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'Billy the Exterminator' Star -- Busted for Roaches

4/13/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

'Billy the Exterminator' StarOne of the stars of "Billy the Exterminator" was the one buggin' out this weekend -- when cops in Louisiana busted the guy for felony marijuana possession.

TMZ has learned Ricky Lee Bretherton -- one of the bug fighters on the A&E reality show -- was arrested on April 10 when a routine traffic stop turned into a big, green drug bust.

According to Leesville PD, officers approached Bretherton's car and located a "quantity of suspected marijuana as well as a container that had more suspected marijuana as well as drug paraphernalia."

Bretherton and a female passenger were each arrested. Bretherton was charged with felony weed possession, felony drug paraphernalia possession and a traffic charge.

Bretherton's bond was set at $4198 -- he was released on his own recognizance.


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exterminator dc    

me too love this show.It was really useful.I think Pam was the female caught with him.

1415 days ago


To make it legal would put thousands of people out of work. That's why they won't make it legal. Or...that's what I think. All these places they will want u to go to and the people they'll want you to see. Then the labs so you can piss in a cup and get it tested. I can't tell you how many of these people and the court people are waiting for break to go smoke some of the same **** they are prosacuting people inside the building for!!! What would COPS do if it was legal. I'll tell you, NOTHING THATS WHAT. Will they go back to kicking out your tail light???
Think about it.

1415 days ago

Paula Allen    

No matter the politics or personal values anyone holds regarding this bust the fact is that Ricky is now a member of the criminal justice system which is in control. This will create a lot of pain and hardship for the whole family. I've read all the comments concerning this story and no one has mentioned what a great job these guys do for animal care, preservation, and human treatment. Billy always stresses the need for ecology preservation and animal protection, and his sincere efforts to protect other humans from invasive vermin is to be applauded. Best to them all.

1408 days ago

Scott Perla    

Hell Yeah Ricky way to keep it real, nothing wrong with burning one on your way to the job, i dont see any of these sober idiots catching the racoon or the gator! i know all those women want ya cuz u got a good thing goin with vexcom, but keep your eyes on the prize, im proud of ya, and Billy too u guys are great, Im from Miami down here everybody chiefs! Ricky Williams is my favorite Dolphins player and hes a stoner, U guys are doing it! Best show on tv hands down, u get em Billy., Ps: you know that father Bill is stoned hes the man too all u guys rock!

1408 days ago


Sorry but I have no sympathy for pot smokers who get stupid high and get behind the wheel. Just like I don't have sympathy for drunks and people who street race. Please, if you want to get high do it OFF THE ROAD! Come on Rick, you have a good thing going for you, you don't need to lose it now. Quit the dope and the crazy wife. You are better then this!

Billy on the other hand is simply amazing, wonderful, humble guy. I love him to pieces and think we need more people on this earth like him. Ricky needs to care about Billy and not embarrass him like this.

Keep being yourself Billy and I hope your family stands behind you a little better.

1398 days ago


you know your family is tring to hook you up. I get you you should talk to me. my 7 year old is ASU gold. ha ha

1397 days ago


TO any chance are you a psycologist and do you charge much? Signed...In search of compassionate psycologist!

Love Billy..... rest of family, NOT SO MUCH FREAKY GEEKS

1391 days ago


OMG, i love Ricky he is the love of my life and im only 10 lolll Billy is cute 2 but i cant beleive Ricky did that

1388 days ago


What a nerd! Smokin' Weed! What a shame! From the show, he seems to be very smart, and sensitive, and he's very good looking, as well. Some people just never learn. Drugs are drugs, and if a person is abusing, or selling drugs, for any reason at all, then they need to get help, and/or stop what they're doing. I like the show, but I'd sure like Ricky much more if he'd stop smokin' grass! Drugs are for loosers, Dude!

1374 days ago


I remember growing up in Michigan when this drug was legal!!! What is the point ? there are many more serious things to go after than weed! How about you get all the perverts! HUH! The ones that go after little kids on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!! Try doing that and stop wastin time on flippin weed! And by the way, I dont smoke it!

1359 days ago


were can we find the products you use to get rid of roaches. my daughter in law has just been over taken with them in the last 3 months. please answer us back. she has 4 daughter but the 6 year old has breathen problems. thank you.

very concerned grandmacsmith

1355 days ago


I am usually against illegal drug use, but in Billy's case, I think a person would need some kind of extra boost to do the jobs he does.

1352 days ago


I've met Ricky in Monteagle TN last year at motorcycle rally called Thunder at Rock. I was there to sell leather vests & gear - & he & Billy were there to promote Billy the Exterminator. He is the most down to earth man and very respectful .. Smoking weed.... who don't smoke weed....

1335 days ago


I am from L

1333 days ago


Ricky - gotta give us girls a chance to change ur mind on your future! I'm single and have a dog and cat grooming and boarding shop in Texas. I've got some good stories also. Keep in touch.
Gotta love animals to love me....

1320 days ago
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