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Screech -- Soon-to-Be Homeless Porn Star

4/7/2010 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Saved by the Bell" actor Dustin Diamond may have to do another XXX flick, because he's about to lose his home.

Wells Fargo Bank just filed legal papers, claiming Screech is more than $290,000 behind on his mortgage.

The bank wants to foreclose on the property, located in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin.

If this sounds familiar ... Diamond avoided foreclosure back in 2006 by selling "Save My House" t-shirts for $15 a pop.


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Given his behaviour on Celebrity Fit Club, nothing about Dustin surprises me. He is boorish, rude, and has absolutely no respect for others. Just a pathetic human being. He is a disgustin person. At this point, it surprises me no one has put their fist inot his face. Poster boy for 'Loser Club', somehow this moron will get himself a reality show about he 'fights' his way back to a career in Hollywood! Funny, I thought you had to have a career in the first place to have a boy should just find a rock to climb under and stay there...if he can afford to buy the rock, I mena...

1667 days ago


Those who don't learn from history (Screech) are doomed to repeat it. Please, nobody buy his shirts this time.

1667 days ago


I'm the lucky son of a bitch that gets to try an get him to answer his door so I can serve him with his summons. I'm a process server and I thankfully live 10 minutes away from him. If he manages to answer his door, which I doubt, it'll be fun asking for his signature, on the foreclosure summons.

About this time last year I was also told I would be serving him with a summons for foreclosure but nothing ever came of it, we'll see if it goes through this time. I should have it in my hands within the week.

1667 days ago


See whats wrong with these out of work actors.. they just don't want to go out and get a real Job like the rest of us.. Or maybe if he is lucky Obama can give him a lttle help...Oh wait He just spent our last dollar..

1667 days ago


Who the heck has a $290, 000 mortgage? He obviously bought a huge house he couldn't afford. Pure greed. No way does he need a place that big. Rent an apartment.

1667 days ago


i'd drop a tenner to jizz on his face

1667 days ago

Thunder Thighs    


fuck the douche bag
he was cool as Screech

but a douche in real life

better learn to ask if people want fries with that

1667 days ago


Karma is a bitch. This is a detestable man who is reaping what he sowed..hate and garbage.

1667 days ago


Went to see this jerk at a comedy club. He was so gross. All his jokes had to do with his grandmother's bodily functions. An entire bachelorette party got up and walked out, loudly yelling at him that he had ruined their evening. He yelled obscenities back at them.

He sold t-shirts afterwards with Screech misspelled due to legal issues. I didn't see anyone buying them.

The local opening acts were a million times better than him.

1667 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I know for a fact that Dustin is doing what ALL of us are trying to do right now, and keep his head above water in these difficult times. Dustin has one of my yorkies "Finnigan" and when he came to our home pick him "Finn" up. We got to see the real person he is. He is an ACTOR and that is what you all are suppose to see, that way he can earn money but the real person he is , is a smart and loving and always evolving. If we were in his shoes what would we do and how far would we go to just be finacially alright... Don't think who you see is Dustin for he is far more. He has made some questionable decissions but we all do that too. He has not harmed anyone except maybe his public personality. I think if he was given a try on a drama televison show like Law-and-order, you would all see he is a great charater actor....Amy Dawson-Smith

1666 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

This guy's a tool. Let'im live on the streets. He started going on reality shows, being a dick, hoping he could be the next Omarosa(sp?), a "guy you love to hate" kinda thing...and it went nowhere. People can't be bothered to even HATE this guy!

1666 days ago


Gross he is doing porn?? I hope the chic is blind..He better be hung like a horse to do that!!!! Wow Is it Man VS Goat porn or sometin?? Jus can't see anyone doing Screech but Rosie Palm and her 5 sisters.....I just pukes in my mouth..damn it....not again..come on TMZ give us something we don't gag over...

1666 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Doubtful this guy will get another reality show. I know tv loves drama and all, but Douchehead Diamond threatened legal action, attorneys and lawsuits at every turn. He's not just another dickhead looking for some screentime, he's a LIABILITY in its worst form. Better for Screech to stick with porn and let TMZ have their freedom of the press (there isn't a damn thing Diamond can do about that.) A whole dollar says he's already looking for a way to file suit against TMZ. Won't work though.

1666 days ago


I hate Dustin Diamond/Screech. He's disgusting, stupid, ugly, and useless.

1665 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

This guy is a total tool. His porn was ridiculous. The guy has a big dick, but so do elephants. My dick is 2/3 as big but I bang hot chicks instead of nasty whores

1664 days ago
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