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'Dancing' Judge -- Kate Gosselin Is 'Crap'

4/8/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dancing with the Stars" judge Bruno Tonioli just unloaded on Kate Gosselin, calling her ballroom skills "dreadful," "a catastrophe" and "crap" ... but added it's all "in a good way."

Bruno Tonioli: Click to watch
It all went down on "Lopez Tonight" where the judge also compared Kate to one of the most feared disasters of all time.

Gotta respect the honesty.


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12. What an absolute pompous ass! I've never been a big Kate fan, but I believe she was "invited" to do this show, and didn't have to audition. Does anyone even know who this guy is or what his name is? Didn't think so. It really takes a big man to say someone is crap and then follow it up with, "but it's in a good way." That's the type of guy that has been picked on all of his life, and saw an opportunity to spew back a little venom and took it. What a jack ass.

Posted at 10:31AM on Apr 8th 2010 by Forfacksakes


She was on The Tonight Show, and said she wanted to go on DWTH, they contacted her after they heard.

1636 days ago


Bruno, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Kate is doing the best she can; she's not a dancer, she's a mother and earning a living for her children. There are times when it's best to keep your mouth shut and now is that time!

1636 days ago


BRUNO is CRAP!!!!! he cannot hardly even speaka the ENGLISH!! BTW, how many followers does crappy BRUNO have???? like,0...he is a tasteless CLOD!!!!! Kate looks very nice and is trying her best!!!

1636 days ago


No truer words have been spoken! Now its time for Pamela to leave!!!

1636 days ago

Aussie Mom    

She is the worst dancer I have seen besides some of the terrible dancers in a disco in the 70's

1636 days ago


I saw this last nite on the George Lopez show. I HATE dancing with the stars, but hearing this guy Bruno talk about this hag like he did made me like him better! That lady and her ex-husband are a pair of f***ing p.o.s. I can't help but feel sorry for their kids who have these turds as parents.

1636 days ago


besides bruno attempting to be bi-sexual and outlandish so he doesn't get fired he still failed at getting viewers. kate brings 23 million viewers and IS the show. Bruno better watch his mouth. Kate may be his new boss someday as she is doing way better than him.

1636 days ago


And sadly her dancing skills are much better than her parenting skills.

1636 days ago



You peple calling a mom names have your heads so far up your ass you can't even see sht anymore!

Kate has stood by and been degraded and used by Jon in every way and taken care of her children with a smile on her face. One of the few assets we have in this BS society of wanting to exploit people and themselves.. Jersey shore wannabes is what you hags are. You only WISH your kids loved you as much as kate's love her

1636 days ago


guess what? the majority of all the contestents AND dancers have kids... why don't you go scream at them to get off and just sit at home and do nothing but raise kids with no income. Oh yeah, double standards because you love dead beat dads

1636 days ago


i just watched the video and i must say bruno was being nice in calling her crap. she has absolutely no grace or natural rhythm on the dance floor. however, i will give her kudos for trying her best cause ballroom dance is not easy at all. plus she looks sooo much better with long hair than that porcupine thing she was sporting for a while.

1636 days ago


Ballroom must be easy to learn since you people expect her to be pro after 4 weeks.. why bother having a show about easy cheesy dancing?

1636 days ago


poster number 3 get over your obsession with Kate and your whole "she is a great mom" delusion. It is really quite sad...She is not a great mom , just like Jon she sees those kids as a way to make money. NO kate has never trained to be a dancer but neither have the others on the show and that is what is suppose to be great about it. It is suppose to be celebs which obviously kate is not even a celeb but anyways it is suppose to be celebs who learn to dance and see how good they are at it. You can tell by looking at her she can not even remember all the moves , I am shocked she has made it this far

1636 days ago


Do you think that maybe she is so bad because she dose not have as much time to put into dancing as she has 8 kids to look after!!!!!! Get a brain. As for Jon why would anyone give custordy to a MAN WHORE!!!!!! I wonder how happy his kids would be when he moves in and moves Kate out in and then a steady stream of SKANKS coming in and out of the house.

1636 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

These two people seriously need to GROW UP!!!!!!! I personally do not, nor would ever follow any program/reality show involving either of them for any reason.

And the gossip rags/programs truly need to find other so called "stories" that provide at least some modicum of Social Value to the public.

To me, these two people conduct themselves like children who are starved for public sympathy and one can only feel complete & utter disgust for their complete lack of consideration for their children much less their own Personal Dignity & Integrity which is obviously lacking!!!

And SHAME ON NETWORK TELEVISION for allowing either of these JERKS to actually get paid for "performing" under the guise of ENTERTAINMENT. What a crock of bull

BOTH OF THEM belong in a DAY CARE CENTRE at the very least; or some form of REHABILITATION but it's likely impossible to transform this type of childish behavior into maturity

1636 days ago
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