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Jon Gosselin's Silent Attack on Kate

4/6/2010 6:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin was mum after TMZ broke the story he's gunning for primary custody of his kids and wants spousal support from Kate Gosselin to boot -- and with nothing but a few nods, he confirmed the whole thing.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch


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The Time Is Near    

Thank god this bald headed geeks 15 minutes of fame are up...he is jealous of his wife's success and will try and drag her down even if it means the kids get screwed as well.

1660 days ago

that's all    

go away!1 You 15 minutes of fame is up, Jon. No one cares about yur loser a$$ no more. time to get a real job.

1660 days ago


Or he just just stop buying Ed Hardy shirts and get a job.

1660 days ago


What a screamin' loser. No judge on earth is gonna give this jobless, trifling idiot custody of those kids, or a dime out of his children's pockets.

1660 days ago


He is a pig.. She is a tv star wanna be!!

1660 days ago


LOSER!!JEALOUS LOSER!!!KARMA's a B**ch, Huh John!?

1660 days ago


Spousal support from his wife?! This toolbag needs to get a job!

1660 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

What an absolute scum bag. Only reason this loser is doing this is to try to stay in the news and get some cheddar from his ex wife. The dude can't stand the fact she is still relevant (if you can call reality tv relevant), still on TV, and still making money, all the while this fat piece of crap is NOT. LMAO... Cant wait for the "where are they now" in 5 years.

1660 days ago


Jon doesn't have to worry about Kate being on DWTS much longer; she's proving to be as bad a dancer as she is a mom! And she's being such a witch on the show that Jon looks like a saint for putting up with her for as long as he did!

1660 days ago


Drop dead JON

1660 days ago

the seer    

WHAT A JEALOUS LOSER! He is so jealous that he's not getting the attention, it's killing him! Sure, the kids would be better off with him? Boozing, smoking and whoring around the country with young girls! Get a life and a job you moron! Kate is making one without you now, and supporting her kids however she can...somebody has's obvious YOU aren't doing it!

1660 days ago


Primo skank bag will parade all his media ho gf's in front of the kids and hook them up with some second rate show to get more attention and money.
This sperm donor needs a large payment and a contract to leave the kids/ex alone beyond visitation to actually be gone.

The kids are always the victims in these tmz stories

1660 days ago


This guy has got to be the lowest form of life. You know this is just a media and money grab. I have never watched their stupid show, but you just know the dude can't stand the fact his wife is still making cash and he is NOT. What a loser, actually, its pathetic. Can't wait for the "where are they now" five years from now. LOL

1660 days ago


Although I cannot tolerate either one of them, Kate has a LOT more intelligence than he does. He is a user who does not want to work and just live off of his ex-wife and her money. I am sure Kate will make the money, at least she is a go-getter. He on the other hand is on his way out, if not there already. Good luck Kate - you are so much better off dumping this lazy bum! Keep your head on straight and you will go pretty far. Jon, take a hike - no one is interested in you anymore!

1660 days ago


Man up and get a real job to support your kids. Sure the easy way out is to seek full custody, child support and spousal support. What an ass you turned out to be.
Found out that after your 15 minutes of fame, life gets hard.

1660 days ago
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