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Rihanna Cheers Matt Kemp's Home Run

4/14/2010 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While trying to go unrecognized in a blue hoodie and white shades, Rihanna cheered on her boyfriend Matt Kemp's home run at the Dodger's opening game in L.A. on Tuesday.

With the Dodgers beating the Diamondbacks 9-5, time will tell if RiRi really is their Kate Hudson good luck charm.

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Rihanna is from Barbados, so she doesn't understand our American customs.

She doesn't know the difference between a baseball game and a Metallica concert. Hehe.

1662 days ago


WOW SHE is something else... SHE is a devil Worshipper!!!!!!!!!!!! And Before you Deny,What I have Said Go do your Research,I have on a lot of the most popular music artist in the music business , they sell there souls to have the fame ,money ,material things and ,also to be the best. There are signs in there music videos , pictures, concerts and More.... Do your research ,,, The illumanati.....It's alson why a ,lot of different artsit have been killed,,,,, They Have been Brainwashing us for a long time and they stilll are!!!!!!

1662 days ago


I LOVE Rihanna ...and I am absolutely delighted that she is with the baseball player Matt Kemp... I hope it last long between them, they are cute and sexy together and seem genuine. He is an upgrade Rih!

1662 days ago


Wow, really? It's just that blatant now. Unfortunately, even if everybody woke up tomorrow to what is going on in this world and how this "secret society" affects our daily lives it is already too late.

It's plain obvious. You look at her, and the people around her (AKA Jay Z the one who signed her).

I'm not going to get into there is enough info available on the internet easily attainable by simple google searches.

1662 days ago


This little travesty of a "so called" relationship is not going to last...Publicity stunt at best. Claiming someone is your man while you go on tour for almost a year and expect him to be faithful? LMAO..Yes she did say it's not serious...well if its not serious then why even claim this clown. Rihanna has gone MAD!!! She had a purpose in saying this joker is her bf...I laugh at this debacle...but you guys will soon see this is a trainwreck ready to happen.

1662 days ago


She is who she is, don't lose your sanity over a celebrity trying to live/hassle her life.

1661 days ago


She is who she is, don't lose your sanity over a celebrity trying to live/hassle her life.

1661 days ago


your all losers!!! get a life.and stop talking so much ****!

1661 days ago


she tries to be soo cool all the time. Relax girl.

1660 days ago


i think her movin on is the best thing she can do.this is the reason why many us woman committs sucide,i mean what do you'll expect from her?oh i get it stay with chris brown ta get tortured and end up dead.you go riri you deserve da best

1658 days ago


last time i checked u guys aint in her shoes so mind yo damn bizz and dnt say **** that aint nice caz mst yall leven comments is low down dirty hoes

1637 days ago


**** u rihanna

1618 days ago

shelia Mac    

I dont like Rhianna either. Yeah it was wrong of Chris Brown to punch her and abuse her but I dont think she is as innocent as she try to portray. After all they said she was always fighting her brothers. Since that happened she dresses so sleezy. Did you see the concert in which she showed her vagina. She has no respect for herself and I have no respect for her. I think Chris Brown in talented and he has paid his debt to society. He admitted he was wrong so time to move on from talking about him. So many people have forgave him for what has happened. Now if it happens again we will see that he has a problem but I think he was just too young to have all the fame he had and he did not know how to handle it. I think it was just too much for him. Rhianna is going around dating everyone and dresses so sleezy. I think she is the one who really needs to get it together because I use to like her now I dont have any respect for her and that is because of the way she is carrying her self and the way she dresses.

1583 days ago
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