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Big Ben's Accuser: I Can't Handle the Media Blitz

4/12/2010 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger's accuser urged officials to drop the sexual assault case against the NFL star partly because of the "extraordinary" media attention -- but she's still standing by her story.


The lawyer for the alleged victim sent a letter to District Attorney Fred Bright on March 17, in which he states, "a criminal trial would be a very intrusive personal experience ... given the extraordinary media attention that would be inevitable."

The letter continues, "This decision does not reflect any recanting of our client's complaint, but simply a realistic, personal decision as to what is in her best interests."

Earlier today, the D.A. announced that no criminal charges would be filed against Roethlisberger.

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oh puleeze she either got some money or the whole thing was BS and she was afraid of the fallout. She didnt know there'd be a media blitz when she accused him? She sure knew who he was when she was following him around from bar to bar.

1657 days ago


Seriously?! Um, she is obviously a big, money-grubbing liar! That's why I'm dropping hoochies altogether and getting into the hotties on bruisermagazineonline.net. No hos, just hot dudes.

1657 days ago


Both Ben and the girl made poor choices while drunk. If there isn't proof of the assault, then it's a case of "he said, she said". Who is the DA supposed to believe - the PA state police who were with Ben along with the lack of evidence or an underage drunk and her probably underage drunk friends.

Either way, Ben should know better than to get into a situation like this. He's a good QB, but, this is his 2nd stupid mistake and who knows how much more the Rooney's will take from him.

1657 days ago


Very strange that two women (nice girls, not ho's) at two different times have come forward to state the Ben assulted them. Is he a serial rapist hiding behind his fame? Makes one wonder...I hope there isn't a next time or else I will be one who is convinced.

1657 days ago


As a woman, you're damn right that I'd consider protecting my privacy even at the cost of a celebrity assaulting more women. I hope that I'd be strong enough to go through a trial and pressing charges if I were assaulted by a celebrity--and better yet, I'm almost certain that I'd avoid getting into any situation with a drunk pro athlete to begin with! Not to blame the victim--rape is the rapist's fault even if the victim has made poor decisions about her safety--but that's just not my lifestyle.

Victims of celebrity rapists who press charges often receive death threats, lose their anonymity, lose their jobs, and watch their lives become focused entirely on one incident that they'd rather forget. Going through discovery and then a rape trial as the accuser is often described as more traumatic than the rape itself. I'm sorry, but I just am not convinced I'd be altruistic enough to compromise my career and even my LIFE just to protect "other women." I hope I would, but honestly I know myself well enough to know that there's a good chance that in this woman's shoes I'd decide that the possibility of MAYBE getting a conviction despite the celeb's high dollar lawyers wouldn't be worth the trauma.

Everyone knows OJ did it, but he got Johnny Cochran and got himself acquitted. If he can get away with murder, Big Ben might well get away with rape in a jury trial, and that would mean his accuser lost her privacy and experienced months of retraumatization for nothing.

1657 days ago

steeler fan    

That lying tramp is a gold digger and everyone knows it. Seriously Ben is going to rape someone with the police right outside the bathroom door??? Right! Ben needs to keep his ass at home, since he can't go anywhere without trouble finding him. Find a real woman not some skank in the club. All this negativity won't hold him down, it will just pump him up so he'll go and win us #7!! Remember he did win the superbowl after his motorcycle mishap, so he CAN do it!

1657 days ago


steeler fan your right he was with the police but they didnt stop him from giving alcohol to a minor not very good police now are they

1657 days ago


TMZ lawyer was mistaken that the prosecutor would change his course if the complaintant reversed hers in a few weeks and wanted to testify. The TMZ article cites inconclusive medical evidence, continuing conflicting accounts of what happened, and the intoxication of the complaintant. And no one disputes that she consentually entered the private VIP area and its bathroom with a locking door.

If the complaintant changes course, then the prosecutor must weigh all the evidence again and include a mercurial complaintant before deciding to file charges.

1657 days ago


how can anyone say shes a liar if you havnt been in her situation shes a 20 year old girl come on give me a break some people just dont want to be in the media she would be going up againest a guy that has a national football league behind him watching this whole thing, if hes so innocent then why didnt he go back and talk to the cops like they asked innocent people corporate with the police guilty people DONT

1657 days ago



1657 days ago


if he is innocent then he should have went back and tryed to clear his name they asked him to do an interview and he didnt go why not ben you hidding something

1657 days ago


What a stupid wh0re. LIAR

1657 days ago



1657 days ago


Why is it the job of Ben's bodyguard's to make sure people are of drinking age?

The girl (and her friends I'm sure) had a fake I.D. The accuser was caught with it before. Also, the fact that these same girls were partying in multiple clubs prior to the Capital City club, why and how would Ben or anyone in his party, doubt that they were of legal age? I'm sure the girls had to show their ID to the club doormen and/or bartenders, but I'm positive they didn't show them to Ben's bodyguards.

Also, why did the accuser hire a personal injury/civil rights atty., instead of a criminal attorney?

1657 days ago


She couldn't handle the media?? No one even knows anything about her identity! She is the "Girl Who Cried Wolf" and any "woman" who was raped would see that justice prevailed. Oh, that's if it was really rape...

1657 days ago
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