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Happy 12th Birthday

Paris Jackson

4/5/2010 6:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson (right), celebrated her 12th birthday at the Moonlight Rollerway Skating Rink in Glendale this weekend with her brother Prince (left) and her cousin Jaafar (middle).


It's stunning how fast they grow up.


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"It's stunning how fast they grow up"

Still trying to promote the stun gun incident huh TMZ????

Hope Paris had a great Birthday!

1628 days ago



Know that you and your brothers are loved very very much
Just like your daddy, you are a Treasure

Love & hugs

1628 days ago


@23. i am still in the dark on how do we have douchebags like you commenting on a giuy's personal life unpertaining to you. michael was good father. that's all that matters. worry about their paternity on your own mind.

1628 days ago



1628 days ago


They are not "white" they are clearly biracial,and if you knew anything you would know that Joe has white and Katherine has native american(indian)genes so their 9children are not fully black! There is not one certain way a biracial person is supposed to look,they can look more white,more black or anywhere in between!

1628 days ago


wow! she looks like Debbie in that picture!

1628 days ago


Happy Birthday Paris. She is a beautiful young lady - I hope her future is full of blessings, promise and happiness.

1628 days ago


That 'Jafar' sure looks like he's got some O.J. in soon before his murder trial??

1628 days ago


Paris is becoming a carbon copy of Debbie in terms of facial features, which is not a bad thing at all... I just hope that she didn't inherit Debbie's body type.

1628 days ago


They are not Jackson kids by blood. He lied about his skin disease and he lied about these being his kids. How many light skinned Jacksons are there? NONE! They are all very dark. These kids have a different daddy. Anyone who can't see that is a doink. That being said I hope these kids get away from the Jacksons so they can have a halfway normal life.

1628 days ago


The kids look bi-racial to me, practically all African Americans have all kind of races in their family tree. My family is every color under the rainbow, some with brown eyes, green eyes, and yes, blue eyes. What does that make us. Get over it, America is a melting pot. And why shouldn't a 12 year old have their cousins at their party, when I turned 12 if my cousins didn't come I would be very disappointed. I am sure Jaffar is under control now, knowing Jermaine, he probaly took care of that immediately, he can't mess with Michaels kids, how else will Jermaine make a living.

1628 days ago


by Robyn
Do some research! He didn't lie about his vitiligo it was even stated in the autopsy! Prince has it too. They are Jackson's by blood. Some of the Jackson's are light skinned. You apparently know nothing about genetics,those children have strong Jackson features.

1628 days ago


Since when do Jehova's Wittnesses celebrate birthdays????

1628 days ago


42. Since when do Jehova's Wittnesses celebrate birthdays????

Posted at 1:00PM on Apr 5th 2010 by penguingirl

Only Katherine and Rebbie are JWs the rest of the family are not.

1628 days ago

Michael Jackson #1 fan    

She is very sad because she has to go through the backdoor so she cant get bombarded with fans...That must be very sad... Did anyone took pictures inside? SHe dont look happy at all. And where is rich old grand ma? They left Paris with all these men, body guards at that, do they really trust these men with a young girl of her status. Janet where are you, Rebiee and Latoya where are the rest of the famliy...??Its sad she has to be escorted by strangers on her friggin birthday (this is typical how MJ was, always alone no family to be at their side for birthday occcasions, I guess they staying true to their stinky JW religion), with the exception of 3T..ANd why do Blanket and Prince always dressed so outragous? THey never match like how Jaffar and the other cousins always looks nice. MJ kids clothes always looks like ragged clothes.. Pants dont match the shirts and shirts dont match the pant WTF??? Katherinego buy thoe kids matching clothes like you do Jermaine kids..I bet Paris and her brothers gets treated like Cinderella...DOnt worry Paris your Prince is on the way. I hope yuou turn 16 soon, so you can emancipate yourself from that freak of a family..

1628 days ago
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