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Kim K's Bikini Cracks Under Pressure

4/9/2010 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While cooling off at the beach in Miami on Friday, Kim Kardashian nearly poured out of her bikini bottom.


Luckily the ridiculously hot 29-year-old always has flotation devices at her disposal.


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"ridiculously hot"??? You have GOT to be kidding me! Whoever wrote that crap has extremely questionable taste in women!

1554 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Will you guys quit showing this asshole!!!

1554 days ago


That is the best butt out there.

1553 days ago


Actually, Kevin #23, I would consider it an honor to be dumped by my boyfriend for Kim Kardashian...he would have weeded out yet another skanky man for me! The question actually remains, would Kim take any of you guys?? You guys always think any woman who doesn't like Kim is an ugly 350 pound ogre but I would love to see what the men salivating over her look like...Men always think when women criticize other women we are just jealous of them.

Shallower men such as yourself don't understand women like Kim K. just piss us off because they basically undo generations worth of efforts (by stronger, more beautiful women than herself) to undo the women-for-sex-only stereotype or as Post #12 said, "human toilet"--which is precisely what Kim is.

1553 days ago


Fake boobs, fake butt, fake tan, fake hair (extensions), fake nails, fake complexion (full makeup face), fake personality (poser), fake celebrity (what does she do?).

1553 days ago


Since most 2 pieces are sold separately...she really needs to consider buying a Large top and XLarge bottom, to cover her long butt crack.

1553 days ago


did she undergo a butt implant?

1553 days ago


Thank god no sarong.... Flaunt it Kim, you look fabulous!!!

1553 days ago


Even her butt crack looks gooood!!! She's lifting her leg so of course it looks like she's coming out of the bottom... your ass would look the same too if the papz took a photo of you in that pose. She doesn't need a larger bottom...don't be so jealous!

1553 days ago


why are you people so mean? Have your parents ever told you? "If you don't have anything nice to say it's best not to say anything at all" you people are just infested with hate, and jealousy....

don't forget the tongue can cut like a sharp knife.....

1553 days ago


i agree she's trying to hard to make reggie jealous. truth is he probably is doing someone already who is much hotter!lol he's probably also relieved to not have a girl look like such a h*e in public anymore. go reggie!

1553 days ago


I'd be really pissed if I brought my lil kid to the beach & they hadda see that walk past them.....matter of fact,I'd have the lifeguard tell her to cover that crack-a-mile! Forget about SELF respect,what about respecting people in a public place,specially lil kids who shouldn't hafta be scared of the big booty @ such a young age? Btw,this pic is so posed its not even funny....k,its funny how stupid she looks trying to act like 'what you lookin at me?'crap. You'd think she'd by now be just a smidge worried about how controlling & living vicariously thru her daughters the mother is.Thinking that hag & he whole fam drove RB off,trying tie him down tight,spend his $ & force a baby on him. sheesh,anybody actually watch the show where the mother tried taking over & forcing Odem to buy a big expensive house?? holy crap....telling Kloe to sex the guy up for a bigger house! WTFlyinF is that??!! Just N-A-S-T-Y!!! ANY guy considering hookin upwith these hos needs to watch THAT episode.Odem wasn't smart enough to run from this crew,but kudos to him for putting his foot down on the spending his $$ & the hag tryin control HIS life,huh?Can't stand the Scott guy either,but LOVE it that the momhag doesn't like him cause he actually does bow down to her."keeping up with the kardashians"....yeah right,half aren't even Kardashians! Jenner=wuss

1553 days ago


* meant Scott DOES NOT bow down to the money grubbing hag mother

1553 days ago

Yep I said that    

Enough of this fast assed no talent trash. Every thing with her is posed she tweets all day long about where she is so a couple of paps run around following her so she gets her daily photo op. Take a serious look at this vapid woman, plastic tits, face has had work, sorry that ass she carries around is not attractive and she is in full pancake make up all day. Wash that face and what you have is just another valley rat

1553 days ago

The Ascension    

kim got good good and half of you little boys like jen aniston that all you can need a man that can make it sore between her legs.

You know what I mean!!!(You dont have to the bedroom boom to handle kim k)

1553 days ago
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