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Frances Bean: Courtney Love Won't Control Me

4/10/2010 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love will never have legal control over her daughter again ... TMZ has learned.


Frances Bean Cobain
was in downtown L.A. court on Friday, saw the judge in her guardianship case and left with a big smile.

0409_courtney_love_video_smAs we first reported, an L.A. County Superior Court Judge granted a request for a guardianship, wrestling parental control away from Courtney because she was considered incapable of taking proper care of her child.

The proceedings were confidential, but guardianship automatically ends when a child turns 18 -- Frances Bean turns 18 on August 18.


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1622 days ago


It's interesting stuff

1622 days ago

Tyrone Jefferson    

Frances is moving in with Tiger Woods.

1622 days ago


Maybe this should be Kate Gosselin's first family she should help on her new show "Twist of Kate"?

1622 days ago


Henry Stauf: Don't know where you get your information from, but if Courtney was a teen prostitute, then she should be pitied not criticized for it. Most women are FORCED into prostitution. If more men understood and had compassion for these unfortunate girls then maybe we wouldn't have this problem in our world.

I don't believe for a second Courtney killed Kurt, that is a despicable rumor and it can't be proved. Maybe the reasons why Courtney is so screwed up is BECAUSE her husband blew his brains out with a shot gun while she had a small child. HIS small child. Don't know about you but that would probably mess me up too.

1622 days ago

MC D-Lyte    

Damn she have a crazy eyes like her dad. It look like she is watching a fight between bitter enemies Mel Gibsons and Quentin Tarantinos

1622 days ago


Courtney was a druggie and so was Kurt, this poor kid has it in her genes. She needs to be far away from LA!

1622 days ago


Shame on TMZ!

No matter the court filings, lawsuits, utterances of injust, whatEVER, Jelly Bean is STILL a minor.

If Courtney is such a lousy mother, do you REALLY think airing Jelly Bean's battle is in HER best interest?

You should be "hands off" of this situation until August 19th. Give Jelly Bean her birthday to enjoy her adulthood and then, IF she is interested in the publicity, have at it.

SHE is not the celebrity, her mother is. She was just dragged along for the ride, willing or not.

If SHE doesn't want to be in the public eye, RESPECT THAT!!! She has done nothing to warrant TMZ or other attention other than being born to a suicidal maniac and a talentless whore.

NOT her fault!

1622 days ago


24. Courtney was a druggie and so was Kurt, this poor kid has it in her genes. She needs to be far away from LA!

Posted at 6:55 AM on Apr 10, 2010 by Mel

Thank you for bringing sanity into the discourse.

1622 days ago


Spoiled brat and a bad brat at the same time. Could be her father's end could have done something to her brain, but who could fault her mothers efforts to keep food in her daughter's belly and clothes on her back.
Just another hollywood spoiled brat.

1622 days ago


Oh, a little terror.

1622 days ago

Illinois person    

Does anyone know if there's any of Kurt's estate left for Frances, or has Court put it all up her nose? Meanwhile, agree w/Harrison in that she really looks like her father. Too bad Court didn't pull a Prissila Presley and make sure that's lots of money for her daughter a la Elivs.

1622 days ago

Henry Stauf    

RE: 21 - Amy:

Courtney was only forced into one thing growing up, and it was NOT prostitution. Her wealthy mother Linda Caroll subjected her to intense psycho-analytic re-programming. That, combined with the unstable upbringing provided by her mother (who had at least 5 different husbands while raising Courtney) is 100% responsible for the deep emotional problems and anti-social behavior of Courtney's entire mature life.

You need to understand what happened before you decide how and where to be sympathetic.

As for Kurt Cobain being assassinated, of course Courtney didn't do it. His perogative and actions resulted in a lot of very powerful people losing mega-millions of dollars. He was tested, but they were unable to use Kurt Cobain against the public consciousness as a weapon.

A lot more goes on in this world than most people's conditioning will allow them to perceive. Even for those who have been in the process of waking up need to understand the role "the Arts" and culture play is a higher level than politics! The Elite took away our heroes as fast as they created them for us :)

As for you Amy, continue to drink flouride, bathe in chlorine/bromane, ingest plastics, and make sure you keep up with your mortgage payments. You'll be OK.

1622 days ago


good to see the kid made out ok despite
having 2 freaks for parents

1621 days ago


Why is there always a conspiracy at play when it comes to the death of Kurt Cobain? Couldn't it be that he just pulled the trigger on himself? Couldn't it be that he truly WAS a tortured artist trying to just end it all?
Surely it just couldn't be that simple? Millions of people pull the trigger on themselves, and yeh it's a shame, but it's not a conspiracy. It's just weak minded individuals taking the easy way out.
As for Courtney Love? She's freakin nuts. She SHOULD be locked up and prodded daily with electrodes. Maybe that would straighten out her already drug addled brain.
Frances, RUN!

1621 days ago
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