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Larry King Divorce -- On the Other Hand ...

4/19/2010 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a "good chance" the Larry King divorce is off ... this according to sources on both sides. And, if it's off, it will save Larry a fortune.

Larry and wife Shawn Southwick are going to their marriage counselor this afternoon, sources tell TMZ.

We're told Larry is especially concerned about how a divorce would affect his two young children.

People familiar with the agreement tell TMZ that although Larry and Shawn are trying to work things out, we're told the lawyers have been at it. They are arguing over the validity of the post-nup that Larry signed a few years back -- a post-nup that not only gives the couple's three homes to Shawn but also declares all of the couple's assets as community property.


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Blah blah blah again...

1646 days ago


bet that old dude is sweating his ass off; kids my butt. this old guys wants his MONEY back for the ass he bought!!

too bab

1646 days ago


TMZ please stop on reporting of this ugly creature.
Each time I see him here I have to trow up in my mouth.

1646 days ago


Mormon making a Hebrew, have seen it all now. So much for his "Tough Jews" (the book) and self image he's pushed on people. When it comes to money he comes crawling around like a whipped puppy under the guise of "its all for the kids"...what about his other kids, from other marriages? He doesnt care about his kids, if he did, what difference would it make if the homes became his ex wife's?...naw, its not love, nor the kids, its all about money and things and objects, all the things he cant take with him when he dies.

1646 days ago


ive seen larry king's goods and, let me be totally honest, he packs one giant package full of meat.. his meatstick goes so deep he puts that ass to sleep

1646 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Smart girl. Someone obviously got in her ear and said "Listen, you have 2 options
1. Leave him now and get a few million
2. Wait a short while and you'll get the whole lot

1646 days ago

Legally Blonde    

How a divorce will affect his children? Larry King should have thought about that when he was busy bonking his sister-in-law! Larry King in my opinion is a "dirt bag"! He is absolutely sickening even more than he was already! I can't believe such a dried up "old prune" bonking his sister-in-law. What a withered up JERK!

1646 days ago


No one knows what really happened. It is up two the Kings to decide what they want to do. Maybe it was a argument that got way way out of control. Since they are famous it really escalated.

1646 days ago


Oh Larry Larry know it's forever love.

1646 days ago

Old Broad in OH    

She'd be foolish to divorce him at this stage. Her sister is doing her a favor by banging this old geezer. Also, she's 50 years old now and too old to be another trophy wife to anyone, no matter how good she looks for 50. Stay in the marriage, keep the nice lifestyle, and let the sister continue to bang him -- a win-win situation.

1646 days ago


The whole thing is hard to believe -- he's almost 80 (and looks even older). It's really gross.

1646 days ago


anyone else thinks he looks like mr. burns from the simpsons?

1646 days ago

Baton Rouge    

So kids listening to their parents screaming at each other about boinking an aunt, and seeing Larry and Shawn get into physical altercations is better on their young psyches than getting a divorce? Really????? What world-renowned shrink made THAT diagnosis?

1646 days ago


The kids...yea...thats it...the kids...its all about the kids. Not my other kids I've ignored...its about these kids. It has absolutely nothing to do with any "post nup". I'm a good dad....not an idiot who didn't have a pre nup.

1646 days ago
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