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Big Ben at NFL Office to Face The Commish

4/13/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With his quasi-mullet shaved off his head -- Ben Roethlisberger arrived to NFL headquarters in New York just moments ago for his big meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell will decide whether Ben faces disciplinary action from the NFL for the alleged sexual assault in Georgia.

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a pathetic miscarriage of "justic". a joke like most of the stuff going around. what about an underaged girl drunk as a skunk.? and contributing to this. he is considered a "good ole boy". gag me. what goes around, hopefully, comes around. you reap what you sow. God bless the young women. dont get drunk with thugs. does not say alot about tiny ben eh??? has to get the chick drunk. hahahahahha moron.

1600 days ago

Thanks A Lot Ben    

Thanks a lot Ben. The Steelers is "my" team. I am really proud to cheer for most of them, at least the ones who can keep their junk in their pants instead of putting in any warm place that happens along. I'm hoping they get rid of you like they got rid of that loser Santonio and we can get on with the business of football and trying to salvage an image that you sullied. My town eats, sleeps and breathes football. You not only messed with people who know you and some wacked out drunk female stranger in a freaking public bathroom, you messed with a whole town that looks for things to cheer for. Ben ... F*CK YOU. I hope they kick you out of the NFL for life.

1600 days ago


So it's ok for a 20 year old to get drunk, go willingly into a bathroom with a man, then claim "rape" when "foreplay" got to be to much for her? The rape test found concluded that there was "no signs of intercourse" people. There was brusing and a laceration found in the genital area however, such little male DNA found that they didnt request DNA sample from Ben. She may have been banging someone else the night before! Ben needs to stay far far away from women and focus on his career while he still has one.

1600 days ago



1600 days ago


Man who farts in church sits in his own pew!

T O O T !!!

T O O T !!!


1600 days ago


He's handsome

1600 days ago

Nisrine Lynch    

aghhh i understand why there are more and more lesbians nowadays.

to all the signle ones out there hang in there .



1600 days ago


Great idea! Love seeing a creative mind work and gain success!!!!!! Hope it continues to grow!


1600 days ago


Jesse James... I thought you were in Arizona!

1599 days ago


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1599 days ago

jacqui kimbrough    

Iam a great fan of the Steelers, behavior of this kind should be more than a fine.It warrants suspension for the year.This should give him time to reflect on his bad and misguided behavior.The fans, team and most of all ,the Rooneys do not deserve this juvenille misfit.I do hope the commissioner will do the right thing,afterall there are great quarterbacks out there who would lovethatjob.Disgusted.....J.K.

1597 days ago


Boys like Ben are prized and praised because they can throw a ball. They are big and therfore allowed to do whatever they please as long as they can throw or hit or dunk. They are raised to believe that because of their "prowess" they can do what ever they please as long as they WIN. We encourage them to be aggressive and pay them huge amounts to "take no prisoners". Then when they rape an innocnent child we are shocked. Our sports mad, fanatical culture is as much to blame as anyone.

1589 days ago


please ladies.did you see the evidence should i say lack of.come on she was in a hallway of a night club he walks up with his junk out she turns to leave but goes into the bathroom instead REALLY.she couldnt tell that it was a bathroom and not the outside.dont tell me she was drunk i dont buy it.ben got shafted here .if he raped her where is the evidence no bruises or scratches or dna.its all about the money in this world and thats the bottom line.no proof no charge.why the nfl suspended him is a joke as well

1579 days ago
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