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'Jersey Shore' Hits Miami -- Angelina Warning

4/6/2010 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina only lasted three episodes in the first season of "Jersey Shore" -- but she's baaaaaaack.

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TMZ was there as The Situation, Pauly D, Snooki, Jwoww, super buff Ronnie and Sammi showed up to their new digs yesterday and the self-proclaimed "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island" arrived too ... with real luggage -- no trash bags this time.

Ronnie and his situation were there too -- but we gotta know ...


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They need to rename Miami Beach, NEW NEW JERSEY SHORE baby! Just waiting for the antics! Better bring in some new talent from the OLD NEW JERSEY SHORE like some beefy Jerseyite, know what I'm sayin'?

1626 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

why would they bring Angelina back? Everyone hated her, she refused to work, she was a total cock blocker and was so uninteresting. I knows its just because of drama but it pisses me off that she was willing to just leave the show and now that she's seen how much attention and fame the others have gotten she wanted back in.

I hope she gets punched in the face this season like Snooki did.

1626 days ago

The Truth    

It's the Herpes Gang back again. Three have Herpes so which ones Harvey.

Find out Stat before they spread it around Miami.

1626 days ago


Heather might be the only person on the planet that's never heard of jumping the shark

1626 days ago


Who says 3 of them have herpes? Sad to spread rumors like that about people! Don't like the show? DON'T WATCH IT!

I hope that in this day and age EVERYONE would practice safe sex. These people are adults and can drink or have sex or whatever, but I'd hope for their own sake that they are responsible about it. What they are doing is not so different from many people in their 20s.

1626 days ago


That's hilarious, Gemini,

I looked up the street via google maps and indeed there is a surf shop; I can't believe they're going to be working there. I checked out the hotel's website and there are no reservations until May 26th, 7 weeks from today. Gee, I wonder why... Also, the hotel lists an 8-person suite with 4 bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an Italian-style kitchen, and lists for $1999 a night and will not be available until June 1st. That's actually cheaper than what's been reported for rates of their old house in Seaside Heights.

Since they'll be staying two blocks away from Ocean Dr., how the hell are they going to go out and socialize without getting bombarded by hundreds of people? Obviously, Ronnie and Jenny won't be able to show off they're fighting skills since it'll probably lead to immediate termination from the show.

1626 days ago


I live in Miami and party at all the hot clubs in the city, LIV, Mynt, Set, The Wall, Mokai, Mansion, Louis, and can tell you that from seeing Jamie Fox, the Kardashians, and other celebs, this group will get mad respect here. People in Miami are all about partying and these guys party hard. I was in Vegas had the table next to Mike and Paulie D they were smoking and drinking heavily.. booze were flowing non stop .. if the group parties like they did in Vegas Miami will receive them with open arms and it'll be a great season with lots of creepin and heavy daily smushin .. can't wait for them to pound it out!

1626 days ago



Speaking of smushin', I'll bet anything that Mike and Angelina are going to bang every day they're there. I believe they were a couple before the show, probably after the show too. Damn you Mike!!

1626 days ago


Look at Ronnie. All buffed up? Are You Kidding Me? That guy is juiced up! How many cycles you on Ronnie? I can't believe people watch this crap! These aren't people to look up to or admire. Give me a F***in Break!

1626 days ago



Hmmmm you might be on track with that :) however like the Hills this show is scripted to some degree so expect them to be on/off and flirting with everyone under the "sun" to help create OMG drama .. as for Ronnie, Paulie, Vinnie, there gonna get mad tail in Miami .. Ronnie's girl Sammi is wayyy done although she might meet a captain save a ho lol. Miami girls like sweet italian boys and they're nothing like these jersey grenades. All I can say is you'll see the guys macking hard, stylin, and profilin, as for the girls, well in miami those are what we call total duff!

1626 days ago


lol they mentioned ronnie twice... no one ever remembers vinnie... (honestly, i couldn't remember his name either; i had to think really hard about it)...

vinnie ins't as wild and in-your-face as the rest; he's more laid back, that's why he's so forgotten... that's not actually a bad thing, you know...

1626 days ago


No wonder the international community thinks we are retards. People like this shouldn't be put into the spotlight; They should be shunned and banished to Wyoming.

1626 days ago


I can't wait for season 2! ugh!

1626 days ago

Dirt Burger    

It looks like Ronnie doubled his dose of steroids! I love how these short 5 foot 4 guys think Roids is the answer to their insecurity and lack of condidence.

1626 days ago

Dirt Burger    

They are so overexposed they are already out of style. maybe they can do a shw with fellow hasbeen Paris Hilton?

1626 days ago
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