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Tiger Woods -- Crowd-Pleaser

4/6/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fans went crazy for Tiger Woods at Augusta National yesterday ... a decent consolation prize, given that Elin Nordegren is avoiding Georgia altogether.

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ales, you're wrong they werent standoffish, they were cheering for him.

No matter what TMZ would like you to believe, golf fans are happy to have him back because he's the best golfer and it's not as interesting with him gone. TMZ is going to continue posting every little thing he does at the Masters but it's not going to be anything unusual or crazy so the stories are pointless. And who cares that Elin isn't there? She's not there because everyone would be looking at her, making comments behind her back about how she should have left him and the tv cameras would try to focus on her for crowd shots. She's not a media whore, she likes to stay very private like Tiger and live her life as normal as she can so she wants to stay away from all of that attention and let Tiger get back to playing golf and have that be the focus so they can start to move on.

But golf fans are glad Tiger is back even if casual fans or women don't like the guy. We all have skeletons in our closet, his just became public so we all sit on our pedestal and judge him so this guy has tarnished his public image but he's still a great golfer and this will all blow over just like Jordan's problems blew over, Kobe cheating on his wife blew over, Barkley's obsene comments about speeding to get a bj blew over, and all of these other athlete's issues blow over. They're all human just like the rest of us, they just so happen to be amazing athletes and we idolize athletes as if they can do no wrong.

Good luck Tiger

1639 days ago


Golf is SO STUPID. I love the "gallery". What an elegant sophisticated name for a bunch of morons sitting behind a rope watching a golf game. The "gallery", give me a break. Why aren't those at Nascar races, baseball games, concerts called this? They are just "spectators, crowds"... lol you idiots who sit there to watch Tiger golf are pathetic, get a life.

1639 days ago


the crowd was cheering for Tiger because they're just glad he's back. Golf fans dont care about this other stuff as much as TMZ would like you to believe they do.

And this will all be a thing in the past once he gets golfing full time. People have moved on from Kobe cheating on his wife and all of the other athletes that do stupid things and get in trouble. We all make mistakes.

1639 days ago


What's the matter Ann, he wouldn't bang your fat cottage cheese a$$? Go home and try and beg for sex from your husband...that's after he gets off the babysitter.

1639 days ago


Ann has a good point. What kind of losers aren't allowed to be called "fans?" Let's be "patrons." Do you realize that reporters at the masters cannot refer to the losers that stand on a stupid golf course as "FANS"?

1639 days ago


We all make mistakes true, but we don't threatened the health and life of our husband or wife, in this case wife, by having sex with an army of filthy people as the lecher Tiger did --- especially without protection i.e. a condom. She's the mother of his children for god's sake! That is unforgiveable in my book and many other people's.

Only those who care about some silly "sport" and don't care about morals are giving him a pass on his lewd conduct. I don't understand why Elin is still with him.

1639 days ago


Ulic, stop with the juvenile insults. (typical Tiger supporter)

1639 days ago


For all you people know thay might have had an agreement to have an open marriage...maybe tiger hasnt banged her for many months...maybe she is banging alot of other guys..you dont know so dont make comments about him...I do know so I can

1639 days ago


we will comment.. i could care less who you are, juan. maybe tiger gave you herpes and hiv. we made tiger (that is us and corporate creators) and now we can destroy him for betraying everything we valued in him.

1639 days ago


Has Gloria Allred scheduled a press conference to express her outrage over this yet?

1639 days ago


It should be noted that anybody "heckling" in the gallery is ejected. If that person is a ticket holder, their ticket is revoked and they are kicked off the golf course property. If that person is a member of the Augusta golf club, they risk having their membership suspended or revoked permanently. This is done primarily at the request of the caddies, and Tiger Woods caddy Steve Williams has had more people removed from the gallery than any other caddy. When you see pro-Tiger cheering galleries, just remember that anybody in the gallery who misbehaves ONCE will not do it TWICE.

1639 days ago

Wife Advocate    

Elin was always in it for the money, TW just wanted what whoopi, Halle, Michael Jackson, and Seal want...white genes to procreate. She a glorified hooker, this is a business deal that just got sweeter for her.

1639 days ago


Why do so many people hate this guy , he cheated on his wife "Get Over it"

1639 days ago


Maybe Elin wasnt putting out like she was in the past, If you dont give your husband the sex he wants he has every right to cheat.All these other women were just helping her take care of her husband.

1639 days ago


Hey Dan, it's not simply a private matter between Tiger and his wife. He accepted huge endorsements based on a squeaky clean image. He perpetuated this image, even though he knew it was patently false. Personally I don't care about his marriage (I think it's a sham anyway), but he is not rich simply because he is a great golfer, he's rich because of his image, and when it turns out to be false, people get pissed off.

1639 days ago
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