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Bombshell McGee -- I'm Not a Nazi

4/9/2010 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a document Jesse James' alleged mistress #1, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, filed in her bitter custody fight against Shane Modica ... in which she denies the whole Nazi/white power thing.

Michelle McGee

According to the unsworn declaration, Bombshell says, "I do NOT have a swastika tattoo on me." FYI, we've seen a swastika tattoo so close to her genital area we can't show it ... but it looks just like the one from "Inglourious Basterds."

Bombshell also says, "I do NOT show my children how to 'Nazi salute.'"

Bombshell goes on .... "The child block magnets spelling 'white power' was NOT of my doing. Friends of Shane's did this and gave the picture to Shane upon HIS requested (sic) so he could use it against me in court."


Now here's where it gets really good. Bombshell says:

- "I do NOT do any pornography in my house."
- "I do NOT do any webcam 'sessions' from my home with my children present."

You have to love the qualifiers.

Bombshell was in a San Diego court yesterday, fighting in her custody case. She claims Shane is making up all these allegations so he can get custody and move out of the county.


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Yeah, right!!!!!! ;oP

1594 days ago


Brotha Souja, in spite of your amusement at the reference to "Black Power", it still proves that if you want to pick and choose eras, you can excuse and attempt to cover up any amount of negative images of whatever group you're trying to represent, - or misrepresent. Let's see, something more current, - how about the Nation Of Islam? This is nothing more than hatred of whites and Jews in the guise of religion. Yeah, you can spin it, but everyone knows what it really is and who it represents. The majority of black-repression has historically come from the Blacks, themselves, unto this day. Much more could be said, but fact are facts and it's humorously obvious that it won't persuade someone of your "intellect" and bias. Good luck in your future.

1594 days ago


Hmmm...Nicole seems like an American even if you may not be living in America. The use of words, spelling, and that knowledge/passion of American history. I always find people claiming to be non-Americans, but then are very American in writing. Plus, I don't how many non-Americans are on tmz reading comments about Michelle Mcgee.

1594 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

It is funny because I can bet my whole paycheck that none of you white devils have the balls enough to walk up to a black person and say it to their face. Here come to Kansas City and say it to my face. White people are the biggest bunch of pu**y I know. Only courage you have is sitting behind your computer talking lol. I hope some big black man comes and rapes your wife, daughters, and granddaughter they definitely deserve it especially your granddaughters.

1594 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Not a Nazi, but still a skank.

1594 days ago


Nicole is obviously an American but is too stupid to hide it. She got her a$$ slapped on here with some facts and was called out as a racist, liar and a hypocrite.

1594 days ago


lol, no wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket. If the black excuse makers on here represent the average intelligence of the majority of blacks in this nation then we are doomed!!!

1594 days ago


U's whities bee sum dum folk, ya heard!!! we blacs bee takin ova da hole wolrd!!!! U's caint keep holdin we's down wit yo hate and jellussy!!!

1594 days ago


Quit putting her in the public eye.

1594 days ago


this mcgee "person", and i use that term with reservation, does not have to justify her behavior. lets just call a duck and duck/ her behavior is disgusting. she should not be around children AT ALL. SWEET MOTHER OF GOD. she is promoting herself in a lewd way, but does not want to hear any flack?????? go do what you wanna do toots. I WOULD PREFER NOT SEEING OR HEARING ABOUT IT FROM TMZ OR ANY OTHER MEDIA source. period. done. kaputski. put this in the same file with greasey and paris eh???????

1594 days ago

LA LA    

Oprah Winfrey told Sandra Bullock in a interview Jessie James looked racist with all the tattoos but they were talking of sterio typing and Sandra said he was a sweet guy with alot of tattoos. Whatever the case is Oprah was right.

1594 days ago


I would so do her. she is one hot piece of ass

1594 days ago


140. Oprah Winfrey told Sandra Bullock in a interview Jessie James looked racist with all the tattoos but they were talking of sterio typing and Sandra said he was a sweet guy with alot of tattoos. Whatever the case is Oprah was right.

Posted at 3:57PM on Apr 9th 2010 by lala


When Sandra first met him she said ..."I assumed he was a homophobic chauvinist, a bigot who killed people," Bullock said of James in the March 2007 issue of InStyle. "And later I felt saddened by my assumptions because I wondered how many times had I written off people who truly were real."

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time - Maya Angelou

1594 days ago


PLLLLLEEEASSSSE stop posting this awful photo!!!!!!!!!!

1594 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

For the last time I AM NOT AMERICAN! I am BERMUDIAN - LOOK IT UP! Little island off the coast of North Carolina, a pretty rich and successful country. What does it have to do with anything anyway? Because I stated a fact that slaves built America? In reference to a ignorant white supremacist who claimed whites did? You ignorant twat you can tell I'm American because I can form a sentence? And know English? Lol shows how retarded you are in thinking no one out side of America knows English and American history. How possibly stupid and ignorant to other countries in the world can you possibly be? "American in writing"? LMAO! Don’t kill me! ROTFLOL! Seriously it's quite baffling. You CLEARLY have never been outside of America which is sad, you have been so brainwashed with how great your country is that you think everyone else in the world are some poor third world country buffoons. Maybe they should start teaching more world history in your schools then you wouldn’t look so stupid. Don’t get me wrong you can have all the pride in your country you want but please do not label me an idiot because I can’t “hide that I’m American”. What do you think you are the only country on earth? The only country that speaks english? The only country that has internet access? Bunch of jokers you are.

Please enlighten me on how I'm a racist when in fact I was stating facts in regard to someone ELSE being a racist saying blacks are useless etc. Tell me niels? Another new name huh? You must be pretty pathetic to use multiple names to agree with yourself. I am far from a racist so FAIL AGAIN! I’m Bermudian so not a liar. FAIL AGAIN. I’m not a hypocrite so FAIL AGAIN. You need to come better then that. You cannot even back up your claims. TMZ knows I’m from Bermuda they can see my IP address. Why would someone lie about what country they are from? To stupid to hide it? You are so ridiculous. You are only making it worse for yourself. I state facts while all you do is CLAIM and try to LABEL me as something I’m not. I believe that’s what people do when they are losing an argument.

1594 days ago
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