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Joslyn James Strip Club -- All You Can Eat!

4/8/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The people at The Pink Pony strip club in Atlanta aren't just serving up Joslyn James this weekend -- they've also got some tastier meat on display.


For a measly $7.95, strip club patrons can drool all over the all-you-can-eat buffet -- a buffet that includes prime rib, salad, veggies, rice or potatoes ... and maybe even some chicken!!!!

Hopefully the misspelling of Joslyn's name on the marquee does not reflect on the quality of the buffet.

No word if employees are required to wear a hairnet ... or in some cases, hairnets.


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Enough is Enough    

You go O Kay !!!!

"Been There"'s way of thinking, is why there are no MORALS, or Values instilled in our country's kids today. I seriously doubt many would agree with his/hers opinion of stripping. Also, sad that he/she thinks stripping is OK.......REALLY SAD.

1603 days ago


To Deetch, you might want to check YOUR spelling, of "marquee" I think you owe TMZ an apology.
On the issue of Joslyn James, she can strip all she wants, but her hypocrisy disgusting!
and to the posters that believe that stripping is just nude girls?? WOW I bet you also believe like Bill Clinton, that oral copulation is not sex. being nude and gyrating on a pole are not the same thing.. there is nothing wrong with a nude woman, but the idea that a man, throwing money at her while she "performs" simulating sex acts on stage, is both disgusting and disturbing.

1603 days ago

Tyler T    

I don't think even TMZ noticed the spelling is wrong!!!!! lmao

1603 days ago

not impressed    

Dear crazy religious fanatics,

Please keep making your assumptions about who everyone is and what they do for a living and how they live their personal lives. Concrete facts are for the well educated, unprejudiced, tolerant people and we would like to keep it that way.

Have a great afterlife, XOXO Kay

1603 days ago


Wow now not only is she a homewrecking she is making herself look pathetic hanging around hoping for a bone of attention.

1603 days ago


These homewrecking whores have had their 15 minutes of fame. It is time to let it rest and let tiger get his life together. The only one he needs to answer to right now is Elin and their kids. These whores need to get over with it and move on. Enough is enough already.

1603 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Joslyn Honey. Mommy's waiting at the motel for you. Come see me after your shift is over. Wear that schoolgirl outfit mommy bought for you.

1603 days ago


I think that this Jostlyn woman is dangerously obsessed with Tiger Woods. She exudes venom and spite from each pore and foamy rabies from her filthy mouth. She tried extortion and it failed badly, now she is stalking and harassing. The woman seems mentally unbalanced and she is nothing more than a filthy, rotten, smelly, old piece of trash!!!!!!!

1603 days ago


better watch out her money grubbing lawyer will sue the night club for mispelling her name.time for a press conference and TMZ will be there with their cameras like we give 2 craps.

1602 days ago


I can't imagine anything more unappetizing than the thought of food served in a strip bar. Fish tacos and crabs?

1602 days ago


Hey Kay, you know what they call a stripper's daughter? They call her when she's 18 to take her mom's place.

1602 days ago

what a joke    

how hungry do u have to be to eat at a strip club??? in the words of Chris Rock, "titties and tater tots don't mix!" AGREED. GROSS.

1602 days ago

what a joke    

oh miss i work at pony..."you guys are acting ridiculous!" we now see why you "work at pony" hope u age well, honey.

I know some people may not have alot of choices in life and I understand that BUT if I had to work at a strip club I doubt I would be happy about it,I would save my money and get thru school as quickly as I could so I could quit, but that's just me. I can't imagine not having anything to fall back on. Suddenly, you're approaching your 30's or worse and that's it, good bye strip club. No one wants to see an aging woman shaking her money maker unless you have the money for plastic surgery and even then, you can still tell the difference, it just looks pathetic.

1602 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

You guys are acting ridiculous! We are a classy club with lots of smart woman who probably make more than have of you who made comments. Our job is harder than most think you have to be mentally strong so please stop judging! The world has enough of that already!

1601 days ago

Dear yaeh....and?

Your time would have been much better spent learning spelling and grammar instead of judging well educated hard working people you have never met.

It's funny how all you religious fanatics never state concrete proof of only assumptions.

1601 days ago
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