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Sandra Bullock Has Jesse's Kids

4/9/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Sandra Bullock and Jesse James tell TMZ Jesse's kids are living with Sandra.

Sandra Bullock Has Jesse's Kids

We're told all three kids -- Sunny, Chandler and Jesse, Jr. -- are all with Sandra.

Our sources say Sandra is not living at her Hollywood Hills home, which has become paparazzi central for more than a week.

One source very familiar with the situation tells TMZ, "It's a positive sign about Sandra's relationship with Jesse." The source would not elaborate.


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Hey, Bu (#177). Where does it say she's going back to Jesse? She's looking out for the welfare of these kids, kids she loves as her own. What is REAL parent anyway? What does being the "REAL" parent (I assume you mean biological) have to do with it? These kids are going through a tough time, and they need someone to be near them and love them and mother them.That's what Bullock is doing.

Can't believe I'm sitting here defending a woman who loves and takes care of her stepchildren.

1623 days ago


Now she knows what that signed copy of Mein Kampf was doing in her library.

1623 days ago


If she is, shes truly a wonderful person! Of course it isnt the kids fault that the father is a SLEEZEBAG!!!!

1623 days ago


She got mixed up with the wrong guy (obvious to EVERYONE else) and played for the naive and caring person that she is. I really don't think she's ever been up these kinds of people before and didn't realize that she was totally out of her element. Now, she realizes that she's covered in fleas and broken in heart and spirit. Hopefully, she has enough good friends who have the courage to stand up for her, tell her the truth, and protect her. As it stands, I'm not so certain.

1623 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Why are people so quick to believe what they read? Other than one picture of him in a Nazi hat, there is absolutely no proof that Jesse is a racist. His shop and hamburger joint are in a not-so- white part of Long Beach. He gives money to Long Beach schools to keep auto shop programs available to students. And just because his dogs fought each other doesn't mean he's into dog fighting. Again, not one ounce of proof. He donates money and has rescued dogs from the LB Animal Shelter.

He cheated on his wife with some pretty skanky looking women. In my book that makes him a scumbag cheater but certainly not all these other things people are trying to make him out to be.

And good for Sandra if she still has a relationship with his kids. All of you ragging on her for that must not be parents or step-parents or ever had a child in your life that you've cared for. People fight over houses, paintings and other material objects in divorces and you all expect Sandra to just walk away from KIDS she's spent 5 or 6 years loving?

1623 days ago


Good for Sandra if she does have the kids visiting/staying with her. Anyone that actually does care for Sandra should respect her decision what ever they may be.

1623 days ago


Chances are the kids are all on Spring Break. Hopefully she took them for a week and got the heck out of here (LA). I dont understand the criticism of her keeping or taking the kids. She was their mother figure for the past 5 years. I live close to them and always heard that Sandra was really hands on with Sunny so for Sunny that is probably her only really mother figure in her life. Why is it fare to a 5 year old to lose another parent AGAIN. That is just crazy. I hope they are all have some peace and quiet family time right now because I am sure they all need it.

KUDOS to you Sandra for being an amazing mom....

1623 days ago


Kat49 - What an absolutely idiotic statement. As with MOST people, we can fully care for Sandra without respecting her decision on ANYTHING, - especially something as detrimental to her well-being as this is. This is exactly WHEN those who care for her should come to her aid with good council and even harsh advice instead of lining up like sheep and throwing her to the lions simply because she fails to recognize the personal danger when seen through a broken heart and spirit. Sometimes, even often, people need to be protected from themselves AS WELL as others.

1623 days ago


i dont believe you tmz sorry but the older kids have a good mother, the younger one maybe but i dont believe it.. secondly if she is dumb enough to be used as a baby sitter then anything he does next is on her neck..

1623 days ago


is this really what america has time to waste on?love it -its such a more newsworthy story than the woman from lousianna who put her kid adopted a year before in russia- back on a plane with a note saying i dont want him anymore-to no one inparticular -left crying ina moscow airport thinking he was going tosee his grandmother
sick sick sick people there are- these two are simply move stars- whatever

1623 days ago


All of you who are saying she should ditch the kids are a bunch of low-life losers. I have had the privilege of helping to raise my stepson for 11 years. If my husband and I were ever to divorce, God forbid, there is no way in hell I would walk away from this child that I love like my own. The little one is only six years old and Sandra has raised her for FIVE! It also kills me that so many of you are talking about Sandra like you KNOW HER. Well, we don't. Just because we watch her on the big screen doesn't mean we have the right to make a bunch of assumptions and judgments about her. Give the woman a break. I hope for her sake she never reads any of your sleazy comments.

1623 days ago


We're not expecting she walk away from the kids, but if she does what's right and ethical, her roll will have to relegate itself as one more of an "aunt" than a step-mother. It's just the way it is. she can try to lessen the blow, but it will still strike.

1623 days ago


The consequences of what is happening to her relationships to the three kids is not Sandra's fault, - she has to walk away from this guy. their relationships will be whatever is left from the effects of a father and husband who betrayed them and just didn't give a damn. Sandra thought she way floating in the clouds but found out she was swimming with sharks, instead. This guy and his exes are all about manipulation, and that's exactly what the "rehab" fiasco is all about. I have personally known people who grifted the courts, rehabs, spouses, and friends, in just these ways. He is simply doing as little as he can to worm his way back into her graces.

1623 days ago

Linda Gutierrez    

Re: Sandra and Jesse; why would a man go after a hamburger when he has filet mignon at home? I truly believe in my opinion that men that are inclined to cheat on their beautiful, successful wives are men of very low character and self esteem, its very sad that for a little on the side a man would give up so much....

1623 days ago


If Jessie and his alleged girlfriends are racist, homophobes, I too think that Sandra is also. Why would you marry someone so far from your own beliefs?????
I'm just sayin . . . . . .

1623 days ago
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