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Sandra Bullock Has Jesse's Kids

4/9/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Sandra Bullock and Jesse James tell TMZ Jesse's kids are living with Sandra.

Sandra Bullock Has Jesse's Kids

We're told all three kids -- Sunny, Chandler and Jesse, Jr. -- are all with Sandra.

Our sources say Sandra is not living at her Hollywood Hills home, which has become paparazzi central for more than a week.

One source very familiar with the situation tells TMZ, "It's a positive sign about Sandra's relationship with Jesse." The source would not elaborate.


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I don't believe this TMZ. You got this wrong just like the price paid by Nic Cage on his mansion. Double check your facts!

1661 days ago


Hey, Georgia! What do you mean "mind our business"...what the hell are you on the TMZ website reading this crap anyway! He who throws stones...

1661 days ago


I'm sure that Sandra is a wonderful person, with a big heart, that has the ability to see the best in people, as well as to forgive. I am very much that way myself but I've learned that I often believe that other people hold that same goodness inside when, in fact, they don't. Sadly, I think that is the case with Ms. Bullock. Personally, I don't think that Jesse will change and that he'll be right back in the skank saddle again. Making a mistake, with one other idividual, is one thing. Multi-shanking is another. Sandra... ya oughta move on. I forgave, and forgave, and forgave... but sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can't turn lemons into lemonade.

1661 days ago


Well Diane, I think it's okay to give your opinion as to whether Sandra should or should not get involved with Jesse's kids
and whether or not she should or should not get back with the lousy bum. However, I think the mean spirited speculation is over the top. I don't put down anyone who likes to read about celebraties and the messes they get themselves in, but I think there should be a line drawn just out of human kindness. I read the tabloids although I don't believe everything I read. I consider the tabloids mindless entertainment, or adult comic books.

1661 days ago


Agree with #64! You are so right, Georgia. I'm from a divorced family. It's important that neither parent (step or real) forgets the children. She could have decided that it's best to keep her relationship with the kids intact. Why should the kids suffer because their father is an a-hole? I hope she has enough dignity to erase this guy from her life

1661 days ago


Re: "Sandy is first class all the way. She has a relationship with these children and you do not just drop them because of their father."

Exactly. I agree with that 100%. The youngest child is only seven, and she would feel abandoned if Sandra cut off all contact with her. Those kids are like her family, and she is putting family first.

1661 days ago


i hope sandra has more sense than to work anything out with that low life jesse, she deserves better than him , hell my dead dog is better than he is,he will do it again and again, just his mentality, i mean come on, how could anyone take those scaggy women over a hot lady like sandra, he should of been worshiping the ground she walked on, but it is typical of a wanna be mr cool, he is about as cool as road kill

1661 days ago


folks, this is clearly a case of someone who has gone into hiding because she doesn't know when the other shoe is going to drop.

She fears some type of reprisal. She stuck her head out enough to say that there was no sex tape.

Something is rotten. It's pretty nasty. This story is about to crack wide open.

1661 days ago


The kids could be with her while on spring break? She has been involved with their lives so she doesn't want to just cut and run. The fact that she hasn't filed divorce would suggest somethings up though? She may be thinking there's no rush or she could be addicted to the bad boy husband. It'll probably take a while for her to let go but it's in her best interest. Hopefully he isn't hanging anything over her head to make her stick around as was earlier reported.

1661 days ago


She's obviously gone and lost her mind! These kids have a mother and it's not her!!!
If she had children, do you think that Jesse would want anything to do with them once they were divorced? Men never do! Grow up, Sandra, and get on with your life cause you're really looking stupid these days!

1661 days ago

danger baby    

Sandra taking care of the kids is not a sign that she is taking Jessie back. She is acting responsibly and putting the children's welfare first and foremost, as any adult should do. Jessie will absolutely use those children to try to worm his way back into her life. I hope she has none of it. But I don't think the children should be cut off from contact with her after knowing her for five years. That would just be dumb.

1661 days ago


It is a waste of time for Sandra to file for divorce while Jesse is in rehab. He cannot respond from there. It is best for the kids to be with who they feel loved and comfortable around while Daddy is in rehab. Jesse' behavior is not little Sunny's fault nor the other 2 kids nor Sandra's. If they all want to be together for spring break then so be it. Jesse may have come out of rehab for one day to help Sandra get away from the paps and sneak away with the kids.

1661 days ago

Nancy "O"    

Sandra Bullock is a "hammered up", surgically enhanced plastic surgery phenomena. Everybody questioned her choice with Jesse, but let's face it...she has a publicist and is such a publicity seeking enigma of a "hollywood star" that nobody even knows her. She loved Nazi boy? Tattoos? Puleeeeze. Jesse, Sandra, his porn star wife, and probably those kids are actually...umm, trailer trash.

1661 days ago


Now I'm thinking Sandra is a neo-nazi. lmao I don't care about her now... I hope she stays with her nazi loving husband and he cheats on her a million more times....

1661 days ago


YAY! I truly believe everyone deserves a second chance. I am also living proof (my parents) that a family doesn't have to be torn apart.
I don't know what caused him to cheat, I personally think he didn't think he deserved her and for what ever reason he cheated. But, once he found got caught and the reality set in she knew he was going to lose the best things besides his kids.
I do hope they work it out.
No one is perfect and if she is willing to give it another chance it is not our place to judge her.

1661 days ago
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