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Conan Goes to Canadian Emergency Room

4/14/2010 10:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien had to make an emergency stop on his comedy tour last night -- when his tour manager had to be taken to a hospital in Canada.

The newly-minted TBS late night host told photogs his tour manager had to be checked out after exhibiting some sort of "symptoms" -- but Conan wasn't specific about the nature of the illness.

And while Coco was all fired up about the free health care in Canada, he joked "I think they're gonna take his American Express card ... because we're American."

UPDATE: We're told Conan's tour manager was suffering from "migraine symptoms" -- and he has since been released from the hospital.


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Yuk Suk Tu    

Conan used to be so funny when he first started his show. I mean it was a 3 ring circus type of funny. Hilarious stunts, one liners, even his sidekick was funny as hell. Over the past 6 to 8 months when I would watch him, his jokes were stale, his humor non existent, his sidekick became annoying. I don't like his off beat humor anymore. It's like he isn't funny anymore and his interviewing skills were boring as well.

1655 days ago


Posted at 7:38 AM on Apr 14, 2010 by Yuk Suk Tu

He was never funny and now he is going to be on a TBS with George Lopez who sucks too.

1655 days ago

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1655 days ago


Enough with Conan. Such a loser.

1655 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Must have been the moosebugers and crappy beer.

1655 days ago


What a class act. Even at the hospital he can find the time to joke with the cameraman. Read a couple tweets that he even signed autographs & took photos with the fans waiting there too.

Who does that at a hospital?

I'll certainly be following him over to TBS.

1655 days ago


Conan is pushing his people too far too fast too soon---wasnt the multi million dollar send off he got and the big money he gave to over 200 employees enough to now kick back and relax? Instead he drives his people so hard they end up in the emergency room. Relax, enjoy your gazillions a little bit. You're the one who said dont be cynical. Once again, sung to the Olivia Newton John tune, Physical, "I want to get cynical, cynical, I want to get cynicaaaaaaaaaaaal"....

1655 days ago


Ha ha! Canadian health care is NOT free, it's actually quite expensive. But it's the way to go USA, have to take care of everyone! As for Conan, he's not funny, never was funny, never will be funny. He's confused by his ridiculous salary!

1655 days ago


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1655 days ago


Who Cares!!!!

1655 days ago


ok I have to say 2 things here and they have nothing to do with Conan.
A) Healthcare is free in Canada - public health care that is. Don't talk unless you know what you're saying, Scotty.
B) Crappy beer? Seriously? At least it has a higher alcohol content than 4% watered down **** that fat ass Americans have to drink at least 12 of to get a buzz. Dumbass kooky sucks.
LOL dumb Americans...

1655 days ago


Free health care? LOL Unless he has a health card secretly stored in some forbidden crevice, he's paying for that Doctor's visit. :)

1655 days ago


Canadian health care is only without cost to Canadian citizens and those with landed immigrant status. All others are billed. However, most Americans who come here for health care tend to skip the country without paying. It's a real problem.

1655 days ago


I really really really appreciate our universal health care system!!!! It is terrific to be able to go to any doctor or hospital I choose and to be treated and never see a bill. Although "Scotty" is an ass, he is partly right. Canadian health care is paid for through taxes, but a very few provinces (like BC, where I live) charge premiums. They are very reasonable. If you are employed, your employer usually pays your premiums. If you are poor, you get financial assistance. Nobody is denied treatment due to inability to pay. I hope that a similar system can be implemented in the U.S.

1655 days ago


To Yuk Suk Tu,
He wasn't funny on the Tonight Show, because executives believe the Tonight Show should always have a classy tone to it so they forced Conan to eliminate some of his humor. Now that hes going to TBS, where cable has less restrictions, he can become the wacky, goofy, edgy Conan again.

1655 days ago
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