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Prez Obama

A Little Too High

on Opening Day

4/5/2010 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama took the mound to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington Nationals game today ... and saying it was bad does no justice to the word "bad."

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The President was really off base on this one.

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Shouldnt he be ruining, I mean running the country

1662 days ago


I was at the game and loved hearing all the boos when he was coming out to throw the pitch and even more after. Guy can't do anything right. Hope we only have to put up with him til the end of his term. Of course all the bad he is doing to the country will take decades to fix.

1662 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

OMG - the teabaggers out in full force.
They are so desperate to criticize Obama they even bring in the "birther story"...sorry you just proved how crazy you are. They jump all over an innocent baseball toss like he just started an unnecessary war that killed thousands of US troops for nothing - wait, that was Bush. And it wasn't for nothing - it has cost TRILLIONS - why weren't you teabaggers marching about THAT spending??
For God sakes, it's been a tradition to throw out the ball for 100 years - leave the man alone.
His game is basketball - not baseball.
You go, Mr. President!!

1662 days ago


Ditto Philly fan, the Marxist Pig has to go, OTP

1662 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Jill - please explain Marxist to us - you dumb slut - throwing words around is easy - knowing what they mean takes a brain.
C'mon, explain how he is a Marxist - or is that just something that Glenn Beck told you? You little dumb A$$ sheep.

1662 days ago

Not Your Average Joe    

Most opening throws don't even reach home plate (real baseball fans will know that). This was actually pretty good as far as opening pitches go. All you conservative jerks should just go to fox.com to spread your hate. At least people will care what you say there.

1662 days ago


get real;get a clue, Hussein is a Marxist Punk, who should be Impeached and Deported, get back on your Lithium, RUSH ROCKS

1662 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Jill - you still didn't explain HOW he is a Marxist - I didn't think you could you pea brained little dumb-ass.
TEABAGGERS - the most ignorant, racist, rednecks in the country - welcome to the club Jill, you must be so proud. It takes alot of stupid to be that ignorant.
Again - explain HOW he is a Marxist.

1662 days ago


Radar.com Rocks

1662 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

As we speak, MSNBC and CNN are running a breaking story about a disaster at a coal mine in West Virginia. At least 7 dead and as many as 21 missing. A truly big news story.

And what is on Fox?? Dick Morris bashing the President, as usual.

Fair and balanced?? you betcha!!

1662 days ago


Uhhh....all the marxist communist dictators throughout history would stage a reason to later explain the undeniable roaring of "boo's" being thrown at him. Hence the hat trick. He will later, or mcgibbs, will say he was boo'd b/c of the hat. But dudettes, little obambi got the BOO's before that.
Just like the communist that would hold big free popular concerts to draw all the sheep in...then would come out on stage so he could be photographed in front of the audience size. The last campaign here had the same stunts, repeatedly. WAKE UP folks - he would rather risk being classless (but offending the home court w/a competing team's hat, instead of being boo'd without an excuse. Way better to appear offensive than to actually have to deal with the truth of the unpopular status.

1662 days ago


Hussein thinks of his scrawny ass as a Ruler, he is Chavez, Idi Amin, sick and Dangerous, and OFFENSIVE TO AMERICAN VALUES!

1662 days ago


Most intelligent people understand that Obama is working hard and doing a great job so far for ALL Americans, even the mental midgets and bigots bad-mouthing him on here. They probably wouldn't like ANYONE who was in that position, so we just have to take that into consideration. I think history will prove him to be one of our best Presidents.

1662 days ago


haaa, keep drinking kool-aid, NO NUKES, even in Self Defense per Husein(Drudge) yea he is really doing a 'good job' YOU ARE A GOOD COMMIE, keep bending over... IMPEACH THE TREASONIST THUG

1662 days ago



1662 days ago
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