interest at heart". Remember that blog not too long ago where you wrote about finding yourself, and honest people to surround yourself with? How many whore repeats do you need to have before you finally get it, that these trash whores do not care about you? Holly is worst sort of woman, uneducated, shows her private body parts to ANYONE who wants to see them. She has been with how many men at the Manson because YOU know that was her job, sex with anyone who asked for her and then sex with the old guy. She is fake from her plastic tits, to straw hair and tan, and for the love of style, why does an OVER 30 YEAR OLD WOMAN DRESS LIKE A 13 YEAR OLD? I do not know her but I am so embarrassed for her, pathetic old whore trying to hang on to what ever media attention she can. Did you see her on CL disrespecting Chris Angel? Your next, as she is person who would do that once she will do it twice or as many times as she can to get attention. Do you think so little of yourself Benji that you would even touch her? Where is your self esteem and PRIDE AS A MAN? Who wants a woman that so MANY have SEEN and been with? She even looks dirty as if she smells, I bet she does, it is just pathetic, really it is. I thought you were trying to get yourself together, moving forward after being Paris Hilton's purse holder but I guess not, your just not motivated to try to improve your world. I guess there is nothing for anyone to do but sit back and watch this circus train yet again...hope you do not get sick from her STD's as I am sure she has many. I truly hope one day, you will grow up, and think that you can and do deserve a better life with a better woman.. be safe kid...Yoda

1660 days ago

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